There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


6. Dreams Foreshadowed

Chapter 5

Dreams Foreshadowed

Inside the back of a truck. Who would have thought that? It’s dark, horrible. Disgusting to live in. Live in? – Oh right… my brain must be taking this way too seriously! The stranger had left me in the back of the truck, he never said a word. At-least he helped me out of the storm. How can I trust him? I stared into the iron fence holder, it was holding up the barrier between us. A small window, if you’d call it that. I could see his face fading into his hands. His ears looked red, very red. I wanted to say “hello” to him. He wouldn’t listen. He’d probably just make my life even worse. And my life hasn’t been too great, after the removal of my father…

Kid, do you have any idea what lurks out there?’ He snickered.

‘Y-yes… I was fine. I don’t need a second dad!’ I shouted.

‘Your choices, kid. They don’t ring any bells. You just seem to make my life worse…’ he sighed.

‘Sir, my life isn’t the best either. So don’t give me any of that sympathy…’

‘Kid, I don’t expect you to understand… I don’t see you understanding any-time soon.’

‘By that… you mean I’ll be fine, and you’ll find some other kid on the streets…’

‘Oh… I get it! I’m the white van man! – You know… someone who just takes innocent children away, adults. And throw them back in the van? Lock the doors shut, and leave them to die!’

‘Actually… that story has kind have died… - we believe that you get raped…’ I gasped.

He took a deep breath. Smiled my direction, he looked at me with his big oval eyes. I stared away from him, avoiding his glances. He tapped on his steering wheel. A familiar tune popped out of his fingers. With each firm tap, he had made a rhythm. I felt like asking him, asking him about what the tune was. My mind didn’t agree with me. I flagged it away, pushing it like strong winds. A breath of fresh air, that’s all he needed.

‘Kid. That creature, I’m sorry for not telling you sooner…’ he laughed.

‘I don’t find it funny, sir!’

‘Alright, alright! – Listen… that creature is just the start of her. Back there, most creatures find new ways to blend in. Even if it means having to kill someone…’ he sighed deeply.

‘Dark, very dark…’ I whispered.

‘That old lady, she didn’t seem too different did she?’ He asked.

‘Very- she seemed very different… but sweet and innocent on the outside.’

‘And inside?’ He interrupted.

‘W-who knows… listen, Sir. I don’t find this funny. So stop laughing!’ I shouted.

‘That creature… did it just devour her outside shell?’ He laughed.

He continued laughing, his face hid away in my shadow. My mind was forcing me to do what I think is right. I grasped the iron fence, and pulled it with a lot of strength building up in my arms. Thankfully, he hadn’t locked it shut. I ripped it off from the bolts, and dived into the front seat, beside him. As he stared at the darkness outside, I reached into the red toolbox. A red toolbox that was sitting beside his legs. With a quick grab, I managed to pull up a screwdriver. He finally looked my way, and was startled to see me in front seat.

‘Kid… if you think that scaring me is funny… you are highly underestimating my mind.’

‘Everyone has a fear… so what’s yours Sir?’

‘A fear? – Like it matters! And that lady. Did her shell just develop a new home for her?’ He laughed more.

‘Shut up! – Seriously! – That poor lady is dead…’

‘So what kid? I don’t care. If you looked a creature in the face. What did you see?’

‘An innocent old woman…’ I cried.

‘Innocent on the outside huh?’ He sighed. ‘You probably had too much to drink…’

‘I’m not that old sir. I’m old enough to give you a kick in the balls, though!’ I laughed.

‘Okay… I’ll drive you back there. We’ll search for clues. – If you don’t trust me. Get out!’

‘Alright… I’ll stay put. In this seat!’ I rudely interrupted.

He placed his two large hands on the wheel, and drove us out of the parking lot. As darkness around us consumed the atmosphere. Most of the time, I could see one or two faces shining through the darkness. Only later to be devoured. They don’t stand any chances out there. These creatures, loyal lords of darkness. They must be here for a reason. Why else would the world adapt to such a strange atmosphere?

Out of the parking lot. The stranger had drove me through to an old lake. I tapped his shoulder. He flinched, and pushed the truck door open beside a horrible looking lake.

‘Well… this is the place.’ He smiled.

‘No… get back in the truck, drive me somewhere else!’ I insisted.

‘No way! This is the place… see, blood.’

‘Blood? – No… he never died here. He died in an alleyway…’

‘Kid. You don’t know your creatures too well…’

‘What do you mean… too well?’

‘Your mind. Our minds, they get taken for advantage. Those shadow creatures. They lurk in the darkness. And, the creature you witnessed. It has poisoned your mind.’ He gasped.

‘Poisoned? And how on earth… do you know all this!’ I cried.

‘M-my son… he was taken by them. Not taken away from me. Just… I can’t explain!’ He screamed.

