This story is about a young man in his 20ies.

He was born like this, bound to the world, bount to live forever.
He even trusted someone, but that someone only ended up breaking his heart, and later bound him to serve her family for all eternity.
After severeal generations, when a new heir comes around, he might get another chance, a chance to regain his freedom.


1. Caught

can’t really say that this happened in my younger years, meaning I never had a youth.

I was born into what seemed like a human body, not born like a baby but one day I just woke up from what seemed like endless darkness. And as far I remember I always had the body of a young male.

I was suspected to be a creature the humans call vampire right from the start, I don’t quite get why, seeing that vampires are cold, handsome and blood thirsting creatures.

The only thing I honestly ever wanted was to be accepted.

But they all came to the conclusion that I was a vampire 100 years after my arrival.

I know it wasn’t the best idea to remain in the village for that long, but at that time I had no idea what a vampire was, or that they thought I was one.


But regardless, they tried to kill me. Every morning there would always be a horde of people from the village, standing in front of my bed.

They were all equipped with some kind of weapons, like huge pointy pieces of wood, forks, and various light sources, some of them even had a crucifix with them.


At some point I grew tired of it. I decided to travel away the next morning, and so I did.

I packed my things and went my way, the villagers almost screaming from happiness the moment that I went through the gates.


This was the start of my journey, and through this I learned much about the human culture. For example they recorded time, and it seemed that in general time was important to them.

I found out this this year was what they called year 1100.

Through my journeys I even learned various languages, and for I moment that I had found happiness in traveling.


But I didn’t, what I wanted was to be accepted in a place, and when I travelled like this I didn’t even bond with anyone or get any friends.


So I decided to stay in a village for a longer time. I stayed in a village with the name of Green Valley, receiving the name from the unusually green valley the village was in. The country of this village was called England, and I had chosen this on because it was the language I spoke the best.


Through my journey I had learned about vampires, and I understood why my previous village had feared me so, if I had met one of these creatures I’d be scared too.


Therefore i decided only to stay in the village for about 10 years, knowing that even only 10 years in the same place without aging would cause a lot of suspicion.


Of course, here too I was treated with hostility; seemingly it was because of the men.

I never was myself as a handsome individual, but I somehow managed to seduce the women in the village, much disliked by their husbands and lovers.


I never fell for any of them, knowing that all they ever like from me were my looks, but I have to be grateful, because of their affection I seemed to gain confidence, and before long I started seducing some of them.

I became good at seducing humans, and soon most women were at my disposal, and when I felt like it I even slept with some of them.


After the ten years in Green Valley I went travelling again, by now I had forgotten about being accepted, and the only thing I wanted was to enjoy myself.

Through these travels I seduced women from every region, and in the start of all these seducing it seemed fun, but with time I grew tired of it, none of the women were interesting or even worth my time.


At some point after yet another 20 years of travelling, I decided to settle in England again, this time in a village called Ashford.

The people here seemed nobler than the others I had met, and even though the women were pretty I didn’t feel like seducing anyone.


Through my journeys and the places where I had lived, I’d saved up a lot of money, and I decided to try and settle down in this town. I decided to buy a mansion, and if course, the only one available was the one that was black, was placed on a hill, placed in the edge of the town, and on the other side of it there was a cliff.

A quite creepy place I’d say, but I would have to settle with it.


As I lived there no one dared come near me, and every time I went shopping in the village people stared at me, like I was some kind of monster. It grossed me out, but there was nothing I could do about it.


Someday, hen I was walking along the main street, a young girl ran into me; she looked like she’d just passed the age of 10. She was quite small girl compared to the other children at her age I’d seen, her hair was long, slightly curly, and it had a pretty darker brown color. She was wearing a rather dirty looking blue dress, and a matching blue hat. Though it didn’t seem like she was wearing any shoes.


As soon as she hit me she fell over and just sat there, rubbing her eyes seemingly to stop them from pouring out the rain that took place inside her. Her sobbing became an almost unnoticeable tone higher, but it was still a quiet one.

I felt pity for her, she brought back memories of a childhood I’d been trying to hide away, so I knelt before her speaking words as gentle as I could “Young one, are you okay?”

After I said those words her sobering quieted down a little, and she raised her small face to look at mine, removing her hands from her eyes so that she could see better.


Her eyes looked bigger than any eyes I’d ever seen in my whole life, they were blue like the sky, but her tears filling up her eyes gave it a lot deeper color, making them seem as deep as the ocean itself.

Just looking into this ocean of sorrow made me want to hug her, and so I decided it would be better to make her happy, or at least make her smile.


“Y-yes, i-I am” She barely managed to stutter the words forth, but you could her that her heart truly disagreed with her voice.

Her voice was filled to the brim with bottomless sorrow.

Like she was drowning in her own sea.


