The Love Factor



10. Crazy

The pizza was here! We downed the pizza and our Pepsi. I cuddled with Niall while we ate it and my phone buzzed. "Hello?" I asked. "Where are you? I went to your house but no one was there." Melanie said. "Why are you talking to me. You were being a jerk." I said. "I'm sorry, OK. I just didn't want you to make a chose that you'd regret." She said. I sighed. "I'm living with Niall now." I said. "Aww! That's so sweet!" She said. "Ya. Anyway, we're eating. Bye." I said. I hung up. "Melanie?" Niall asked. "Ya. She apologize, but I don't really trust her." I said. "We need to talk about the wedding since we still haven't." Niall said. I bit my nails. "Nervous?" He asked. "Well, ya..." I said. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and rubbed my arm. "It's OK. I'm nervous too. I'm marrying the most beautiful girl in the world, what would you expect?" He asked. I smiled. "I have to tell you something." I said. He looked nervous. "What is it?" He asked. "The people on Say Yes To The Dress wants to record our wedding." I said. "That's amazing!!" Niall said. He kissed my cheek. I smiled. He put down his pizza and I pressed my lips to his. He laid back and we started to make out. "I. Love. You." He said between kisses. I locked my hands around his neck and he glued his hands right below my bum. This lasted 5 minutes before he started getting intense. He slid his warm hands up my shirt and unbuckled my bra. He stood up, still making out. He carried me to his room. He get on top of me as he put me on the bed. I started to take off his shirt. He slid off my shirt and moved my bra. His eyes travelled down my body. He pressed his lips to mine again as I tried to unzip his jeans. He kicked them off and started pulling mine off. We got under the covers and he turned off the light.

*A While Later*

We breathed heavily. "You're beautiful." He said. "You're perfect." I breathed. He wrapped his arms around my sweaty body and pulled me to him. We fell asleep like this. When I woke up, I realized what happened. I smiled to myself. I slipped out of bed and threw all my clothes back on. Niall woke up. "Princess?" He asked. "Right here." I said. He hopped out of bed and threw on his boxers. He came over and wrapped his arms around me from behind. He kissed my cheek and scooted me up. "Lets talk wedding." I said with a smile. He smiled and kissed my neck, making me moan a bit. "I liked it better last night." He said. I laughed. "Put me down, I'm hungry." I said. He put me down and I walked out into the kitchen. There was a knock on the door. "Niall! You're closer." I said. I heard him laugh and he opened the door fully dressed. Zayn walked in. "You were closer Renee, but I know you can be lazy." Niall said. Zayn walked over and I gave him a hug. "I brought someone who wants to see you." Zayn said. Perrie popped up behind him. "Ren!" Perrie said. "Perr!" I said. I jumped up and hugged her. "I'm so happy for you! Now both of us are engaged!" She said. "I know! I wish I could've brought you to the show." I said. "I wish I could've went, but you know how busy I get." She said. "Renee, you can use your room for girl time." Niall winked. I grabbed Perrie's hand and took her to my room. "When I go to try it on again, you can come." I said. "Thank you!" She said and hugged me. We stared talking about things like our weddings. I told her how Niall proposed. "That's so sweet." She said. "I know! When he asked me to marry him, I almost fainted." I said. "Here's a question..." She said and motioned for me to come closer so she could whisper to me. "Did you and him, you know... Get down?" She whispered. A smile spread across my face. "Yes! Last night." I said. We squealed.

Niall's POV:

We heard the girls squeal. "I don't think Renee has ever done something so girly like squealing." I said. Zayn nodded in agreement. The boys joined us after a few minutes. "So, how's things with you and Renee?" Harry asked. Was he jealous? "Good. I think she enjoyed last night." I said as a smirk plastered across my lips. "You didn't!" Loui, the gossip king and the sass master, said. "I did." I said proudly. "I thought you were going to wait until after marriage." Liam said. "Well fuck that. It's too late now." I said. 

