The Love Factor



11. :D

I woke up next to Niall on the... Floor? What? "Niall?" I whispered. "Hmm?" He replied sleepily. "Why are we on the living room floor?" I asked. His eyes opened a bit, but still hasn't adjusted to the light. He pushed himself up. "What the fuck?" He muttered. He sat up. "Well, what ever the reason, I don't think I've ever slept so well." He said, stretching. I sat up and he wrapped his arms around me. I pulled his shirt off him and put it on. He looked at me. "What? It's warm." I said with a silly smile. "I'm sure that's the reason." He said sarcastically. I playfully pushed him. "You wanna go there?" He asked. "Ya, I wanna to go there!" I said. We stood up and I ran at him playfully. He grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. I laughed and he spun around. I felt sick. "Niall, put me down. I think I might barf." I said. He put me down and I was dizzy. I almost fell over. He quickly grabbed me and laughed. "You look like Zayn when he's drunk." He said. I laughed. He helped me onto the couch. He got me some water and sat with me. I smiled and laid across his lap. 

*5 Months Later*

Perrie loved my wedding dress. As we headed back to the airport for Niall to arrive. "So, where you guys going for your honeymoon?" Perrie asked while we waited. "We're not going on one. We're happy with our friends. Plus, we like our flat. It's nice." I said. She hugged me. Niall's private jet landed. We climbed in. Last person I excepted to see was Niall. There he was. I ran into his arms. "I couldn't wait any longer to see you." He said. "Aww!" Perrie said. 

*A Week Later*

The filming was going well. I was really nervous. When my dad started me down the aisle, Niall's eyes were glued to me. 'You look gorgeous' he mouthed. I smiled and I felt my cheeks get warm. When it was all over, I was happy. I was married to my best friend, my husband. The last thing we said to the camera was, "I'm the luckiest guy on Earth to be married to this beauty." Niall said. "I'm really lucky to have him. He does the opposite of what I want. I say don't get me anything for my birthday, you're all I need, and he proposes to me. What more could I ask for?" I said and he kissed my cheek. He carried me into OUR flat bridal style. "Hello Mrs. Horan." He said. "Hello Mr. Horan." I said. We locked eyes and he closed the door to the flat. We got dressed and sat on the couch. I was so madly in love with him, it was going to be hard when he's gone even for a second. "So baby say you'll always keep me, truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love, with you." He sang. I snuggled close to him. "I like the ring to my new name. Renee Horan. It just sounds like that's been my name my whole life." I said. "Well, you got a point. But all that matters is that your mine. Forever mine." He said. We sat there for a while. We've started new lives. New lives with each other. "You wanna have some fun?" He asked, smirking. "Sure." I said. He carried me to the bedroom.

*An Hour Later*

We were playing GTA 5. I was just yelling at the game with him being calm. "Fuck!" I said. My hands flew to my mouth. Niall just looked at me. "Face it, it's slipping more and more often, you have to admit, it feels good to say it." He said, smirking. He removed my hands from my mouth and pressed his lips to mine, slowly. When he pulled away, we started playing again. "So.. Do you wanna start a family?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "We legit, just got married. Can you wait like a day to ask that?" I laughed. "Fine." He said. After we played, I sat on the couch. It felt weird to be married, like we weren't just 2 kids in love anymore, like me had to be adults. "It's weird now, I know, but we don't have to be like adults. We can stay the same for as long as we want." Niall said. "You read my mind." I said. I got up and pressed my lips to his. "It's getting late and I'm tired as hell. Come on. I don't wanna be lonely." I said, taking his hand and pulling him to the bedroom like a 5 year old scared of the dark. "Can we have some more fun first?" He said, pouting. I kissed his cheek, then his neck. I ran my tongue up his neck and to his lips, where I pressed my lips to his. 

*The Next Morning*

I woke up really sick. I ran into the bathroom and threw up a few times. "Oh, princess! Are you alright! You look horrible." Niall said, coming in and moving my hair out of my face. He pressed his cheek to my forehead. "You don't have a fever." He said. I couldn't say anything before I threw up again. "Aww, princess. Is there anything I can get you?" He asked. "Water please." I said. He hurried to get some. After a bit, I stopped throwing up. Niall helped me up. We went out to the market and got some testers. When I tried, all positive. Niall wrapped his arms around me. "Princess! I am so sorry for what I've done to you. You must hate this. I'm sorry." Niall said, but what he didn't realize is that I was smiling. "Why are you sorry?" I asked. "I got you pregnant! You have to go through all this discomfort! I'm sorry, princess! I really am!" He said. "Don't be! Niall! We're gonna be parents together!" I said excitedly. "So, you're not mad?" He asked. "Not at all! Don't you see!? You wanted to start a family! I've always wanted to be able to have a kid to call mine! You know I love kids!" I said. He pressed his lips to mine. "I'm glad your not mad. I wanted to start a family cuz I wanted an amazing connection with you and a kid to call mine. I love you!" He said, hugging me. "I love you, too, no matter what." I said. "I still can't believe that I got you pregnant! We're gonna start a family!" He said. "I can't believe that best friends are gonna be parents! We're gonna be parents, Niall!" I said excitedly. He crashed his lips to mine and lifted me into the air by my waist. He spun around, a huge smile on our faces. We called the boys and the girls over for the news. "Why so smiley?" Liam asked. I took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant!" I squealed. They girls jumped up and hugged me. The girls started going crazy, especially Marlee and Tessa.