“Young one, please do not lie” I said, trying to control my voice.

It’s not that I’m particularly sentimental, but her sorrow took a hold of me and pulled me into hers.


She sobbed a little more, her tears starting to flow faster.

“I-I’m sorry, but my mother told me not to worry others with my own lowly problems”

It hit me now, she was from a noble family.

Her way of speaking was far superior of that of any normal child, and any other child would have cried a lot louder.

“I see, but you need not worry about that. Was is your problem Young one?”

She paused for a bit, collecting courage.

“My mother, she told me that I was a nuisance and that if I’d just been a boy, it’d all be much better”

Her crying decreased a bit, but her blue eyes grew darker.

“Hmm… Maybe she was just in a bad mood? You see, all parents, no matter how cruel their words care about their children. That you need not worry about”

She looked at me intensely, her eyes becoming a little lighter.

“H-how do you know?” Her voice had become lighter, but it also contained a little doubt.

“You see, I know everything. You can trust me” After saying that I showed her my best smile.


It had the intended effect, and her sorrow and worries cleared away from her eyes as morning dew from the sun.

And shortly after that she herself had the biggest smile planted on her face.

“Look at that Young one” as I said that she froze a little, thinking she’d done something horribly wrong.

“Look at you; you look much more like a young beautiful lady when you smile!”

When I said that she began to blush a little, replacing the surprised face with a shy, but happy one.


“Now Young Lady, if you excuse me, It was a pleasure to make the acquaintance, do you perhaps want me to escort you home?” I bowed for her before standing up again, reaching down a hand for her to hold.

She looked at it for a few seconds, but then decided to take my hand.

“I would be happy to accept your offer” After that she gave me yet another huge smile.

And thus we began to walk, her leading me the way.


As we arrived at the gate, I looked down upon her.

“This is where our paths split; please do take care of yourself, and remember to show everyone your beautiful smile”

As I sad those words I let go of her small hand, smiling.

“T-thank you, Sir” she stuttered, giving me one of her pretty smiles.

Before making my way too far away I turned around and waved at her, receiving a wave back.


After I got home, I stood around for a few second, thinking about what I’d just done, how I’d made someone sad as happy as I’d never been.

The thoughts of her happy face made me a little sad, knowing the fact that I’d probably never have the privileges to make some as heartfelt as those.

But the sadness was outweighed by the happiness, the happiness of doing something good, making a person smile, making her regain some lost confidence.

The happiness of doing something good felt wonderful, it was the first happy feeling I’d ever had, and I treasured every moment of it.


The later years I tried to be just as nice to other strange people, wanting to experience the feeling again, but none of them really appreciated my help.

And as the result of that I received the same bad view of humans that I had before, and I decided to try avoiding being the slightest bit nice to people in the future.


After couple of more years I decided to travel again, experiencing the world.

Seeing how much it had changed made me realize how little I’d changed in all of those years.

I was born as a man in his 20ies, and I had remained the same man in his 20ies for the past 125 years, making me a lot older than any other human that had ever seen the light of the day.

I already knew that I didn’t age, or at least aged really slowly, but this just made me wonder if I’d have to endure the suffering of living alone forever, or if I could be released from it.

In any case, I decided to find out through time and not experiment with my life yet.


7 years after my departure I returned to Ashford, living in a now rather dirty mansion. The first thing I did after moving into my old mansion was of course to clean it, but after that I went for a walk in the city.

There I saw her, the crying little girl, she was taller now, but still not as tall as the other girls, her hair was longer, and this time she was wearing a simple green dress with a just as green hat, both decorated with white embroidery at the edges of the clothing. This time she was wearing simple green ballerina shoes to match it.

Her face had become prettier, and when she wasn’t crying it was easier to focus on all of the other facial features, like that fact that she had a few freckles on her chins, and that she actually had a quite pretty face.


I just stood there looking at her a few seconds, until she suddenly noticed me too.

Her eyes widened for a moment, but it only took her a very few seconds to have them return to their normal size.

After those few seconds, she started walking towards me, her movement completely like any other woman. It didn’t take her long to reach me, and when she stood right in front of me, looking me in the eyes, I could see her eyes changing from their original sky blue to a deeper one. Not as deep as the sorrowful ocean, but somewhere in-between.


I had to admit she she’d been beautiful right from the start, but her beauty had only increased, having lost the innocent and childish part of her looks.

And to be honest, she was in fact the only human being I couldn’t forget; she had been the only one to ever thank me for my deeds, the only one to ever make me feel truly happy.


It took her a few seconds before she spoke to me. “Good day, Sir”

Her looks wasn’t the only thing that had changed, but her voice had also lost its childish sound, and she spoke her words with bigger ease than any child could perform.

Her voice was as light as the wind, and it only seemed as if her voice barely reached me before they disappeared into the ocean of sounds.

