The Love Factor



1. Me!

My name is Renee. I'm 18, soon to be 19, and 5'7". My favourite colours are Black, dark purple, lime green, Irish green, blue, and aqua. I'm a Tomboy with a fragile heart. I'm very loving and I love animals. I love One Direction and listening to music. I spend most my time playing video games, soccer (football), doing gymnastics, practicing fighting, playing the drums, guitar, and piano. I'm a pro with a bow, staff, and sword. I taught myself how to fight, use weapons and play instruments. I also know how to use a gun, thanks to my dad. My best friend is Niall Horan. I've known him since we were very small and the boys are my best friends too. I still live with my mom, dad, and sister. I like to swim, dance and sing. I can sing and dance really well, but I hate people listening or seeing me do that. Also, Niall and I are almost the same person and it's so cool! Yes, I have some feelings for him, like come on! Look at him! Anyway, we can do anything with each other. We also tell each other a lot. Sometimes to freak out the boys, we pretend to date. It's funny cuz the way we act, people swear we are, but he has a girlfriend now. Sometimes we flirted with each other for fun and had a good laugh, and sometimes to cheer each other up, we complimented each other.


I was sitting on the couch in Niall's flat, waiting for him and the boys. I had a key to his place so I always did this and he didn't care. They walked in and I smiled. "There's my bestie!" I said. He hugged me and sat down, followed by the boys. Niall's girlfriend walked in. "Niall! Can you help me?" Stephanie asked all sweetly. She was actually a little bitch, but he wouldn't believe the boys or me! He thought we were just jealous. He helped her and went to the bathroom. "What's this ass doing here? Get lost on the way to Loser Con?" She mocked. "Oh, look who's talking. Eww! What is that?! Oh wait, it's just your face." I said. Loui snapped his fingers in a Z formation. "Listen, whore. Niall loves me and doesn't believe a word you say, so just give up trying. Before long, I'll make sure you never see him again! I just want him for the fame." She said and flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder. "That's it!" I said and tried to run at her, but the boys grabbed hold of me. "Excuse me? You really are an ass! Why didn't I listen to my friends or my best friend? I should've known they wouldn't lie to me! Get out of my face and don't come back!" Niall said. She hurried out the door. He came over to us. "I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you." He said, hanging his head. I jumped off the couch and hugged him. "Love is blind sometimes, Nialler. I can't stay mad at my best friend even if I wanted to." I said. He wrapped me into a hug. His heart was racing. What was up with that? Probably cuz he was upset. My heart was racing for a different reason. The boys joined to hug and I was in the middle of it. "Yay! I'm in the middle even though this is Niall's hug!" I said for no reason. We all laughed. "We love you, Renee. You always make us laugh!" Zayn said. "I know you do! Who doesn't!" I said. They laughed again. "Well, obviously the heartless, aka Stephanie." Liam said. I shrugged. "That's her! Even your fans love me!" I said. "Ya, normally our friends get hate." Loui said. "I'm so loveable!" I shouted and threw my arms up. We laughed. "Yes you are." Harry said. "We'll DUH!" I said. He rolled his eyes. "Oh no he didn't!" Loui said. "The sass master everyone!" I said pointing to him. Everyone rolled their eyes. "Hey, Renee. You wanna come on tour with us?" Niall asked. "Fuck yes! I mean... OK." I said, sinking back. I didn't usually curse, but Niall did. They all looked at me cuz I did, all surprised at my outburst. I hid my face in my light, long, Auburn hair with blue tips. "Well, I don't think anyone expected that." Harry said. They shook their heads. I sank back onto the couch. "Anyway! Lets go to bed. It's late. Renee, you can stay here if you want." Niall said. I nodded, still hiding my face. The boys went to their flats and Niall turned his attention back to me. "You know, you shouldn't hide your pretty face." He said to cheer me up. I blushed a bit behind my hair. He brushed it out of my face and smiled. He looked into my bright green eyes and smiled. "Come on, go tell your mom your here. Remember last time?" He shuttered at the thought. I laughed. I called my mom and told her. Niall's spare room kinda became mine. We usually hung out in his flat cuz my mom was embarrassing and I didn't have an Xbox cuz I play games my mom doesn't want my sister to play. "I'mma watch Doctor Who. Wanna join?" I asked. He nodded and sat with me.

