Easy to be loved


1. The strange dream

I was in a forest and i was running...Running fast. It didn't seem to me that i was trying to hide from somebody cause...there was a huge smile on my face. I looked back and i saw a guy just a few meters away from me. I couldn't see him very well...he came close to me but i couldnt see his face...He told me:

~ You princess, smell better than the most beautiful flower of the earth, shine more than the sun every morning, lighten more than the nightlights and you're

more spectacular than the full moon!

I smiled and...and the sound of the alarm clock woke me up.

yeah everything was just a dream...but all these beautiful words that this unknown guy told me will always stay in my mind! This words that any boy in reality can tell. I heard a knock on the door:

- Lisa?? Wake up darling. You have school today?? The beautiful voice of my mum made me full of happiness. She closed the door and i quickly got out of the bed and started changing. I put a T-shirt and the pair of my favourite jeans because i want always to feel comfortable. I went in the mirror and had a look at myself as i was brushing my hair .

- Oh my God! I look horrible! i said.

I went downstairs to the kitchen. I saw a curly boy sitting on the kitchen table. He turned and looked at me, He smiled and said.

- Goodmorning!!!!!!

- Goodmorning Harry :)

Harry is my brother. He is 3 years older than me. When we were kids we used to to fight every single moment for not so important things. When our dad died at a car accident when I was 5 and Harry 9, we started being nicer to each other and Harry started taking the role of the protecting brother.But now we are OK, MORE than Ok. We are like best friends. I really can't think my life without him.

-Did you sleep well sweetie?

-Pretty good..i saw a weird dream but haha it was cool...

-ohhhhh! I'm all ears, tell me!

-Well...i dreamt that i was in a forest and...

-And what?? My mum said as she walked into the kitchen room.

Harry started laughing.

-Mrs Parker went to the hospital yesterday.

- I was sure!! mum said

Then Harry looked at me and winked...haha i started laughing! Mum loves gossiping so she quickly went and called a friend of her to tell her the news.

After a few minutes the school bus arrived outside the house!

-Come on! We dont have to be late AGAIN! And especially today that we've got the rehearsals for the glee club!!!

- Wait i haven't finished my sausages yet! Harry said.

- You wanted to be to the glee club. Now you must come!

-Ok...LET'S GO THEN ;)

We both went out of the house and started walking towards the school bus.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

Τhey were some guys inside of the school bus waving to my brother...and i know exactly who they were...His best friends.

Liam and Louis. We went inside and had a seat next to them. Harry started talking with his mates, while i was staring at the window looking at the detached and semi-detached houses outside..When we finally arrived at our school i went outside and started walking towards the enter door when a guy stopped me.

It was Zayn my Best friend. He is the only guy at school that can understand me, I have known him since i was 3 years old. His house is very close to ours and our mothers are something like best friends as they like gossiping about everything that is happening to the neighbourhood. So we used to play together all the time. Harry and Zayn had never been so close but they still say a "Hi" when they see each other, but just this, because Zayn is really mysterious and close to himself but Harry is very outgoing , loud and he also likes being with his friends all the time.

********************************************* ******************************************

Guys thank you so much for reading this :) Hope you like the first chapter . Dont worry next chapters are going to be much more interesting :) Please like or comment :)

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