The Love Factor



9. Mean

Today was the day. I was gonna be on Say Yes To The Dress. I smiled as we walked in. I told them my name and I was brought to a little room. I was all smiles while I waited. A girl walked in. I could never remember names. "Hi! Who's my bride?" She asked. "I am!" I said. She shook my hand. "Who have you got with you today?" She asked. "I have my mom, Clara, my little sister, Tessa, my so to be sister-in-law, Marlee, my friends, Katie and Melanie, my best friends, Zayn, Liam, Loui, and Harry!" I said. "You brought along One Direction?" She asked. I nodded. "How far away is the wedding?" She asked. "No idea. We just got back from tour." I said. "Alright, so what kind of dress are you looking for?" She asked. "Anything without lace, and strapless!" I said. "What about you?" She asked everyone else. "I wanna see her in something sexy." Melanie said. "So do I." Katie said. "Something for a princess!" Tessa said. "Ask Loui." The boys said. "Anything that looks good on her." Loui said. "Anything she's happy with!" Marlee said. I smiled. "Adding something! She's not girly, so why would she want something sexy?" Harry asked Katie and Melanie. They shrugged. "Cuz sexy is always better." They said. I rolled my eyes. "Whats your price range?" She asked. Harry answered that. "We're the ones buying it and we say any price. As long as she's happy." I was taken to the dressing room. "So, tell me about the Fiancé." She said. "Well, he's Niall Horan. We've known each other since we were 3. 5 days before my birthday, aka Valentines day, he asked me out. My dad had no problem with that cuz he liked Niall. On my birthday, he proposed." I said. "So you were only together for 5 days?" She asked. I nodded. "Wow, we have a new record." She said. I nodded. "So, how old are you?" She asked. "19." I said. She nodded. We all went looking at some dresses. We all had different ideas. The boys watched and Loui went through the dresses like there was no tomorrow. "You guys not gonna look?" I asked. "We're bad at this. Leave this to Loui." I laughed. I grabbed one dress I liked, but the others went crazy. We I got back to the dressing room, I sighed. "I only picked one. The other 20 are their choses." I said. I tried one that my mom picked. It was freaking lace. I watched out with a really ticked look. It had freaking straps that made me look like an old lady. I stepped up and my mom smiled. "Really? You know I hate lace and straps, and this is what you choose?" I asked. "You look like a real bride." She said. "I look like an old lady." I said. I left and tried on a dress Melanie chose. It wasn't bad, but not good. I walked out. First 2 were long and had straps. "At least this doesn't have lace." I said. "You look so pretty!" Melanie said. "Really, you think so? You know I hate sleeves." I said. She rolled her eyes. "I'm stopping this conversation and trying a new dress." I said. I tried a dress Loui chose. It was strapless, silky, short, and a sweet heart neck line, beaded in some places. It was so beautiful. "I like this one." I said. I walked out. "See! Loui got some taste!" I said. He smiled. "It doesn't look good. It makes you look fat." Katie said. "You look like you should be going to ugly prom." Melanie said. I had tears run down my face. I went back to the dressing room and tried another dress. The dress I chose. They all hated it. Even I did. Katie and Melanie were being really mean. I started crying. Lori came in. She talked to me. "This is your wedding. Not theirs. You can like whatever you want!" She said. She went out to talk to them. I waited while they got a dress for me. The girl came back with a gorgeous dress. "I think I'm in love." I said. It was a  short dress, it had no lace, it had a bit of poof for Tessa, it had no straps, it had a sweet heart neck line, and it was silky. It was beaded and it had a small little flower on the side. It even had a sliver, beaded belt. It looked so good on me. I walked out with a big smile. The poof was barely noticeable. I loved it so much. "That's so pretty!" Marlee said. "I like it." Loui said. The boys agreed. Mom, Melanie, and Katie hated it. "You wanna know what, I like it, a lot. This is my wedding and I can like what I want. If y'all don't like it, then you can piss off. Even Tessa likes it." I said. Katie and Melanie came with the mean comments. They had to jack me up. That's when they liked it. At least I had a dress. As we left, I asked the girls and mom why they hated everything. "Cuz it wasn't the one I chose." Katie, Melanie and mom said. "It's her wedding. You're just being selfish. She looks beautiful and all you think about is how it's not your pick. What the hell is wrong with you. You, Clara, you've already crushed her by telling her she can't sing when she came, and you! You 2 are supposed to be her friends, and all you do is talk bad about her." Harry said. "She can't sing. She's a really bad singer!" Mom said. She was hurting me today. I was crying. Liam hugged me. "The world disagrees with you. Everytime she sang, the crowd cheered for her. All you are is a heart breaker and mean." Zayn said. I loved these boys, they were so nice to me. Marlee and Tessa hugged me too. The boys got in an argument with with mom, Katie and Melanie. "She's ugly in that dress! Nothing she wears looks good on her!" Katie said. That actually hurt. I had tears run down my face. "She's a beautiful girl! Niall loves her!" Loui said. "He doesn't really! He probably just took pity on her. He can do 100% better." Melanie said. My phone rang. Niall... Marlee took my phone and answered it for me. "Hello?" She answered. "She's kinda upset. Katie, her mom, and Melanie said some pretty mean stuff." She said. She looked at me as if to say, 'do you want to talk to him?'. I shook my head a bit. 

