There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


2. Sister’s Twisted Tales

Chapter 1

Sister’s Twisted Tales

“Sis, sis is that you?” I asked.

She winded in her neck, and her eyes faced me like an owl staring down its prey. She winded in her mouth, it twizzled inside, creating a knot between the middle of her wet tongue. I moved my hand left and right, trying to get a feel of the place. The atmosphere in the room, it felt so dead. Everything in the room was pretty ordinary, apart from my sister. She was no object. She was just a human being with a twisted mind, she’s been normal ever since now…

“Why are you here?” She asked.

She played with fingers, her nails scraped the edges of the puffy pillows. Her eyes focussed deeply on my face. Although, I was worried that she was looking through me, seeing my parts. Seeing everything that me, me. She smiled and pushed out a sigh, she laughed a little. Her damp looking hair cornered my left hand, I couldn’t focus on her for much longer. She was catching all my deep breaths, she was absorbing everything in my mind. The happiness that is what it was.

I clutched onto the corner of the puffy pillow. “I-I don’t know…”

“You- don’t know?” She sighed.

I nodded. Her smile grown more as she twiddled her thumbs. Her expression was like a void to my small pupils. I sunk into her deep wonderland, her imagination clawed me. Dragging me down into what looked like some kind of death hole. The claws were black, and the eyes were foreshadowed in my mind. Her smile dropped a little as I told her what I really knew.

“Wait! – I know a little…” I paused.

“But if I tell you- you have to be honest with me too, sis…” I cried.

She nodded, as if she had agreed to my offer. Her smile dropped completely, she twisted the rusty hooked chain around her left wrist. Her hair folded back onto her forehead, she obviously hadn’t washed her hair for some time. Her skin looked quite coloured, less pale than I had imagined. Her eyes rotated to focus on my side of the story.

“Right, I saw Mum, she looked happy. She was walking across the street from where you moved out. She wasn’t much focussed on me though, she kind of, blanked me.” I cried more.

“Good, maybe she has changed after-all…” She whispered.

“That’s not the point, I want answers…” I screamed.

“Answers, they don’t come cheap. I suggest you grab that hot coal, from the fireplace. Use it, break a window or two. You’ll be giving us something to breathe about.”

“No! I’m not going to just break windows, sis, after… what happened in the past, I can’t do that. You by all people, should know what it caused me, no, us!” I whispered with a sharp tone.

She shuffled across the side of the bed, her eyes looked down, and she looked depressed. Her clothing wasn’t much to smile at. No longer colourful, she seemed to have gotten greyer. Not so much her hair, her hair was just dusty. As for her clothing, old rags. I wanted to know more, surely she had the answers for this place.

“Wait, hmm, I shouldn’t tell you this. I kept a promise little brother. As your older sister, I thought you’d understand quicker than me. You know, as we get older, we tend to forget things…”

“Snap out of it sis, you don’t get that old… Well not yet anyway,” I laughed.

“Older… Not old, you have a point though. Hmm, fine, Mum left you here. I know… It sounds heartless, but she did it by the meaning of good.” She cried.

“The meaning of good? The meaning of good!” I shouted.

“Keep your voice down, others. They are trying to sleep.”

“No-no, no! I won’t let you just tell me a bunch of lies!” I screamed.

She offered her hand to me, placing her other hand on my back gently. She let out a small sigh, her tears rolled down her dull cheeks. I felt comfortable but not too happy. The wallpaper in the room looked familiar, as if Mum meant well. She actually made an effort to help us feel at home. Wherever she has left us, I hope she is coming back.

“Little brother, our Dad, he is still with us. Mum made sure of that, she promised me.”

“And what about me? Did she promise me anything?”

“S-she can’t promise everything to all of us. She made you nice sweater, she said it’d keep you warm. Take the pain away.” She tried to make me smile.

Her desperate attempts of making me feel a little happier inside, it didn’t work. I already knew from the moment she said Mum left us here. She wasn't going to return, and leaving us with Dad. That’s not a breath of fresh air, it’s just a big mess. He’ll probably end up leaving us in less than a day or two. He becomes bored of family, he told me himself.

“Yeah, but you know what? – Dad, he isn’t much use to us sis.” I cried.

“Ah, I see what you mean… He tries though bro, he tries to make everything better for us. You know that, Mum would say the same.” She spoke in a softer tone.