*3 Hours Later* (Warning, spoilers)

"No! But I loved the Doctor! He was my favourite!" I cried out and jumped up. I took out my phone and took a picture for Instagram. Just watched The Day Of The Doctor, now I'm sad! #Savetheday. I typed. Niall laughed. "I can't believe the doctor died." I said and sat back down. He hugged me. "We all loved him." He said. I sighed. We headed off to bed. "Here, use one of my shirts." Niall said and threw one to me, then left my room. I put it on and it was too big for me. I laughed. Knowing that I was wearing something of his, that he gave to me, made my heart explode. He was sweet, kind and he cared about me. I was his best friend after all. I crawled into bed and turned off my lamp. I put in my earbuds and listened to music. 'Story Of My Life' to be exact. 

*Early The Next Morning*

I woke up to pillow in my face. I pushed it off. Niall was standing over me with a smile. "What the hell, dude?!" I demanded and took out one ear piece. "You sleep like Zayn." He said. "No duh!" I said. I threw a pillow at him and threw the covers over my head. "It's almost 1 and the boys and I are going to Nando's." He said. I poked my head up. "Really?!" I said excitedly. "Nope, but you gotta get out of bed." He said. "You sound like my dad." I muttered and crawled out of bed. "My shirt looks good on you." He said. I rolled my eyes. "It looks better on me than you." I said. "Sass master mark 2!" He said with a sigh. I walked out to his kitchen and took some pizza out of the fridge. "Hey! That's my pizza!" He said. I took a big bit out of the piece I had and turned as I walked by. "Mine now!" I said. He ran after me. I hurried away. He was all sweaty. "Eww! Get away! You're sweaty!" I shrieked. He smirked and came faster. "No! Niall! Shoo!" I said. I ducked under his arms and ran back behind him and into the bathroom. I locked to door. "I have a key, don't forget!" He said. I quietly hid in the cupboard cuz I was a small person and he walked in. "Where the fuck did you go?" He asked. I walked through a crack as he walked right past me. I jumped out and ran for the door. He saw me and grabbed me. "Ew! Ew! You're sweaty!" I said, trying to get out of his grip. He was too strong so I just gave up. "I am the master!" He said. "少したわごとはあなたが何であるかである." (A little shit is what you are) I muttered. He looked at me funny. "Japanese." I said. He nodded. I spoke many languages so he always got confused.

*A Few Hours Later*

"I'm home!" I called but no one replied. I saw a note. Renee, if you come home while we're gone, then we're at Nando's. It read. "God damn it!" I said. I called Niall. "Dude, ironic thing is, you tricked me with Nando's and my family went to Nando's." I grumbled. He laughed. "You have really bad luck." He said. "Shut up." I said. "Mind if I head over to keep you company?" He asked. "Ya, sure, but when my family gets home, jump out window and run." I said. He laughed again. "Alright." He said and we hung up. He was here in minutes. We sat on my couch and watched TV. As he sat in the middle of the couch, I was laying on the whole couch and across his lap. "Are you comfy?" He asked. "Surprisingly, very." I said. We fell silent. It was an awkward and tense silence. I didn't like it. "Hey Renee." He said. "Hmm?" "Is there something on your mind?" He asked. "Well... It's weird and I don't wanna say it." I said and closed my eyes. Silence. "Renee." He said. "What?" I grumbled. "I want to tell you something. It's kinda important." He said. "What is it?" I asker. "Everyday that goes by, I want to see your perfect face. You make my heart race and you give me butterflies. Everyday, my love for you gets stronger and stronger, even now it is. Every minute that I spend with you, my heart gets faster. I can hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you. Your beautiful eyes kill me and your beautiful face makes me smile even at the worst of times... My love for you right now is unbearable, it's getting too hard for me not to tell you or keep my feelings locked away... Renee, will you be my one and only princess?" He asked shyly and he blushed a bit. I sprung up and stared at him with wide eyes. "Did I hear you right or am I just hearing things?!" I asked. "You're not hearing things. But I understand if it's weird and you think of me as weirdo." He said. "Niall, of course I want to be with you! I've liked you for so long!" I said. He smiled. I kissed his cheek, causing his cheeks to redden. I ran my fingers through his hair. He smiled. He stroked my cheek with his thumb. I smiled. "You have a pretty smile." He said. I felt my cheeks get really warm. He kissed the tip of my nose. I snuggled up to his chest and closed my eyes. "I love you, Renee. I always have and I always will." He whispered. My eyes snapped open and I stared at him with wide eyes. I have to be dreaming. He always loved me? I could die. "I love you, too, Niall." I said and closed my eyes again. I'm glad this wasn't a dream, I didn't want it to be, or if it was, I hope it never ends. He wrapped his arms around me and held onto me. Next thing we knew, we were both asleep.


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