*A Few Days Later*

We were on our way home and we were all silent. By the time we landed, I hadn't spoken a word to anyone. We got off and I ran to Niall, whom was waiting for us to land. He wrapped me into a huge bear hug. "I missed you sooo much! I was dying inside." He said. "I missed you too. I wish you were there." I said. "Marlee told me." He said. "I know, I was standing next to her." I said. I rested my head on his shoulder. "This is insane. We dated for 5 days, now we're getting married! Not that I'm not super happy to be marrying you, the boy I love and of my dreams, just there's so much stress and hate directed towards me at the moment." I said. "It's alright, princess. They're probably just trying to help make sure you don't make a chose you'll regret." He said, rubbing my back. "Ya, you're right." I sighed after a moment. He hugged me tighter before he let go. "I bet a nice warm shower will help." He said. I nodded. We all headed our own ways. "Hey, Renee." Niall said. "Ya?" I asked. "Do you want to move in with me now, before we're married?" He asked. "K!" I said with a smile. "Well, pack your stuff. I'll be back in an hour." He said. I nodded and he dropped me off. I ran up to my room and threw stuff I into some boxes. "Going on another tour?" Mom asked. "No, I'm moving in with Niall." I replied coldly. She left me to pack in peace. 

*An Hour Later*

I hugged my dad and sister goodbye. I glanced at my mom. Niall helped me with some boxes. When we got to his flat and unpacked my room, we sat on the couch. "You know, you could have put all that in my room." He said. "My room is for the odd me time and girl time." I said. He kissed my forehead. "It's OK to worry about yourself sometimes. You can have you time whenever." He said. "I just feel a bit selfish." I said. "We all know, even if you tried, you're too sweet of a girl to be selfish." He said. His kissed my cheek and I hugged him. We were just 2 kids in love, an unbreakable love.

Niall's POV:

I felt bad for her. She was a tough girl with a fragile heart. All I wanted to do was hold her close and never let go. I loved her more than anything. I wanted to hold her and never let go. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I kissed her forehead. She was mine. Forever mine. She looked at me with the most beautiful eyes. I couldn't wait to marry her. To await her beauty like I promised as kids. I told her I'd be waiting, and I would be. She opened her mouth to speak, but no words, she just closed her mouth and smiled. "I'll do anything for you." I whispered. "Even when I don't want you to." She laughed. Her laugh. I lived to hear that laugh. "Wanna take a shower with me?" I asked. It was weird that we were friends for so long, then I just asked her that, but we were getting married. It was bound to happen. "Ummm... I don't know, Ni." She said. I kissed her neck, causing her to moan. "Please?" I asked. "Oh, alright." She said. I smiled and we took a shower.

*An Hour Later*

Yes, it was awkward, but we didn't mind. We just kept eye contact. I could only focus on her eyes.

