There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


4. The Note, She Left Me

Chapter 3

The Note She Left Me


This note, it could only be the dreadful rebellions. If not, who else am I supposed to turn to?

I scrunched the note into my left hand, squeezing the ink out of the blank paper. The rain hammered down onto my forehead, slapping me with common sense. I realised that it wasn’t too late to turn back, I could go back inside, act like nothing happened, ever! Instead… I have chosen to walk the same path my mother once walked, she never walked alone. And this time, I am alone.

‘You feel, that she means that much to you?” A voice broke through the wind.

‘She’s all I’ve got left… I don’t expect you to know that, or even care!’ I shouted.

‘Caring isn’t easy, your father was a softy for that…’ She sighed.

‘If he meant that much to you, you should have let him go…’ I hissed.

Leaving a distraught face of a woman my father had his eyes on. She was now a past memory, I couldn’t care less what happens to her, and she could die for all I care! My sister is all I have now, and that’s the way I’m going to keep it. This woman who pretends to be a mother can find a new way out, this diary entry. Well it’s all I have left of my father, apart from his body outside…

As I started walking, I felt the tense pain of someone biting my shoulders. And the claw of something sharp striking me gently. The pain was too much to take, yet, I moved on. Tracking along some dirty clothes and swimming through gunk. I’ve managed to get out of that house, the house where it all ended, for my father at least. Mum would say he is in a better place now, don’t you worry about that. She was always a sweet heart, father told me…

Walking past some old buildings and the ruins of this city. I found myself lost in a street, a street called: Vandalism. The place that everyone talks about, now and then. My sister said that only the worst hang around here, only the ones who have lost everything live here. And the ones who can’t go back die here… It’s not a nice place to be, I’ll admit that. Yet it’s all I have for a home where I’m wanted by someone. Company, they need company to survive.

As I kneeled down, resting my aching back against a trash can. I realised that most of these people were around in age: thirty and over, and that was just me being kind. If you could see them, you’d think the same. One of the guy’s had a broken leg, and short hair over his bald like chin. As for his hairstyle, it was pretty interesting. At least it would look even more interesting, if he was to comb it a little more. It stunk of bad odours, I can’t take much more of the stenches around here!

‘No place to go… You’re a kid, how can you regret that?’ A man whispered.

‘Never mind, just focus on your life, yeah?’ I hissed again.

‘Feisty, I like it. – A young child with a breath of fresh air…’ A woman whispered.

‘Yeah, and I’ll be suffocating if I don’t find the nearest bathroom…’ I laughed.

‘Cheeky too, I like it. Another new wonder to amaze us with,’

‘Oh shut it! I’ve got no business being here…’ I whispered.

I tightened my coat around my face, keeping out of eye-contact. I peeked through some of the zip line, looking through to see, a woman. A man, they both looked youngish. The man looked around twenty, and the woman looked around thirty. Not too bad, but it was an estimate. The woman’s hair was all curly, and she had a dark black hood covering her face. The man however, he was fully shown. Worst part was, he was wearing just underpants, and I hope they’re clean…

‘Vandalism, is that what you youngsters call this place?’ A voice whispered.

Out of the shadows, the darkness behind the trash can, the same one I had been leaning on. An elderly man revealed himself, wearing nothing but a blanket around him.

‘Vandalism? That’s what my sister calls it…’ I gulped.

‘Well, sonny… This place is no stranger than the outsiders…’ He laughed.

‘No… We have clothes, and we can buy items…’ I replied.

‘How dare you! This place will always be our home, that woman over there… She keeps this place tidy, she keeps this place free of spirits…’ He smiled.

‘Free of spirits and the ones we lost here…’ She hissed.

‘Forget it, yeah?’ I whispered.

‘No… Why are you even here, kid?’ The elderly man sighed.

‘I’m here for one reason, to find some shelter…’ I looked down in embarrassment.

‘And how old are you, stranger?’ He bit his bottom lip.

‘No older than you, that’s for sure…’ I laughed.

The elderly man raised his left eyebrow, whispering silently… touché. I moved myself closer to the trash can, covering myself with a pile of old leaves. Orange and brown leaves, they rested on top of me. I tried to calm myself down, yet my joking side got the better of me. The young woman who believed in spirits, she clawed onto my arm, holding my left hand towards her face.

‘Ouch! What the heck are you going?’ I cried.

‘Calm down… She doesn’t do that to just anyone you know-‘ the elderly man laughed.

‘You, I sense something strange about you, you seem to carry a lot on your shoulders!’

‘So what… Who here doesn’t carry stuff on their shoulders?’ He continued to joke.

‘Quiet! – This child, he has the strength I’ve been in search of. He also has a strong heart! Yet, I feel you may have lost something…’ She smiled.

‘I’ve lost someone I love…’ I gasped.

‘You’re no longer innocent, child. You are a danger to society…’ She turned her back to me.

‘Loosen his hand, loosen his hand now!’ A voice shouted through the darkness.

Before I could re-act, we all froze in position. Staring at the darkness in front of us. As I blinked to focus better, a large flash of light shined through Vandalism. I gulped in confusion, and all of a sudden, I heard screaming. Loud screaming, like someone was being killed. The strangers and the people I only just got to know, they weren’t all that bad. The outsiders however, they weren’t too kind to people like these. And, this time… I’m one of them, someone who needs a house.

After the flash of light turned off, I paid attention to the brick wall behind us. The darkness had gotten closer, forming a dark cloud of smoke around us. Finally, I could see faces. Human faces, that’s always good, right? Tall men and larger women side-walked into our shelter. Invading on our premises, yet, this place didn’t have any rules, any laws… It just had us.

‘Tell me, tell me where you have stored the savings!’ A voice roared.