“Sis, we’re all full of lies… You can’t make me believe that our Father will look after us. He fails to cope without Mum. You know that, remember, he didn’t care when I was arrested…”

“He meant well, he tried to be there for you. I don’t remember that fully bro, but, he meant well. You should at least give him a second chance.”

“Hmm. A second chance? He’ll blow it, he always does… Maybe I skipped the second chance, went straight to my other attempt. And that led him to believe I was a criminal…” I sulked.

“A criminal that meant well. You didn’t know what was going on, you just tried to keep our family going. If anything, you kept us alive throughout rough times…” She smiled.

Her attempt of making me happy, it worked, just a little. I finally smiled, it was a slight smile, but nevertheless. It was still a smile that meant well. She pat me on the back gently, offering me a hug. A cuddle from my sister? It’s been years, to me anyway. She pat me on the back again, gently than before and cuddled me like I was her baby. She kept me warm, I felt warmer than before.

“See, maybe Dad can’t look out for you… B-but I can, and by all means, you should learn to trust me more. mum always said I’d make a good mum, so you should understand that nothing can hurt you.”

“B-but…” I was interrupted.

“No buts, as long as I’m around, you’ll see that I can look out for you... I’m your older sister, someone who will always love you. I k-know, we haven’t had the best of times together, that’s my fault.”

She cuddled me closer, I felt her warm breath cover my cold shielded skin. Her smile made me smile, and her warmth kept me closer to her. I finally felt accepted, as if she and I could actually get on more. After Mum’s surprise, her leaving I mean, I need someone to rely on. S-someone who will promise me safety. I can look out for myself too, I don’t want to mollycoddled, too much at least.

“Tell you what, its 12:00 PM. How about I get you a glass of water, b-before bed,” she smiled.

“Yes, but – sis. Will she return, I mean… Will she ever come back, for us?” I smiled.

“Maybe… I don’t know, and I can’t make false promises… One day, I believe anyway, that she will. And you should too, it’ll help us live longer, with Dad being around.” She closed the door slightly.

Before she left the room, she blew me a kiss. She really reminded me of our Mum, I tucked myself in. That was the only element she was missing. Her good motherly skills were improving, but her caring needed some work. Mum would have tucked me in, I guess… I’m too, getting too old for stuff. I turned off the golden lamp, the light switched off. And I let out a slight yawn before grasping onto my puffy pillow and resting my head for the night.

“W-wake up, Its 3:00 AM. I’m sorry, I’m sorry for not doing your glass of water sooner!”

Being rudely awakened from my happy dreams. I opened my eyes to see my sister, she looked worried. Her actions were quicker than our last little talk we had. She was shaking, holding a small glass of water above my short legs. Her face looked sweaty, wet. She grasped my left hand and whispered to me, worrying about something I didn’t know about.

“T-take this, take the water. J-just hurry up, we need to go!” She cried.

“Go, g-go where?” I stumbled on my words.

“Leave, we need to leave… Just get your coat on, hurry!” She screamed.

Jumping out of bed had never been so difficult. I took my sisters hand and she helped me onto my feet. I dashed to the coat hanger, and grabbed some old clothes from the cupboards. I managed to find my old chain, it was a gift from my Mum. I grabbed the chain, golden and shiny. I clutched onto my sisters hand, holding it tightly than ever before. In my right hand was my coat, my raincoat. Yellow with dark black stripes. Outside the window, I could see a storm. Rain hammering my window, and the sound of footsteps in puddles. A loud bang interrupted my happiness.

“Good, now let’s go!” She whispered.

She pulled me tightly towards her. Before I could even figure out what was going on. She had opened the bedroom window, wide open. The rain pelted down on the ground outside. And the noise of the storm got louder as she opened the window wider and wider. Finally, the window was fully open, and the sky is the first thing I saw. Dark and dull, and rain making dripping sounds. I held onto my sister’s chest tightly, her breasts were cushioned like a pillow.

“Come on, come on! – I’m sorry for waking you up, I really am…” She cried.

Outside the window, I was like a little monkey holding onto mother. Instead, I was holding onto something, someone that was closer to mother’s personality. I rested my head on her cushion like breasts and tried to sleep a little more. I didn’t think to look down, I was afraid of what was going on around me. The darkness outside crept me out, and the sound of lighting scared me half to death. The dark shadows from the dead looking trees outside, they made me afraid of nature.

