The Gods Amongst us

With great power comes great responsibility. Or so they say. What would you do if you had some kind of power ? Would you use it for good ? Or Evil ? This is a world where power rules. A military experiment failed... Hundreds of men and women gained power. The entire planet suffered the consequences. Now the world is split into Three factions. The Royals, The Reapers and The Harradrians. Three powerhouse families that rule their sectors with Iron fists, But the people who live in fear are getting restless. Insurgents are rising. It's time to overthrow the god-like rulers once and for all


3. Combat

"Pyros you fool. You should have joined us not those pathetic rebels" Fallout roared as the two fought.  "Siding with them makes you as pathetic as they are! You are nothing you puny dragon". Pyros reared his head back. "You have so got to die" He blasted the armoured Royal with a powerful blaze. Fallout retaliated with a punch that sent a shockwave across the courtyard. Pyros swung his tail around, slamming it into Fallout with such a force it sent him flying through the metal building. Fallout snarled and shot up into the sky. Pyros remained close on his heels. "You will die with the rest of them beast!" Fallout shouted. The dragon responded with another jet of flame. Fallout charged himself up and shot up further into the sky at a speed approaching light. Then he swivelled around and came flying back down. "I will decimate you" He murmured. The dragon roared an ancient word and immediately his body became wreathed in flame and he began to resemble a meteorite to the grounded onlookers. Traveling at the same speed they both slammed into each other producing an explosion that blinded everyone watching and produced a shockwave that completely decimated all buildings within a ten mile radius.

Kayden was sent flying down the sewers as the shockwave hit. "Holy shit. What happened ?" He asked. More to himself than anyone. They reached the entrance of the sewers into the outskirts of the wasteland and they traveled to the hidden insurgency base. They'd never be found there. None of the three families would ever venture into the wasteland. That was the only thing that stopped a war between them all. There were rumors that there was something out there. Something that slaughtered whatever it saw and left no trace. Any scouting party that had been sent had never returned. The Insurgents had never encountered whatever this thing was. And they didn't plan to.

Kayden ran through the base doors and went straight to the command center. "Sir" He saluted the General who had been waiting their return. "Where are the rest of you ?" He asked. "All dead sir. We would be too were it not for the dragon". The General nodded. "So that's where Pyros went... Tell me what happened". Kayden ran him through the whole story. "Fallout" The General murmured when Kayden had finished. "It's been a while since I heard that name" Then he sighed. "What of Pyros ?" "The dragon held this Fallout person off sir, I don't know of the outcome". At that moment a roar sounded that reverberated through the halls of the HQ. "He's back" Said the General. "Come on soldier". They ran towards the front gates.

They reached them just in time to see the dragon crash into the ground and morph into a man. He was severely wounded and needed medical attention damn well quickly. "Fuck" Muttered the General. "Get him inside He said to the gate guards who saluted and did as he bade. "If he returned at all then that means our mission was a success. He wouldn't abandon an objective". Sighing once again The General strode back inside with Kayden following.

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