Renee's POV:

We sat on the couch. My hair was still wet. "Come here." Niall said, opening his arms. "But my hair is still wet." I said. He grabbed onto me and pulled me to him. "Don't care." He said. I smiled. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my head. "You're warm." I said. I kissed his cheek, making his cheeks redden. I laughed slightly and laid over the couch, over his lap. "It's like the day I asked you out all over again." Niall said. I smiled and thought back. The second best day of my life. The day I was asked out by my best friend. The best day of my life was the day the man I love proposed to me, Niall. Well, I wouldn't call him a man. I laughed at my thought. "What?" He asked. "I just called you a man in my mind." I said. He laughed. "Wow! You must be drunk or something." He said. I sat up and rested my head on his chest, my legs curled beside me on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and licked my cheek. "Ew!" I said, trying to push him off. He tightened his grip so I couldn't move. He did it again and kissed my cheek. I laughed in disgust. "You freaking licked me! What the heck!" I said. "I don't know. Just bothering you." He said. "No matter what's happening, you're still your good old self." I said with a smile. He loved to bother me. "Do you hate me sometimes?" He asked. "No. I can't be mad at YOU, but I can acted it." I said. He smiled. "I knew it! You can never be mad at me." He said. I pressed my lips to his to shut him up. He tightened his grip on me and slid his hands down towards my bum. I couldn't stop him, my arms were glued to my sides cuz he tightened it so much. "Keep you hands out." I said. "Fine." He said in a huff. He pressed his lips to mine. We started to make out. He laid down slowly so I was on top of him. I locked my hands around his neck. He grabbed my waist. Liam opened the door. My head snapped towards the door in embarrassment. Niall knew I was embarrassed, so he grabbed my head and made out with me anyway. Liam closed the door and walked away. He had a smile. Niall pulled away. "You did that on purpose!" I said. "What are you talking about? I'm just in love with the most beautiful girl in the world." He said. "You knew Liam walked in." I said. "He did? Oh well! I just didn't want to stop kissing you. You're gorgeous." He said. I felt my cheeks get warm. "Don't play the charm card with me! You know I'm uncomfortable with being seen." I said. He pressed his lips to mine. I can't be mad at him, he was too perfect. So many sparks flew when we kissed. We started making out again. This went on for 15 minutes. I pulled away to breathe. Our breathing was heavy. "You're a great kisser." He said. I ran my fingers through his hair. "And you're just so perfect." I said. He smiled and licked my cheek again. I glared at him. He smiled a bit more. I got off him and I headed to the bathroom. When I was done, I saw Niall, sitting on the couch in only his boxers and sunglasses, legs crossed, one arm resting on the arm of the couch, angled, and looking at the wall. "Put on some clothes!" I said, turning my head. I heard him laugh. He came towards me. "No! Put some clothes on! Get away!" I said. He came at me and I ran. He chased me around the flat. He finally caught me and wrapped his arms around me so my arms were to my sides. He was behind me, what do I do? He lifted me up and I screamed. "Put me down!" I said, kicking my legs. Good thing the boys and Niall were the only ones on top floor. He kissed the back of my neck and I let out a small, unwanted moan. "I love you." He said. "I hate you. I mean it this time!" I said. He put me down, turned me around, and scooted me up so I was cradled in his arms. I looked up in anger, but that smile of his, I couldn't be mad at that. A small smile crept across my lips. He pecked my lips. "Can't be mad at this!" He said. I smiled at him. "I'm hungry." I said. He laughed. "You're perfect! Want pizza?" He asked. "Meat lovers pizza?!" I asked. "Yes." He said. I smiled. "It does have lovers in the name." He said. I smiled even more. With me still on his arms, he ordered the pizza. He thankfully had Pepsi. He put me down and put on some clothes. He took my hands in his from the side and kissed my cheek. He went to kiss my cheek again and I turned my head. He was caught by surprise, but I stared at him and smirked against his lips. We closed our eyes and he pulled me to him. There was a knock on the door. I groaned in annoyance. Niall answered the door and I showed up behind him. Stephanie. I narrowed my eyes. "Please take me back Niall!" She said all sweetly. She slammed her lips to his, but he pushed her off. "For your information, I'm happy in a relationship with Renee." Niall said. "I don't care!" She said, trying to kiss him again. I showed up to his side. She looked at me. She was shorter than Niall and I, so I looked down at her. She looked me up and down. "Is that a ring?" She demanded. I nodded. "You proposed to her?!" She demanded. "Yes. 5th day we started dating. She's sweet, kind, and she never puts herself first. She's perfect, now get out of my face and go play with yourself." Niall said, shutting to door in her face. I wrapped my arms around him. "I never liked her." I said. He kissed my head. 

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