HOW TO : be a successful author

Will be starting a HOW TO series and starting to write more books. Leave comments below for other HOW TO's and be happy to write them :)


4. Tips


Lastly just take your time

taking your time when writing a story is better than rushing, spreading out your hours and finding free time each day to write a part of a story at time is best.


Also getting inspiration is key to getting ideas. 

From books, movies,essays,poems,songs

just about anything that surrounds you


Don't care if other people will like it

This story is written by YOU. The creator of your own world. If you keep on worrying about if other people will enjoy your story you will never enjoy it yourself. And what's a story without YOU being happy with it. If the writer is happy about what ever is written then that's all that matters.


Original content goes far

Making your stories original and unique will definatley go far. This is beacause no one wants to read the same plotted books it just gets boring. Lots of books out there are very similaur but they're not the same. Work on creating interesting plots and fun characters.



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