He stomped on the ground outside. As she smashed some of the vegetation growing around the lake. I sat patiently with the truck window down. As he screamed about his son. On and off, he just couldn’t stop talking about his son. I reached up onto the window ledge, and pulled myself out of the truck. As my two feet felt the grass rub up against my toes. I felt the sensation of some bug crawling up my legs. Not really a sensation, it was a feeling more than anything.

The air around us felt stale. And the ground beneath us, I could only imagine what lurked beneath us. The stranger started to make more sense. He threw himself near the lake. As his face squished in the dirt. His feet scraped off the puddles around the lake.

‘Andy. My name is Andy… and my son. He was Lenny.’ He whispered.

‘Andy? I’ll take it. I don’t learn too much names… and I don’t really trust anyone.’

‘Stranger danger?’ He laughed.

‘Yeah… my parents told me that all the time. Until…’ I gasped.

‘Lenny. He would have gotten on with you. I’d do anything to see him smile more naturally.’

‘Naturally?’ I asked in confusion.

‘Yes! Naturally. He doesn’t smile like he used to. Those creatures really messed him up. He won’t even look his own dad in the eyes! – And he just looks away from his sister…’

‘Terrible…’ I sighed.

‘Yes. And this lake. This is where it all happened. We’re just fishing, you know. Like father and son days. And a child not far from us. It screamed loudly, making a terrifying shriek.’

‘That child. Was he or she. Did it… take your son?’ I asked.

‘No. I wish it had. Because instead, I have to live with a monster. And every day… I have to think back to that day. The same day when my son, when he had found someone. That child was nothing more than a creature. It scared the crap out of him! – I ran over to him, being a good dad. And he just, he wanted to jump in the lake.’

‘Oh…’ I cried.

‘Nonsense. It was nonsense! No way am I going to let my son dive into a deep dangerous lake! – He wanted to go to the bottom. So I pulled him away, you don’t know what that’s like kid…’ he sighed deeply.

Andy cried into the ground. His hands stretched out to the rims of the lake. As he wriggled his red fingers in the lake. He screamed into the dirt, covering up his voice. I wanted to go and reassure him. Yet, all I cared about was my sister…

She is the main purpose for why I’m in this mess. Although, why else would I be begging for this Andy… Andy knows that I’m lonely. He is with me, on my side. If he wanted me dead, he’d have to ask first. And even then… I’d happily accept. A knife in my back, is a knife in his back. And of course… the more he stabs me, the more I’ll push him. As the blade sinks into his fluids, I’ll be smiling with glee. Those creatures have nothing, and no effect on me…

‘We’re here… don’t cross your fingers no more…’ Andy whispered.

I nodded slightly, and moved towards the edge of my seat. Andy didn’t look too pleased to see me sticking around.

‘My sister is part of me. So why aren’t you finding her?’ I asked.

‘You can be mad at me all you want! I’m not going to make the same mistake twice…’ he sighed.

‘Fine… I’ll find her myself. That lake is nothing more than a lie…’ I cried.

Before Andy could even grab me, I kicked the door open and crawled out onto the damp ground. He smirked as he slammed the door shut. Nothing but his head could been seen from ground level. I blinked several times and tried to look away from his head. Instead, he floored it, slammed the breaks and drove off into the dark valley. He left me… what a joker. Why would he leave me for some silly mistake, he is insane…

After he drove away, I crawled off into more damp grounds. Untidy and disgusting sights all around me. I couldn’t quite understand where the creatures were lurking. My sister, she could have helped me, if she was here… I miss her so dearly. I crawled further along the bumpy roads and clawed my way towards a random doorstep. I needed shelter, I needed food. If anyone has a heart in this world, then please show me one. I’ll suck the blood out, and devour the outer parts. Remind me of who I am, and I’ll regain consciousness again.

The door opened, I smiled as I looked up. The stranger looked down and introduced herself.

‘Hey there, y-you want some help? – How can I help you?’ She coughed.

‘Y-you can help me by moving me into a safer shelter. Outside… I swear to god, everyone is really messed up in the head.’

‘Oh really? – I’m sorry to hear that love. Why don’t you tell me all about it…’ she whispered.

With a hand in my hand, she helped me out. Before I knew it, I was on my two feet again. I managed to waddle over to a nearby comfy sofa. It was that or the floor. I couldn’t take any chances, not with a stranger giving me free comfort. What’s the catch? I wonder… I wonder…

‘You need comfort? – I’m not a home wrecker, you can be sure of that…’

‘I don’t care what you are, old lady… I’m here for a reason. You can be sure of that…’ I sighed.

‘A fire in your belly? Why are you being so cruel, love?’ She hissed.

‘Does it matter? Nobody cares, so shut up!’ I shouted.

After biting my bottom lip, I approached her face first. She looked at me in despise…

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