There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


8. Stunning Visuals

Chapter 7

Stunning Visuals

In just under 10 seconds, I had done damage to my own kind.

Damage that weren’t worth doing… I protected myself, given myself a new name. They’d call be Brand. Although, I’m not that cheap, I’m that weak either. The stab wound I had inflicted on such an innocent woman was quite intriguing. Those creatures are out to get us, and they lurk in the darkness. They wait, sit in the night – the shadows and devour all that is living. The only person who stands a chance in darkness is the ones who don’t expect anything… the people who can take something like this on without a fuss.

“Cookies… Jack? Do you want s-some c-cookies?”

Voices echoed in my heard, revealing my past memories.

The room around me flashed from lightning outside, causing some tragic events to continue. I looked at the lifeless body, someone I had hurt. Her eyes were forced to look up to me, and see me for who I really am. Her hair just stood still, and her face was frozen with an expression revealing fear.

I knelt down beside her and looked down in honour of my victory. I was victorious, what could she have done anyway? – I saw her as a creature, a dark miserable coward hiding in an innocent woman’s body. Of course, the creatures know my mind more than I know myself. My existence is just frustrating… and my sister? – Was she just a locked away memory?

‘…Kid, I t-thought I lost you…’ a voice whispered.

‘W-what? – I’m fine!’ I held the weapon steady.

‘G-good…’ the voice sounded distorted.

As my eye sight revealed what really was happening, I caught the glimpse of a dark force turning aggressive on me. The woman’s carcass sliced open from a sharp nail. Out came the darkness, another creature pushing back the insides of the woman. As I looked down in horror, the creature tore the woman’s chest in half.

‘…You traitor…’ I sighed.

‘…Traitor? D-darkness has many ways to forgive, to forgive those who suffer from their own intentions… greedy bastards!’ The woman’s mouth mocked the creature’s movement.

‘L-look at us. We’re making a prophecy for all the ages!’ It roared.

‘B-back! Back I say! – I’ll use this!’ I screamed.

The woman’s corpse uplifted from the ground. Her eyes bulged out of her sockets, and her mouth unravelled into the inside of her mouth. Her insides becoming her outside figure. She looked disgusting!

‘All of you… you all see the human moving side to side. You don’t see the shadows in the distance?’ The creature’s voice became distorted.

The voice of the Darkness reveals the undead. The creatures from under us, the ones who should never breathe our air again. Oxygen is our feast, and for them, they are bloodthirsty for turning humans bat-shit crazy! – Making them see figures, darkness that swallows the imagery in their minds. Once the creature has its claws in their mind, it causes seizures to the victims and ruins their insides. Their emotions become outside emotions, and their figure becomes disjointed and disturbing to look at.

‘I-I see shadows… I’ve seen them, they smile at me!’ I replied.

‘G-good… you seem to have an eye of justice… - what is it you seek?’

‘I seek revenge, revenge on the victims…’ I lied.

‘Bribery… we’ve learnt so much from you already… and with our puppets becoming greater in figure. You’ll soon see that nothing meets the eye of a human…’

I stepped back in fear, and waved the weapon at the woman’s corpse. Her corpse was being lifted by nothing… it just stood up and stared me in the face. The shadows mocked me, the darkness consumed me. With all the fear building up in my body, I couldn’t tell them how I felt. They laughed silently, no sight of a smile or a smirk. It was just nothing… imagery that hid away the many remembrances of why we go insane…

I screamed at the corpse, wondering whether I was screaming into darkness.

“Stay away, a-and I’ll grant you safety…” I muttered.

It didn’t speak, it just went quiet. The quiet tone of air, crazy isn’t it? The sound of air, like that is even possible. At the time, I can’t question it. It wouldn’t be right of me. I just stayed put, staring into the corpse of the woman. She didn’t flicker any lights, although she had her ways of making me talk. Swaying her limbs and forcing the bones out of her skin. I was about to see sick, I felt queasy and intoxicated by what I had witnessed in front of me.

Her mouth opened, widening to an impressive size. A snake’s mouth, sharp teeth ripping through the flesh in her lips. She just looked at me, afraid of what I could do to her. The truth is, I’m more afraid of her. She has the fear levels of a monster. A hideous twisted creature, armless and possibly lifeless. The corpse dropped as I let out a tear. I looked down feeling astonished with my work. The corpse unravelled its self and collapsed on the floor. Lying alone, dead and resting in peace. I miss her… I didn’t even know her, but I miss her.

As I stood tall, looking down at the body of a woman. An innocent-heart-warming woman. So what, she isn’t going to move now. She’s dead, and she can rest without the needs of a monster. A creature, something that would use her. Force her into the depths of the abyss. Her mind has now sunk into the ground, quite literally. Nothing left but dried bones.

- Flash-Back –

[The room rotates awfully fast, my mind blacks out. I fall to the ground under frustration.]

[The sound of a music box, a cute little jingle. It plays some quiet little music. A relaxing tune that becomes daunting over-time.]