For a few seconds I just stood there, mesmerized by her, until I realized that she was actually waiting for a reply.

“Good day, Young Lady” as I said that her slightly frowning face uncurled, and she showed a faint smile.

After that we talked a bit much, and the once quite busy streets started to clear.

“Sir, what would you think if a drink at the pub later this evening?” I was caught a little off-guard by her sudden question, but I agreed to meeting later.

After that I headed straight home to clean myself up.


Hours went by, or at least it seemed so.

I had nothing to do, and therefore it seemed as if time itself had decided to slow down, just to tease me.

I left the house a quarter to nine, and I arrived at the pub at the exact time the clock struck 9.

I needed not wait long, for a few minutes after my arrival, she arrived too.


We sat in the pub for a quite a lot of time.

We mostly drank wine, a little beer, and some other drinks that they had to offer.

While we drank we talked a lot, we talked about our stories, or at least she did.

I faked mine, not wanting her to find out about my abnormally long life.

I didn’t even mention meeting her before, as she’d probably notice that I hadn’t aged in any way since that time.

As it became later she started to get closer to me.

She began flirting with me.

I’d sworn to myself that I’d never be with any woman again, but because I was quite drunk plus I kind of liked her anyways, I couldn’t control it.

I accepted her attempts, letting myself go and use many of my tricks from the past.


We ended up kissing, the first one was a light one, but as we continued to kiss they grew heavier by every kiss.

At last, we couldn’t hold it anymore, and we walked over to my mansion, it being the thing closest to the pub.

On the way we kissed a lot, as if we couldn’t get enough of each other.

This had been my first time feeling like this, feeling my chest flow with happy feeling, and feeling that those happy feelings were returned.

As we arrived at my mansion, we only stepped inside, and the whole thing grew a lot hotter.

We started pulling at each other’s clothes.

I swept her up in my arms and carried her upstairs, into the bedroom.

There we proceeded to get more intimate.

She pulled off my jacket and shirt, while I zipped the back of her dress open.


Suddenly she placed hand on my chest, right over my heart.

I didn’t mind it at first, but suddenly the spot she touched grew hotter.

I broke the kiss we were in the middle of and looked down at her hand.

It was a surprising sight to see, at the outlining of her hand was a glowing ring.

My eyes opened up fully in the surprise, the heat coming from the hand only growing more intense.

I looked back up, on her face was a smile, but not a usual smile.

It was a huge smile, but it was filled to the brim with maliciousness.

I stared at her, looking her in the eye, her looking back at me, not showing any sadness over the pain that she knew that she caused me.


I tried to back away but it didn’t work, her hand was like glued to my chest.

“W-what are you doing?” I was a little scared, but most of it was surprise.

“What does it look like?” She paused, continuing “Did you really think I’d fallen for you?”

She laughed at that, belittling me.

“As if someone would ever love a… monster like you!” Her laughter only intensified.

“I know you’re not a vampire, but I know that you are not human too. Even if you didn’t think so I went out travelling a year before this, and there I spotted you. I recognized you the moment that I laid my eyes one you, seeing you had not aged a bit”

She paused.


The pain only increased, the heat grew to such an extent, it felt like the spot that she touched, and my heart was on fire.

I couldn’t bear the pain, so I screamed.

My voice filled with pain, while my body tried to pull itself away, only to find it impossible to escape the pain.


“So I decided to capture you. I won’t kill you or sell you, or even tell your secret. The only thing I want to do is humiliate you, and make you serve me and my family for all eternity”

She smiled again, removing her hand slowly.

As she did that it felt like my flesh was being slowly torn out from my chest.

When she was finished removing her hand from my chest, a rose more beautiful than anything else in the world was placed on her palm.

Its flower leaves were darker than any night, and it looked as if it sparkled in even the faintest light.


As I looked at her palm I felt as if I’d lost something, something that seemed as if it just belonged there.

But now it was gone, removed.

At the same time as the feeling of anger arose, the feeling anger mixed with hurt, regret and most of all sadness.

Someone that I had liked, and even trusted had betrayed me, had taken something from me, binding me to her selfish desires for all her life.


From this moment on I decided to close myself off, growing close to someone only hurt. And none could be trusted.


She looked at her palm for a few seconds, taking in the beauty of the rose placed in her hands.

After that she raised her head, looking directly at me, grinning.

“Now I’ll explain. If you even value your life a little, you’d better follow the orders. This rose is the key to your freedom, and if I decide to destroy it, I’ll kill you as well”

It’s not like I really wanted to live and suffer any more, but at the same time I felt as if I had to live, as if there was something that life had yet to show me.

The only thing I did in response was nod, seeing I had no other choice.


By this I had been captured, bound my all eternity to serve the selfish humans in this family.

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