There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


5. The Skeletal Figures

Chapter 4

The Skeletal Figures

The stranger driving, he had intentions on something far more interesting, than saving my dear sister. He didn’t really care what others thought about his driving skills, either. He just laughed, laughed and laughed, time after time again. He coughed a little, probably, due to the stormy weather. This wreckage he calls a truck, is awful. It fails on every degree of good appearances. I’ve had to watch some people laugh at this guy’s truck. He smiles at them, and drives off further along the road. There was one time, he stopped and swore at a bunch of elderly women. Not the politest guy on the roads, then again, who is actually polite, now a days?

‘Kid, we’ve had a bit of a tumble. Maybe, I didn’t get to you on the right foot…’ He mumbled.

‘You said that wrong, Sir. Never mind… Forget about it,’ I laughed.

‘Sometimes, a driver, a truck driver… We have to learn the roads a little better than your average drivers… You see what I’m saying kid?’ He sighed.

‘Focus on the road…’ I smirked.

‘Alright! Sorry… Keep your hair on, no wait… Damn it.’

He drove into a near-by parking space, it was a parking lot. A parking lot with a lot of cars parked. Red trucks, yellow trucks, and silver seems to be the most common… No wait, I stand corrected, there are white painted trucks everywhere. All with the same logo too. The storm was hammering around the rims of my ears. I felt a tingle in my spine as the stranger parked up. The truck made a loud sound, just after going into reverse. The sound of the wheel screeching, it hurt my ears. Very painful high pitch; my ears couldn’t take much more.

The stranger took a deep breath, he looked up at his head mirror. I scuffled with a dark red pillow, he must have left it for me. Comfort, I presumed. Nice to see, he thinks about his passengers. At first, I thought he was a bit of a mug. My eyes felt a little sore, the darkness around my window, I felt like something was coming to get me. And the lack of sleep, didn’t help my mind rest in peace. I tried to calm myself down, yet my insanity just wouldn’t relax. Not even for a second, it just kept me more afraid of the outside. That creature, I want answers…

‘Right’ we’re here… sorry for the long journey…’ he whispered.

‘N-not a problem, next time, I want you to make sure there is more comfort in the back though…’

‘Ha, I’ll do my best. For now, I need you to stay quiet.’

‘Um, okay…’ I sighed.

As I gazed into the iron bars, that were separating us. I caught glimpse of the stranger lifting up his head mirror. Didn’t really look out of the ordinary. I just had to watch something, boredom was taking over my mind. And the fear of that creature returning for a second time, it just ate me up inside. The stranger whistled, as he grabbed something from the truck pockets.

‘So… sorry to um, keep you like this… I’m sure you want freedom, right?’

‘More than anything… yeah, I’d like to get a breath of fresh air, if you don’t mind.’

‘Well, I can’t promise you anything, nothing like that that, at least.’ He smiled.

I focussed on his movements, he kept pushing his hand deeper into the truck pockets. He was clearly distracted. It was as if, he was trying to sweet talk me to do something. I took a second deep breath, as he moved his eyes towards the middle mirror. I could see his eyes, dark green. Due to the dim lighting and a reflection; it was quite difficult to distinguish what colour his eyes are. With just a bit of light gleaming inside the truck. I could see better, his eyes were definitely greenish. I whistled along with him, waiting for his reaction. I sat tightly with the pillow I had wounded.

‘Well, I’d like to have something to drink. It’s a little warm in here… too warm!’

‘Alright, sorry for making you parched. Sometimes, I like to keep my passengers waiting…’

‘Well next time, I suggest you make a change to that. Water would be nice!’ I hissed.

‘Don’t you get cheeky- forget it… fine, I’ll get you a drink, just stay put.’

After our little disagreement, I turned his mind around. He was now actually going to get me a drink. It’s about time, I’ve been thirsty for quite some hours. I watched him open the truck door. Without his whistling, intruding on my peace. He slammed the truck door. I relaxed my face against a beaten up, red pillow. My eyes wanted to close, sleepiness was invading my brain. And what an invader it is, it kept me back from staying awake. My mind just wanted to drift off into fairy tales. I say that, because… half of my dreams are all about fairy tales, just a habit I guess.

The lighting that allowed me to see, had shut off completely. It dimmed slowly, and before I knew it. I was left back in the darkness, no voices to keep me awake. And no sounds to keep me occupied. No fun either, I tried to make my own fun. It was no use, I had just wasted my remaining energy on something that didn’t even require skill. No fun to be had, no life to be had, at this point. I finally got to relax again, I just wanted to sleep a little. So instead of arguing for an entire night with my brain. I decided that it was best to… sleep, and possibly snore a little too.