I opened my eyes slightly due to the annoying rain drops. I felt colder than inside our fake home. I could see that my sister was holding onto a branch of the dead tree. Again, I didn’t look down. I was too afraid of losing her. As I looked up at the open window we had escaped from, two shadows. I could see two tall looking shadows staring down at me and my sis. As a flash of lightning broke through the dark sky, I could see one of the shadows faces. For a brief second at least.

“Come on! Why are you running from us? We are a family, why can’t you accept that?!”

A voice screamed through the lightning’s echoes. Dark blackish clouds slid into the sky making a loud bang. Another strike of lightning, bright purple mixed with white screamed throughout the region. The voice screaming sounded familiar, dad? Was it dad? I asked myself twice. Until realising that it actually was him. The other shadow next to him, as I focussed more through the blinding rain. I could see someone, a female like figure. Thin but nice looking, she had long hair.

After the storm howled throughout the night and stronger winds were brewing through each raindrop that hit the ground. I finally felt a strange chill up my spine, and my sister, she was colder than me. Her skin felt frosty, and her clothes were drenched. Her hair wrapped around her face, I couldn’t see her beautiful facial features. She lost her smile, and she just hung onto the branch, dangling above shallow puddles. And soaked looking grass. The ground below us, it looked boggy and disgusting. I finally looked down, seeing the ground made me feel sick. Even looking up wasn’t much better. As I looked down again, I could see a pink striped shoe. It sank deep into the mud.

Below us, it was like a small swamp growing bigger and bigger with every litre of water being produced from the dark clouds. My sister looked tried, her arms were redder and her lips were her only facial features I could see. I clung onto her chest tighter, holding on for dear life. Before I could take some deep breaths, I witnessed the two shadows below us. They must’ve moved. Dad and the stranger, they were below us. The front door was wide open, letting out a little light. Dim but still quite visible. After another strike of lightning in the sky, I could see the dead tree’s dark bark.

“Son, jump. I’ll catch you, just let go of her!” Dad screamed.

“I-I don’t want too!” I cried.

“Please son, she doesn’t understand family, she never has!” He begged.

“She understands my feelings dad, she knows me better than you!” I cried more.

“No, that’s a lie! She would never, and I mean never ever… Look out for you! – I was the one who kept you and mum happy. Not her, she was the vile, disgusting woman she is today!”

Hearing all the hurtful words from dad, it made me cry. I felt depressed and unwilling to let go of my sister. After her managing to gain a little more strength, she looked down for once. Noticing that she couldn’t move. Due to the cold, and the horrible storm dragging us both down. We just wanted to leave, she did anyway. It was as if the world didn’t want us to leave dad behind. She climbed down a branch or two, closer to the ground. With every branch she grasped onto, her arms shook even more. Her hair started to dry into her face. Some of her hair unwrapped around her eyes, I could see her blue eyes once again. As for her nose, it was still quite hidden. Behind a lot of hair.

“Let go of her son, we can start over. We’ll keep her, if that’s what you want!” Dad shouted.

“I just want, I j-just want my family back! No more lies, no more promises!” I cried out louder.

“W-we can do that, we can make that work. Just let her go, she’ll come down eventually, please!”

Hearing dad say please, he has never been so caring. The missing element that my sister was missing. How is it possible, how is it possible that dad cared more than my sister? I began to loosen my grip around my sister, she didn’t want me to go. I knew it as soon as she used her legs to keep my hooked onto her waist. Not too painful kicks, enough to persuade me to hang on. Dad looked worried and angry at the same time. He waved his hand at me, and as soon as I ignored him, he whispered to the mysterious woman next to him. Was that his sister? I didn’t know… And I couldn’t tell either…

“H-hold on, we’re almost down…” She huffed.

“Sis, maybe we should just let go… At least, we’ll be together. Dad can’t separate that,” I cried.

“He did before, and he’ll do it again! I’m not going to lose you again, knowing that he is looking after you. Mother was the same!” She whispered.

“Everyone deserves a second chance, you said it yourself!” I whispered back.