Niall's POV:

At first, I felt so bad for getting her pregnant. I thought she was gonna be mad! When she started smiling and saying we were gonna be parents, that's when I realized, this could bring us closer together than we already were. The boys congratulated me while the girls, all but Renee, went insane. I picked up Renee and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I pressed my lips to hers. "Who knew the day after getting married, I was gonna be pregnant!" She said after everyone left. "You and I, the strongest friends in the world, are married and having a baby. I'm gonna be a father with my princess, my best friend, my soul mate!" I said. She smashed her lips to mine. She and I couldn't stop smiling. She stayed as close to me as possible with a smile on her face all day. Or, that's what she said she'd do. I made out with her for a bit. I laid back, but I was very careful not to move too fast. I had the most beautiful, wait, scratch that, gorgeous girl in the world, she was all mine and now I was going to be the father of her child. "What do you say, we---" I didn't finish. Renee didn't wanna finish kissing me. I could tell that she was really happy. Just the shine in her eye, I know she was gonna be a great mom. She was protective, caring, and she wasn't gonna keep our kid cooped up, she'd give them plenty of freedom, I just knew it. We sat up on the couch and she leaned against me, a huge smile on her face. I leaned over and kissed her forehead. "Mine. All mine. The both of you are mine." I said. She smiled. 

*2 Weeks Later*

Her stomach showed just a bit and it was so amazing that I was the father of this girls child. She rubbed her stomach and looked at me with a smile. I kissed her cheek. "No matter what, you still are the most gorgeous girl in the world, and you're mine." I whispered. She smiled and pressed her lips to mine. I gently grabbed her hip and pulled her a bit closer. I was always so gentle, and sometimes, that annoyed Renee. No matter how big her belly got, or if she was afraid I wouldn't love her cuz she was 'fat', I'd love her more than anything. We sat on the couch, thinking. "So, what are name? We need names." She said. "Why don't we wait a bit. You're barely showing and that's all you can think of. Princess, just..." I trailed off. "I know, I'm sorry. Just I'm so happy, it's the only thing my mind has been wanting to do right now." She said. I kissed her cheek. "You're so cute when you're exited." I said. She kissed my cheek, making my cheeks feel warm. I couldn't believe that after being fucking married to her, it's still the sweetest thing when we kiss in anyway. I can't help it. "How about we make an agreement. If it's a girl, I name it, and you can name the middle name, if it's a boy, than you name it and I name the middle name." She said. "Sure, what ever you want." I said. She ran her fingers over my jawline. Her smile turned to a small smirk. "Princess, do you really think that's a good idea?" I asked, taking her hand. "We don't have to do nothing crazy, just... You know." She said. I smiled and took both her hands. I pulled her to the bedroom.

Renee's POV:

I loved him, I wasn't letting the baby stop our fun. We don't have to do anything crazy, just fun. He stripped off his shirt. My hands trailed down his abs. He pulled off mine and he rubbed my stomach. "I love both of you." He whispered before pressing his lips to mine. We made out for a while. He started down my face, down my neck, and when he got to my chest, he reached around and unbuckled my bra, removed it, and started down again. He go to my stomach. He kissed it and kissed it. It felt to good. I let a small moan escape my lips. I bit my lip, but it didn't help. He kissed it more and more, none stop. I moaned louder each time. He ran his tongue all over my stomach, then all over my body. A loud moan escaped my lips again. "Hearing you moan makes it hard for me not to just rip off your clothes." He said. He kissed my weak spot in my neck. He sucked on it harder and hard. I screamed a bit. 

*An Hour Later*

We cuddled on the bed, half naked. I was in my bra and underwear, while Niall was in his boxers. "So, how do we tell your parents I got you pregnant?" He asked. "Don't worry about them." I whispered. I kissed his bare chest. He bit his lip. I noticed he had a boner. I smirked at him. "Wanna go for a walk?" He asked. "Sure." I said. We got dressed and went to that park where he kissed me instead of me kissing him. It was getting dark as we drove down. By the time we were there, it was completely dark. There were lights around the park, so we walked. His fingers brushed mine, so I took his hand. He smiled at me. "Love you." I whispered. "Love you too." He said. I peaked his lips. We walked and realized we were being followed. "Shit." He said under his breath. We realized it was the paparazzi, so we ran. It was too late, they got pictures.

*3 Months Later*

We sat on the couch. Niall rubbed my stomach. I smiled still knowing that my best friend, my husband, was gonna be the father of my child. He leaned over and pressed his lips to mine. I rubbed my stomach with a smile. I felt a kick and I smiled even more. My child, my husband, my new life was amazing. 

*6 Months Later*

I looked down at the baby in my arms. Niall sat beside me, tears in his eyes. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I can't believe we're parents." He whispered. I smiled at his with tears in my eyes. The boys came in with smiles. They mouthed, 'Awe' at the sight of us crying. Our baby girl. "What are we gonna name her?" Niall asked. I had a few names in mind, so I chose one I thought would work. "Danielle. If she turns out like I was, a tomboy, then we can call her Daniel, or Dan." I said. "That's actually a really good idea." Liam said. "So, Niall, what's your chose of middle name?" I asked. "How about Madison?" He asked. "Danielle Madison Horan. I like it." I said. He pressed his lips to mine. Soon, we took her home. Niall and I actually bought a house. It had 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a nice big basement, and a big front and back yard. We even had a in ground pool. "Now I have 2 princesses." Niall said. "You wanna know what, I miss your brown hair." I said. Back when we were kids, before we were 12, he had nice brown hair. The blonde was really nice, but I missed the brown. He kissed my cheek. "Maybe she'll have brown hair." Niall said. We both smiled down at our baby girl. "She's almost as beautiful as her mother." Niall said. I smiled at him. I pecked his lips. Our life was perfect.

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