~ Dream ~

“I’m asleep, right?”

‘You are sleeping, without a sound. Good little…” whispered a voice.

“Wait… what’s going on?”

‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!’ A voice screamed.

Rudely disturbed by a strange set of circumstances. I awoke with fear eating my brain once again. My heart raced over and over, it felt like I had ran a marathon. My eyes flickered open and shut, the lights came back on. As I awoke, my surprise was awaiting me. A pale looking face, it hovered over my sleepy mind. I jumped out of my skin, almost. My eyes faded, faded without a blink. I awoke inside a small room, the truck. The truck! I’m still in the god damn truck!

‘H-hello? Anyone there…?’ I whispered.

No response, I wasn’t even given a breath of relief. My eyes faded twice in one night. I awoke a second time, and my own breathing affected my hearing. I couldn’t relax, and I couldn’t sleep. The lights in the truck, they stayed on. The sound of something howling could be heard in the distance. A chill, a horrible chill raced up my spine. My panting became unbearable. I howled back at this howling sound, and to my surprise… a figure revealed itself at the back window. I lifted myself up, onto my knees. Staring at some kind of shadow like figure. The figure was pretty disjointed, the arms, they weren’t in the correct places, for a human… I took a second glance, and hid behind my hands.

‘W-what the heck… what are you?’ I whispered in fear.

The figure shadowed over the outside window, I can’t see the outside anymore. The sound of something howling sounded closer, closer than before. I turned around, looking at the front window. My mind kept reminding me, behind you. Behind you, is something watching you? I moaned with a sigh, and my heart couldn’t take much more. The figure outside, it just swayed left and right. From the inside, all I could see. Was some darkness moving side to side? A little bit of light filling in the gaps? I fell back onto my ankles, whispering to myself. My voice sounded dull, it was as if my voice box had been ripped out. Replaced with a record player, on monotone.

~ Awoken ~

‘Kid… are you okay?’ A voice whispered.

I turned around, holding the pillow as a weapon. All my fear had gone into my heart. And the sound of a voice whispering, “kid” – it alert me completely. I pushed myself forwards, trying to block out the thoughts of looking behind me. A little bit of light flickered inside the truck, I could see where the voice had come from. In-front of me, I took a second glimpse. My eyes hurt more, as the lights in the truck flickered rapidly. The stranger, he had returned. When did he get back?

‘I’m fine… j-just get down!’ I screamed.

‘W-what… kid – um… are you sure you’re okay?’ He spat.

‘Yes, I’m fine, just scared… that’s all.’

‘Oh, back there? Look, it’s gone now… I think you need to calm down, okay?’

‘No way! – I saw something, look behind me!’ I screamed again.

‘Alright… what is it- oh? I see a shadow…’ he whispered.

‘No, look again, the lights, the shadows… Do you not see it?’ I cried.

‘I see a shadow, it looks normal. Probably a tree or something…’

After the words flowed into my mind, the stranger had a point. I took several deep breaths, holding onto my pillow tighter than before. I approached the figure’s view, looking at it with deep thoughts avalanching into my brain. I placed my left hand against the cold glass, as it frosted over my hand. The dark figure had moved, I noticed it moving side to side. As I rubbed my eyes for the third time, I caught glimpse of a shadowed face. I jumped back in fear. Making a sound, crying and whispering to myself for reassurance.

 “There is nothing outside, there is nothing outside…” I cried.

‘Kid! What is it now?’ The stranger shouted.

‘S-sir... S-sir, I saw something, I s-saw a face!’ I screamed.

‘You’ll be seeing my face every day, if you keep it up!’ He grouched.

‘No way, I saw something. Okay, not your ugly face…’ I mumbled.

‘What was that? – Oh forget it, look kid, I think you need to sleep in the front.’

‘Ha, I don’t trust strangers… I feel like a prisoner in the back of this lousy truck!’

‘Is that so… sorry kid, you going to have to get lost…’ he whispered.

The frost around my hand, I felt a chill go up the veins in my left arm. My hand felt solid, frozen solid. I quickly moved my hand off the cold glass, afraid to go back. Behind me, I swear, there is something out there… the stranger denied me, he grabbed me by my cold arms. Before I knew it, I was thrown outside the truck. With gravel rolling up my socks, and my legs scraping off sharp glass. I cried in pain, the stranger slammed his truck door. As he revved up the engine, I cried louder. The figure from outside, it was there… I crawled on my naked legs, pushing myself behind the truck. My eyes flickered open and shut again, my mind felt dizzy. I cried quietly, resting my body against a broken brick wall.