There she was, the woman I had seen die. She was sitting on a rocking chair, reading a story to a familiar face. I tried to look more into her eyes, and instead; I saw nothing but darkness. Two gaping holes sucking in her eyeballs, she just looked at me with no sight of me. Her eye-level was downwards, and her mind must’ve been spiralling out of control. She rocked more fearlessly on her chair, rocking it back and forth as if she had no time to lose.

“C-child, you’ve come for some milk… a-and cookies.”

Her voice so harmless, but her appearance begs otherwise. It defies her cute little vocals, and her quiet-harmless sweet sound of her lips moving. She looked friendly, and at the same time—I couldn’t bring myself to trust her. She looked too far out of reach, out of reality. Then again, what is reality? She rocked back and forth, reading to herself. Alone and forgotten.

“…you’ve been gone for an awful long time, is it any wonder why I’m not holding out my hands?” She mumbled.

“G-grandma, I-is it you? I-I mean, you always had the calm tone…” I replied.

“Hands out, that’s what they told me… they told me, time and no time. You should’ve seen them, IT. IT had to threaten me, it did grandson.” She muttered in fear.

I offered my hand to her, as she rocked back and forth. I couldn’t bring myself to look at her face. Looking directly into her eyes is the abyss. Two ditches in her face, and she can’t see me. She just talked to me, as if she were blind. But she wasn’t, she was suffering… a-and she couldn’t tell me. She couldn’t say a word about the pain, about the feelings she has.

“Your father… sweet boy, he is. He offered me his hand too… m-made me remember the good-old days. The ones where we’d run around, and pretend to be real.”

“R-real, Grandma?” I asked in confusion.

“As real as the deep blue… sea…” she whispered.

Her voice faded away from me, and before I knew it. She had to revive, she had to heal and become something I hated her for. A monster… she became a nightmare. Swollen by darkness and the ripples in her chest. She was long-gone…

- Flash*Back Ended –

[The room stopped rotating, coming to a sudden stop. All I could see was pure white wallpaper.]


The changes were becoming significant… I was seeing my own sister in the woman’s corpse. Her neck extended from the corpse’s waist. My sister’s eyes bulging red – forcing me to hold her hand. I wanted to save her, make her life Heaven instead of Hell…



[Back at the Lab]

“Dr Spike – did you ever have one thing to say to me? One thing that mattered most of all to you?”

The patient lay there, looking up at the white celling, as slight blood dripped from her fingertips.

“Y-you c-can’t do… this to me!” The woman screamed.

“You’re research, a patient who needs help. Dr Spike can give that to you…”

The patient became unsteady, as the research fell apart in-front of Dr Spike.

“Your daughter, Alice I presume? – She is in care… and you will be too.” Dr Spike smirked.

“Y-you leave my daughter alone—AHHH!” The woman cried.

“…Feel that? – Electrocution, I use it in deep circumstances… just like yours.”

“AHHH! – L-leave us alone…” the woman spoke with her last breath.

“Sleep now my patient… the experiments’ results will only take a few hours…”

[Dr Spike left the patient to die slowly… leaving her with nothing but fate at hand.]

[Back At the House]

I got out, escaped the creature lurking in a body. The body that seemed to be relevant to my sister. Nothing makes sense anymore… the whole world is changing as we know it. I don’t believe that the human race could start such a powerful tool. If this collides with our reality, it’ll become insane… breaking apart slowly… making it rot under our finger nails.

The gruesome sights, the mucky soils we walk on. Everything that we once knew and loved will become an IT – A creature that will devour families. Removing happiness from the borders. Making a huge change with little differences to the world. My mind isn’t clear… but I feel a lot lately. I’ve been feeling sick and depressed with everything I’ve witnessed.

[Not far away from the House, A boy called Jack was a victim.]

“…Jack… Jack?” A voice called from under his bed.

“W-what is it? – Mum, dad?” Jack whispered.

“…Mauled, devour… sense the world coming to light?”

Jack stumbled out of his bed, walking to his window. Opening it slightly, he looked out for any sign of a figure or person.

“Behind you, speak to me, Jack…”

Jack looked behind him, listening to his so-called senses. The creature revealed itself.

(Jack blacked out on the floor, leaving nothing but his half-lifeless body touching the ground.)

[A loud thud came out of the floor, as Jack’s body collided with the ground. – The parents awoke, well one of them anyway…]

(The door opened to Jack’s room)

“J-Jack… are you in here, honey?” The mother whispered.

She walked into the room expecting Jack to be on the bed, sleeping or watching TV.

To her surprise, she saw her worst fears – and something unimaginative to the human mind.

She screamed loudly, alerting her husband.

(He ran to her side, and looked down at Jack’s body. Something had pulled out a chunk of his chest.)

[Back at the House]

My phone just rang, I got a call from the police. Someone must’ve filled me in. Maybe they said good words about me. Who knows, I’ll never know at this rate… the police called me to their HQ – more questioning, I presume.

[The Police HQ]

“Now, you said that you’ve seen these… creatures?” The officer looked unpleased.

I spoke with a clear voice. “Yes… they’re out there, wanting to destroy everyone…”

“Right… we’ve had reports about the unexplainable abominations… but we never believed it to be true…” the officer looked gobsmacked.

