Easy to be loved


2. the Glee club

-So??? You're not saying "hi"?? Zayn said

-Oh come on!! It's just that I'm very anxious for the audition for the glee club..

-You don't have to:) you've got an amazing voice! They'll get you! Don't be pessimistic!

-I'm not pessimistic...I just think a lot of possible ways...what about you?

-What do you mean?

Zayn said.

-Will you audition?

-No of course!!

-But why??

-Because I don't want to.

- C'mon Zayn we both know you've got an amazing voice so why don-

I didn't finish what i was telling because I saw his angry face.

-It's just that i don't want to...

he said without looking at me in the eyes. But now it's your change to prove your talent...

-haha well..we'll see because i might not..

-Now You're pessimistic!

-Haha yes i am. i said and started laughing.

We both started waking towards the door of a class room, but it was not just a class room. It was the "glee club room" as it was written in a huge board over the door. I stopped. Zayn looked at me,gave a smile and said:

-Are ya ready??:)

-I think i am. I said and he opened the door.

The room was full of people talking and laughing and some others who were singing.

-Good luck!:) Zayn said and hugged me

Before i could even say a "thank you" he disappeared

-"Classic Zayn" i said to myself.

-What??? Somebody said behind me. I turned and it was Louis. Harry's best friend.

-Lou! I said.

-Are you here to audition for the glee club ?

-Yeahhh!!!! Liam and Harry are here too but I think I lost them hahaha...

-Louis William Tomlinson ? Simon Cowel, The music teacher said.

-I am!:D Louis answered

-Well it's your turn now.

-Oh cool...Lisa wish me good luck;)

-haha. Good luck Bo-bear( that's how i used to call him)

He smiled

While Louis was entering the door to go to the room where Mr Simon Cowell was, i saw a girl crying. She was sitting in a chair and her hands were covering her face. I went closer and sat next to her.

-Are ya Ok? I asked her.

She didn't answer. She just ran into the toilets. I followed her and I saw her! She was looking at herself in the mirror.

- What happened? He didn't take you for the Glee club? I asked her. I was sure that she was not going to answer , but as I was ready to leave, I heard her voice.

- No...It's just that... I'm anxious for my audition.

- everything is going to be ok as long as you aren't pessimistic:).

- But..,

- There is no but !you'll try to do The best you can and you will see that you'll succeed!

- Thanks a lot girl..

- Don't worryl:)

- So..., my name is Eleonor:) your's?

- I'm Lisa! Nice to meet you

- Well, I've never though i would meet someone in the toilets hahaha...

- Yeah i know... it sounds quite funny!! i said as we were living the toilets. Now we're back! In the room for the auditions. Eleonor and I sat somewhere and started taking about our interests. "I think i made a new best friend i was think to myself" as i was talking to her. Our characters are so similar!

After half an hour Liam ,Louis and Harry appeared in front of us with a huge smile in their faces.

-We passed!!! They all said

- omg!!!! ohh guys this is Eleonor!Eleonor these are Liam ,Louis and Harry ,my brother.

- Nice to meet you guys.

- Nice to meet you Eleonor! They all said like a choir

- Lisa I think it's your turn now so good luck sweetie!! Harry said

I said goodbye and went into the room where Mr Simon was. Hopefully i passed and so did Eleonor. Except of this Eleonor and I learnt that we were going to be together at the French class which means that i know

who is going to be the person I'll sit in the same desk with.


Guys get ready for the 3rd part ;)

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