‘I-I d-don’t know… I’m- I’m just here for the scenery…’ The elderly man squealed.

‘Oh right… So you’re just covering for the others?’ The voice whispered.

As I tried to focus on what was going on around me, my eyes caught a glimpse through the flash of light. The elderly man being held by his will, a tall like stranger, in black clothing. Dark grey masks, and in his left pocket was a baseball bat. As I tried to focus more, I could just see the rain hammering down on our unfortunate reunion.

‘Leave him alone…!’ I screamed.

‘So you do have children here…’ The man whispered.

I gasped, hiding behind the trash can, begging for a way out. As I backed up a little more behind the trash can, I could see the spiritual woman. She looked hurt, and she was panting loudly. I covered her mouth with my left sleeve, holding her left hand and holding her tightly. Yeah, she stunk, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of my survival.

‘Child, oh little kid, where are you?’ A voice howled through the winds.

‘S-sorry old man… You are nothing to our patrol unit, sorry…’

I hid myself even more, hiding my head underneath an old coat that had been rotting into the ground. The spiritual woman still gagged by my sleeve, I didn’t want her making a sound. The sound of a deep voice howling through the winds, it sent chills up my spine. I cried myself to sleep, I needed some kind of sleep. It was now or never, I haven’t slept for a full-night after father died…

‘Ah! Argh! Help…!’ A voice screamed.

Before I knew it, it was over. The sound of many footsteps splashing in puddles, the puddles that had been left by the storm. Most of the ground was slightly flooded, so our backs were soaked. The man calling for me, he had disappeared with all the others too. All that was left, was me and the spiritual woman and a corpse lying in the place where the elderly man should have been standing.

‘Child… Child, you need to stay with me!’ She broke free.

‘Shush! You will get us killed…’ I whispered in fear.

‘But child, they are the Vandals of this home… We are no different them.’

‘Making any kind of peace with them, it won’t happen…’ I sighed.

‘How old are you child?’ She whispered.

‘Old enough, I’m only sixteen, I just look short for my age…’ I gasped.

She gasped, she looked like she had seen a ghost. Her facial expression made me turn away, feeling slightly disturbed. I backed off away from her, showing myself to the outsiders once more. I crawled along the flooded ground, pushing my way through a small river and rubbing my shirt against a blood trail. I cried with every step, that I had taken. I continued to worry, I hated the stench of this place and couldn’t take anymore fear for a night, at least. I wanted some kind of reassurance, yet father wasn’t here anymore, to do that. My sister was pretty stupid, pretty stupid to leave me alone…

‘What was his name?’ I asked.

‘He was a warrior to Vandalism, we converted him…’ She sighed, deeply.

‘Converted?’ I asked in confusion.

‘Changed him, child. We changed him from evil, to a pure inner good.’

‘He was evil? He looked like a weakling…’ I laughed.

‘He was stronger than you could imagine, appearance isn’t everything you know…’ She smiled.

‘That’s not what my father told me… He told me, that the inner good was a passive evil…’

‘Don’t listen to such lies, he can’t imagine, he was most likely pathetic in schooling…’

‘Pathetic? He’s dead! – How can you be so heartless?’ I shouted.

‘Oh child, you are imagining everything again, aren’t you…?’ Her smile grew.

‘What? – What do you mean imagining everything?!’ I cried.

Her grin got wider and wider, her eyes rolled back behind her eye lids. She looked at me with a death howling scream. Her mouth opened wide, her teeth clutched out from her gums, razor sharp edges and her nose peeled off. She broke out of skin, I was afraid, very afraid. A skeleton like creature pushed out through the spiritual woman’s skin. Blood rinsed from her mangled corpse. She broke out with no fear, she laughed in horror. Her voice raised, squealing down my ears.

‘What the heck… What the hell is this?!’ I screamed.

‘Vandalism… A place where nobody goes!’ A voice shouted.

‘What? – Help me!’ I cried louder.

‘Come on, kid. We’ll get you out of here!’

Before I knew it, I was in someone else’s arms. No longer in the arms of a creature, I was in the arms of a stranger. I cried louder and louder, as I was carried quickly to a near-by truck. The creature followed us, it moved along the walls like an arachnid. It’s skull like head rippled through the walls. I cried even more, looking outside the truck’s window, I cried louder and louder. The stranger told me to shut up, and before I knew it, it was time to leave…

The sound of a truck’s wheels squeaking could be heard, I rolled back into my chair. The creature smiled at me, the bone like teeth grew sharper, and it stared at me as we drove away. On the road again, I cried less as we managed to get quite some distance away from the Vandalism Street. The creature however, its face was stuck in my mind. I couldn’t focus on the stranger, I was too afraid of what I had witnessed. It seemed to like staring at me, it must hate me…

‘Kid… I’m sorry you had to go through that,’ the stranger whispered.

‘What, what was that thing?!’ I screamed.

‘That thing, it was something that meant sudden-death… If you go back, I doubt I’d find you in skin.’

‘What’s supposed to mean, how can you be so sure?’ I asked.

‘Well, if you want… I can prove it to you, drop you off now. We aren’t too far away after-all. Do you want that?’ He laughed.

‘No! – I just want to find my sister…’ I blurted out my quest.

‘You have a sister? – I didn’t have you down for the brotherly type…’ He laughed again.

‘I don’t find that funny, she is all I’ve got, Sir.’ I cried.

‘Oh really, well, in that case… I’ll have to help you find her, I can’t let you go now. You kind of have something that I wanted, although, I’ll ask for it later…’ He giggled.

‘Okay…’ I whispered in confusion.

The truck moved quicker, along the open road. The stranger driving seemed to have something in mind. I was afraid of the stranger and that creature’s appearance stored away in my dreams. I’m sure those dreams will soon become nightmares…

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