“I know… I didn’t believe it too. I saw the creatures unravel out of bodies…” I muttered.

“Oh, this is far worse than I imagined… we’ve had a report of a young boy called: Jack, we know nothing about this boy. But we know where he lives with his two parents.”

“Right…?” I sighed.

“Apparently… from what we’ve gathered, he was mauled to death. And the wife of the house described her son’s condition to be: ‘Half-dead…’ – Do you think that’s possible?”

“… Erm…” I paused. “Anything’s possible… I’ve learnt that SGT…?”

“Just call me Ryan. I won’t be any trouble on our little investigation…” he replied.

(After our conversation, we moved out to the location. He wanted me with him, I’m unsure why he wants me with him. I guess, I have witnessed a lot of these events…)

We arrived at the house, as soon as the parents opened the door. You could see the shock on their faces, the mother holding her husband close. I noticed something though, blood on her hands. As I pushed past the grieving parents, I moved in with the other officers as back-up.

Before we went in, we had the medical department remove the body from the room. The parents didn’t look too happy with them. They were just trying to do their job. I crept up-stairs, I wanted to investigate before anyone else does… I knew what to look out for.

On the way up, I could hear background voices. Different conversations in both ears.

I reached the top, and proceeded to finding Jack’s bedroom. Lucky for me, there was slight trail of blood leading towards his room. As if he had been dragged along the stairway. It didn’t really add-up. He must’ve been sleeping, right?

[Down-stairs (The Questioning with the Parents of Jack) -]

“Mrs-Lens field, did you see your child’s events? – Was he with you at the time?”

She wiped her tears. “I-I saw my son… around midnight, I wished him good-night…”

“Take your time, we don’t want you to feel under-pressure…”

She sobbed. “I just w-wanted him to be safe… it was bad enough for him to be deaf… he’s been suffering with his hearing… and I-I’d come in on the nights of his lack-of-sleep days. And he’d just be there for me…”

“We completely understand, Mrs-Lens field. Tell you what, get yourself cleaned up… and we’ll proceed the investigation. We will find out what happened to your son, I can promise you that…”

She wiped her remaining tears, and walked off.

Mr-Lens field entered the room looking less depressed than the wife.

“Take a seat please, Mr-Lens field.”

Mr-Lens field sat down on a wooden chair.

“So what is this about? – Have you found out what happened to my son?!” He screamed.

“It’s going to take time… our investigation team will search the house, with your permission of course…”

“You have my god-damn permission!” He grieved.

“Right, up-stairs now! – Find what you can find, bring it back down…” SGT Ryan shouted.

The investigation team invaded the rooms, and searched for clues.

[Upstairs Alone]

I had found Jack’s room. It isn’t too pleasant, there is an outline of him on the floor. It’s very fade, but you can still see where his head had been lying. With no information on the victim’s wounds. I searched, looking for more clues. Problem was, I could hear the investigation team entering rooms. Loud thudding, and voices talking to each-other.

The officers and the investigation team stopped outside Jack’s room. I wondered what was going on. SGT Ryan walked through the free-space and entered the room. He spoke with a deep-clear voice.

“Jack’s torso was damaged severely… the victim died to loss of blood. What we’ve found out so far, about Jack, is that he had hearing problems. Any new information will be delivered to you. We want you with us, mainly because you know these creatures more than any of us…”

I nodded, and looked up at SGT Ryan’s face with a smile.

“Thanks, SGT Ryan.”

“Again… please call me, Ryan.”

I nodded awkwardly and smiled back at him.

The investigation had just begun, and it was time to find more information on our victims…

I found the results, creatures that lurked in darkness were misery. The people I had found along the way, they were all statues locked in place. The puzzle is what got me, something that had the power to connect others. Hold onto their hearts, squeeze them into mushy shapes. Leaving their blood to rinse off on hands, and blood to stain clean clothes.

“SGT Ryan, there’s been traces of blood…”

“Awkward… I didn’t expect to find any traces of blood…” Ryan rolled his eyes.

“I’ve found a hand…” I called out.

“A hand? – A human hand?”

“Yes… it belonged to Jack.”


“How do you know this, there is no research on the hand, we don’t have any proof on that…”

“Look… you could take this back to the lab, waste resources – and learn what I already knew.”

“Shut up… look, we go by my orders… Jack’s hand? Don’t make me laugh!”

“I’m taking this more serious than any of you…” I cried.

“Kid, there’s some things you need to learn with a little help from s-science…”

“No, you’re wrong! – Science won’t save us… it’ll destroy us.”

“These creatures? – Nobody has seen them, and yet, you happen to know what they look like?”

“I was attacked by them, I’ve lost myself to them…” I sighed.

“Likely story, the creatures are in your head… take him to the lab…”

“No-no! Listen to me! If y-you go near that house… stay in there, you’ll regret every last word you ever said to me!” I screamed.

“A threat? Make sure the kid suffers from a head injury…” Ryan grunted.

Being dragged away by them, it never felt so strange…

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