My sister finally loosened her grip too, holding onto the third to last branch with just three fingers. She had hesitation, a lot of it. Every second that went by, she kept twiddling her fingers around the branch. Three fingers holding on and then five, and then four. She kept changing her grasp. And soon, she was holding onto the branch with both hands, ten fingers. No longer supporting my lower weight. I began to slip down her legs, holding on tighter and tighter. Soon, I was down to her feet, holding onto her feet as if it was a rope. She was shaking violently, trying to knock me off. It felt like she wanted to drop me, but why? I thought we could work this out…

As I dangled from her feet, her cold damp feet. I could see dad below us, he had an old wooden ladder in his hands. And soon, I heard the tree rattle off some loose leaves. The ladder had been placed against the dead tree. The rain got heavier and heavier along with the storm becoming closer and closer. The thunder became really loud, and the clouds were whirl pooled into a strange circle. As my dad climbed the ladder, my sister screamed louder and louder, trying to climb higher up the tree. No longer wanting to get down, she was refusing to cooperate. And she looked really hurt, injured. Soon, she may pull a muscle or two. I couldn’t hold onto her much longer, so I grabbed the bark of the tree, hoping it would support my weight.

“Son, lower yourself down a little more, and I can help you down. Please son!” Dad cried.

“O-okay dad!” I shouted in fear.

“Leave me a-alone, leave him alone!” My sister screamed.

“Let your dad help you out, just let him!” The stranger screamed too.

Soon, I was out of the hands of my sister. Out of the branches of a tree. And holding onto my father with the remainder of my strength. As I blinked through the heavy rain, I could see my sister high off the ground. She was on the final branch, the top branch of the dead looking tree. She kept screaming, screaming louder and louder. I was worried that the neighbours would come round, complaining about the noise, sending my father down and my sister. Who knows!

“Let him go, let him go please! Dad! Let him go!” My sister cried.

“He is in good hands, why can’t you understand that. If you come down, I’ll tell you, why your Mother left you two!” He shouted from below.

“Never, she was nothing like you, she always put us first. You hate us, why can’t you admit it?!”

Before I could react, the next thing I knew. I was being passed to the strange woman, I still couldn’t focus on her. My mind was afraid of the situation around me. I looked back at the dead tree, seeing my dad climb higher up the ladder, trying to get to the height of my sister. The stranger cuddled me, rocking me side to side. I couldn’t focus on the situation anymore, I was being loved. And the same warmth that my mother delivered me, and my sister too. I felt the same warmth returning to my body. Being cared for, was she my new mum?

“This is ridiculous, and you know that Anna!” Dad shouted.

“Y-yeah… But at least it gets me away from you!” She laughed.


“Anna! Stop being so stubborn, you know why your Mother left you. She told you herself!”

“She did not, don’t fill my head with crap! I’m not going to hang here forever you know. Listening to your lies, and you spilling out your heart for all of us. You never cared dad, you never ever cared!”

I looked at dad, he looked hurt. His face was sweating, and his hair was being blown by the chilling winds. He froze in his position on the ladder, staring at his daughter. He placed his left hand on his chest, and before I could do anything. Before we could react, he let go… Both hands on his chest, he let go of the damp wooden ladder. The ladder tilted towards the brick wall of the house. With the sound of wood crackling, and the sound of a human colliding with a muddy ground. Splash! Dad’s body laid there in the mud, rain pelting around him and on him. His facial expression froze, and he laid there, not moving, staying dead still. My sister was still shaking from all the fear.

“Oh my god!” The stranger screamed.

“No… I’m sorry, little brother, I’m sorry.” My sister cried.

The next thing I noticed, the stranger carrying me, she dashed over to my dad’s fallen position. She cried, and I held onto her tighter. My sister was okay, she managed to find a thicker branch. Sitting down crying, and her left hand covering her face. I was worried, worried about her and my dad. The unknown woman to me, she felt more like a mother. She lowered me down aside my dad’s body. The moment my feet felt the coldness and the dampness of the ground, I ran to my dad’s side. Kneeling down my little knees, crying loudly into his chest.

“D-don’t leave me dad… W-wake up, wake up please!” I mumbled into his navy blue shirt.

Chapter 2 - Coming Soon! –

Author’s Note: This chapter allows you to understand the pain that their family went through. Sorry if this was emotional, but, not everyone has happy lives. You know that, and the Horror is in the events. This sounded horrific, but the real horror continues in Chapter 2! – Sorry -

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