*An Hour Later*

After the boys and Perrie left, I went into Renee's room where she was sleeping. I sat next to her and smiled. I have to say, she was a gorgeous girl, inside and out. "Hey gorgeous. Time to get up." I whispered. She didn't move. I placed my ear to her chest. Her heartbeat was really slow. "Renee!" I said shaking her. Didn't move. I panicked. I jumped up and started quickly to the door. I heard her snicker. "Renee! What the fuck?!" I asked angrily. "Payback, my dear Horan." She said with a smile. I rolled my eyes. I was mad at her big time. I thought she was going to die. "I thought you were dying! Your heart was barely beating!" I said. "I woke up when you said my name the first time. I know how to almost stop my heartbeat, but I was fine." She said. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" I shouted angrily. "Because, I wanted to get payback for that time you scared me really badly." She said quietly. "So you think worrying me to the point I was going to call the police cuz I thought you were almost dead, is funny?!" I demanded, raising my voice. "Well, if you put it that way...." She muttered. "Don't do that! Renee, do you know how much you mean to me?! Doing that almost made me take my life! If you died, that's what I'd  want to do! You're really pissing me off, Renee!" I said angrily. "Oh! Sorta like when you thought it was funny to make me think he was back?! Niall, I was just getting even and you're just being a dick about it!" She said, tears running down her face. "It doesn't matter! You can't just scare me, the protective male, like that! I'd risk my life for you, and you know I get over protective!" I yelled. She ran out past me and locked herself in my bathroom. I pounded on the door. "Open the door!" I shouted through the door. I heard her soft sobs. I fell to the floor. I pressed my back to the wall next to the door and brought my knees to my chest. I hung my head. What have I done? I caused her to curse at me and she didn't regret it. I love her and she probably hates me now! I know she has a fragile heart and all I did was break it into millions, no billions, of pieces! I hate myself, I should've just took it lightly, but I was protective of her, I still shouldn't have yelled at her. I stood up and bang on the door. "Renee, please, let me in." I said softly. "Go away!" She sobbed. I dug around for my key to the bathroom. I unlocked the door and I saw her sitting in the tub, blood on her arm and a blade against her wrist. I ran over to her and took it from her. I looked at her. I was angry that she did this, but I was mainly worried. "Renee.." I breathed. There were cuts on her legs, arms and one on her side. She broke down crying. "I'm sorry." She sobbed. I wrapped my arms around her, not caring there was blood everywhere. She cried into my shirt. I refused to let go. "Please, don't ever do that again." I begged. She cried harder. "You don't deserve to be hurt. You also didn't deserve to be yelled at and I'm really sorry. I love you, Renee, worrying about you is what I do and I get protective. I love you so much, please forgive me." I said softly. "No, you shouldn't be apologizing. This was my own fault. If I wouldn't have existed, then none of this would've happened." She sobbed. "Renee! Don't even say that! You're the best thing that has happened to me! If it wasn't for you, then I wouldn't be in One Direction. If it wasn't for you, then I wouldn't be getting married to a beautiful girl with a fragile heart. I love you, Renee, more than anything! Please don't ever say that." I said. "I'm sorry..." She sobbed softly. I rubbed her back. "It's alright, gorgeous. Now, lets get a shower. You're full if blood and now I am." I said. We got in the shower. I helped her clean the cuts and clean the blood away. Her eyes were still red and puffy from crying. Her wet hair fell over her face. "I love you." I said. "I love you more." She said. "I doubt that, cuz I love you more!" I said. We got into an argument about who loved who more. In the end, it was a tie. I brushed her hair out of her eyes. She tilted her head back and let the water hit her face. I kissed her neck. She bit her lip. I kissed all over her neck, and down her body, until I got to her stomach. The whole time, she was moaning. I smiled. We didn't care if we were in the shower, I got in top of her and we made out for a good long time.

Renee's POV:

We did IT in the shower. I couldn't stop smiling. He kissed my neck as he carried my wet body to the bedroom to get dressed. We got dressed and I started to have one of my panic attacks. "Niall, what happens if I get pregnant!?" I asked. He rubbed my arm. "It's OK, princess, don't worry. We'll get some testers later if you want." He said. I nodded. He kissed my forehead. 

*An Hour Later*

I know I'm not pregnant, and it wasn't cuz of testers, we didn't even get any. I told Niall and he was fine. In that hour, we talked about the wedding. My maid of honour was Marlee, my brides maids were Perrie, Melanie, Katie, Eleanor, and Sophia. We had everything planned out. Tessa was even the flower girl. We called to check. We were getting married by the lake in the cliff and it was gonna be at sunset. Everyone was OK with it. Niall had his best man and everything. We were getting married in 5 months. I was going back to try my dress a week before the wedding. I couldn't stop smiling. "Love you." He said. "Love you, too." I said. He pressed his lips to mine quickly. "I can't get over the fact that your cheeks get really red when I kiss your cheek or we kiss. It's just so cute." I said. His cheeks seemed to redden even more. I kissed his cheek and his face looked like it was about to explode. I ran my fingers over his jawline, making his face such a bright red, I thought he was gonna pass out. I got really close to his face. I licked my lips as if his lips were a giant, juicy apple. I pressed my lips to his and bit down on his bottom lip. He had a moan purr in the  back of his throat. He grabbed my hips and made out with me. The deeper it got, the tighter his grip got. Soon, he was hurting me, but I took no notice. He fell onto the bed with a thud and I ran my tongue over his bottom lip. He put his tongue in my mouth, not wanting me in control. He rolled on top of me, kneeling over me. He started to grind me, kissing me, pleasing me. This wasn't my Niall, but this was a fun Niall. I missed my Prince Charming, but he was giving me so much pleasure, I didn't mine him being gone for a few minutes. He started to strip off my shirt and he kissed my chest repeatedly. He moved farther down. I bit my bit and his tongue ran gently over my chest, my whole chest. I wanted to push him off, cuz this wasn't a good time, but he was working his magic. There was a knock at the door. Niall didn't pull away, just moved to my stomach. "Get up! Someone's at the door." I moaned. He stopped. His eyes were dark with lust, something I haven't seen in his eyes before. He got off me and I put my shirt back on. I answered the door, leaving Niall behind. "He pleasing you?" A cocky Harry said. "Maybe." I said. "Can I have a go?" He asked, stepping closer. "Stay away from my princess!" Niall said, stepping up. "Relax! Niall, he always jokes like this! It's our thing." I said. "Ya." Harry said. Niall gave me a quick kiss to make sure Harry knew I was his. Harry and I talked for a while. When he left, Niall walked up. "I don't think a girl has ever gotten me that caught up in her beauty, that I ever did that." He said. "Aww! I saw that lust in your eyes, but you knew I couldn't right then." I said. Niall pressed his lips to mine and we started all over again.

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