The Gods Amongst us

With great power comes great responsibility. Or so they say. What would you do if you had some kind of power ? Would you use it for good ? Or Evil ? This is a world where power rules. A military experiment failed... Hundreds of men and women gained power. The entire planet suffered the consequences. Now the world is split into Three factions. The Royals, The Reapers and The Harradrians. Three powerhouse families that rule their sectors with Iron fists, But the people who live in fear are getting restless. Insurgents are rising. It's time to overthrow the god-like rulers once and for all


2. The first strike.

The first strike of the insurgents, the day it all began, happened within Royal territory.

"The military outpost Karandras in the Quhari desert is the most important military structure the Royals have in this desert, and that's why we need to take it out. We take it out and before long we should have the desert, from that we expand". General Neo briefed the soldiers who were to go on this mission. "Make no mistake, not all of you will return, some of you will perish, but this must be done. I would not ask any of you to do this if I didn't have the utmost faith in all of you. You will succeed". The men saluted. "Now go, kill them all".

An abandoned sewer system ran beneath the outpost. The entrance was guarded but cloaking systems on the soldiers the guards were easily dispatched, they crept through the smelly, dark sewers, snapping the necks and cutting the throats of the guards they met along the way. They reached the sewer exit that lead to the outpost. "Alright men" The captain said. "This is where things get messy, Switch to rifles". The cloaks went off and each man equipped their high powered assault rifle. "This is where it begins, history will be made today men". They roared their battle cry and charged.

Kayden Fade was a lieutenant, and he was proud to be part of the first strike against the corrupt leaders of the new world. He roared the loudest during the cry and charged first, after the captain of course. Everything sort of went in slow motion in those first few seconds of battle, He practically saw the track of the captains first bullet as it flew through the head of the first guard. Things quickly sped up again as he raised his rifle and fired off his own shots. The first wave fell quickly, but then The Royalists regrouped and came back hard. The battle thickened and men on both sides dropped. Kayden found himself in a knife fight with one of their soldiers. The Royalist was clearly experienced. He swung his blade sideways in an attempt to split Kayden's throat but he quickly leant out of range and came back with a quick slice, managing to cut out his opponents eyeball. To the mans credit he barely faltered before he came back, his speed shocked Kayden, the man got a nice, clean cut on Kayden's cheek. "That'll leave a scar" He thought. He acted fast and twisted around, swinging low he plunged his blade into the man's stomach. There was what seemed to be a pause as the Royalists eyes widened. He dropped to his knees and Kayden removed the knife. The man coughed, flecks of blood sprayed across the floor. Flipping his blade Kayden prepared to deliver the killing blow.

Then a sonic boom sounded. Everyone stopped and looked up. The sound barrier had been broken. But what could be flying at that speed ? Then the shout came from the captain. "META-HUMAN!!!" Then Kayden saw it. The black dot in the distance getting closer and closer. "Oh shit" Was all he could get out before the dot picked up speed, came into view and slammed into the ground. The shockwave devastated everyone there, Insurgent and Royalist. most of them died from the blast but the lucky few like Kayden were just blasted back. The captain had remained standing. "Fallout". He said. The man who had dropped out of the sky was a threatening sight. He wore strange black armour. Th helmet had no features save for deep grooves where the eyes were supposed to be. He towered above the captain who did not falter. When the newcomer spoke it was not a voice that sounded used to speech. "Who.... Are you ?" He asked. His voice was as deep as the boom he made as he flew. "We are insurgents" The captain replied. "And we will stop you". The speed of this 'Fallout' was shocking when compared to his size. His hand snaked out to grab the throat of the man before him. "You will fail" was all he said. He then raised his fist and held it there. A deep hum began to emanate from it. A glow of power began to gather around his gaunlet. "You will all burn" he said. Then he struck.

The power of his punch caused a shockwave so powerful it knocked out nearly all the remaining soldiers. When Kayden looked back the captain was nowhere to be seen. He had been obliterated. Fallout looked around. "Everybody will die" He said. Then the sewer entrance erupted. Fallout barely had chance to register what was going on before a ginormous scaly beast mowed him down. "A.... Dragon ?" Kayden looked on in shock as the creature pinned the armoured meta-human to the ground. The beast roared then looked around. "All of you, leave" He said. His voice deep and throaty. "I will finish here". Kayden and the last few survivors ran for the sewer entrance. The last thing he saw as he looked back was the courtyard fill with flame.

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