Still, without the glass of water, he promised me. I drank my own fluids, as sick as it sounds. It’s all I had. I sipped on some of the rain that had fallen nearby. And placed myself in a small shallow puddle. My arms stretched out towards the puddle, trying to soak up as much moisture as possible. Lucky for me, I had quite a lot of water to drink. Dirty rain water, yet, it was still a drink. My lips felt dry with every sip, and my mind felt dizzier with every gulp. I crammed myself into a tight space, between two brick walls. Burying myself in some lose dirt, and placed a few twigs along my arms. Trying to stay warm under some dirt. And some old leaves piling on top of my feet. The cold winds pushed trash my way too, making me feel a little queasy around the area.

With a refreshing, disgusting drink of dirty rain water. I felt a little bit better, enough to get some shuteye. I relaxed my body on some small pebbles, and dirty leaves. As the rain water from the sewage pipes above me, dripped into mouth. I felt even sicker, and most of the sewage was rotting between my legs. I couldn’t sleep, not with all the dampness. I curled into a ball, holding onto leaves as if it was my bed. I cried into something into an object. An object that felt squishy and smelt horrible. The smell was so bad, I needed to change my position. On the left side instead of the right, I couldn’t take much more filth. My nose felt blocked of solid particles. Ice maybe? It smelt more like burnt paper, I sniffed out the stenches around me. No other choice, I slept in the peace that I had left.

~ Dream ~

I awake in a dark building, it is full of darkness. The first thing I realise is the dark spirits, some kind of dark shadow like figures. They are swaying side to side, their eyes are like glaciers crystalized into an eyeball. I can see one of them, no two… three! I see three of these things. My hand is shaking, uncontrollably… my spine, it tingles with the remainder of strength I have left. I can hear my own voice, it echoes in the darkness. A strike of light breaks into the dark room. I can see someone, someone I know? It looks like, sounds like… my sister? She whispers…

“Darkness, it is foreshadowing us…”

I can’t quite understand what she is saying. She whispers it a little too quietly. It feels more like her breathing rate. She must be having a seizure, or some kind of paranormal event. I can’t see any background, just shadows staring at me. I’m puzzled on how shadows stare, how exactly do they stare into your soul? I cough loudly, I hear myself screaming. It sounds like me, maybe I’m just paranoid. The voice whispers a little louder, easier for me to hear…

“The path, didn’t you talk to her… she knows all, she knows what we know, she knows everything!”

I jump back in fright. Her voice broke out through the whispers. It was shockingly horrifying, the sound of her voice reaching maximum volume. I was startled, the tension in this dark atmosphere, it had raised. And the sound of the whispers died down, without a sound, whatsoever… I screamed for my sister, screamed louder than ever before. The voice lowers its tone, sharing a whistle with me. A short, but painless whistle. It didn’t screech, it just felt natural. Peaceful, and relaxing…

~ Awoken ~

‘Kid… I’ve had a… a bit of a problem.’ A voice awoken me.

‘W-what is it, I’m f-freezing…’ I whispered.

‘Sorry, I’m sorry for locking you out here…’ he whispered.

The stranger, the driver. He had returned for me, why?

‘Y-you obviously didn’t like my attitude…’ I mumbled.

‘Not really, I just… I have issues kid, we all do.’

‘Issues, I suffer from sleeping… I’ve just had a freaking nightmare!’

‘Kid, we all have nightmares… that is nothing new, why am I even out here. Freezing to death in the cold weather, staying here. Why am I here?’ He mumbled to himself.

‘I don’t know, you tell me. You’re the one who awoke me from my sleep.’

‘I-I guess. I just had some kind of weird dream, no problem though, honest.’

‘Can I-I sleep… now?’ I hissed.

‘Kid… I’d love to let you sleep, but, morning isn’t far away…’

‘I don’t care, I just want to get some shuteye.’

‘No! I can’t let you just sleep out here… It isn’t fatherly, it isn’t right!’ He raised his voice.

Before I knew it, my legs were no longer touching the cold grounds. I was in the arms, in the arms of someone I didn’t quite know. He smiled, holding me in his arms. My eyes felt sore, and his arms. They must have felt some kind of pain, I’m pretty heavy after-all. He opened the truck door, and placed me back inside the back of the truck. I raised my head, looking at the dark celling, thinking… thinking about someone I loved, someone I miss. She was a sister of many quantities. She had abuse on her, but, she took most of it to heart. She never raised her voice in front of me. I can’t remember her last words, she never said anything. I just remember her and my father, we didn’t get on.

~ End Of Chapter 4 ~

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