There is always time and a place to do everything you must do. If that’s the case, then why am I holding this brief case? The sky is so full of life, yet the floor is so dull. The ground I'm walking on is very different to mother’s. She has more experience with these kind of things. But… That was all in the past. Now, I'm alone, alone in a room. I swear to the world that this place is Hell.
- Written By, Luke J.R -


7. A Message worth Reading…

Chapter 6

A Message worth Reading…

The old lady had a wonder in her left eye. She had a hidden gem glowing slightly. Her nose was quite broad, yet it had some kind of smoothness to it. She didn’t look as poor as I imagined. I expected her to be in rags, like many of the humans now-a-days. My sister and I, we weren’t rich or even wealthy. We barely made it with each other… we survived thanks to a man, his life was soon put to rest. Our strange leader, she was more keen than begging. She wanted nothing but a power. Some kind of power that would allow her to overcome her fears.

When I told her the truth, it was all in her head. She ignored me, I was thrown away. Bad garbage, that’s what she called us. And once we were shifted from a location to another location. We soon found ourselves lost in each other’s worlds. Darkness that is where we found each other. My sister, she was actually more normal back then. She weren’t afraid to fight someone, she just attacked what came towards her. One being a fear of having someone to look up to. She didn’t believe in role models, she only believed in a destiny. Whatever that means…

‘Kid, I’ve had enough of your looking around…’ she hissed.

‘I’m looking for something, I’ve told you that already…’ I sighed.

‘You won’t find anything here… you’ll just lost memories.’

‘Whatever… I don’t take leadership. I don’t follow the leader…’ I laughed.

She twitched her left eye, and looked at me with hatred. Her eyes circled my movement, I turned to face a cabinet. A dark wooden cabinet. It had three shelves, holding old pottery and books. A bookshelf on the opposite side of the room had a rainbow formed with books. The only thing that looked odd in her house was herself. She looked very odd. She doesn’t really like rainbows does she? – I questioned her from the moment I walked in. I was right all along, she is nothing more than a woman with a key in her mind. A wonder, a hidden fond memory lurking inside my brain.

‘Why don’t you calm down? – Have a drink or something…’ she whined.

‘D-do you really think… now, is the time to talk about a break?’ I hissed.

‘Whatever kid, you’ll just find bad garbage here. Trash!’ She screamed.

The moment she closed her lips, I grabbed her left wrist. Holding it tightly, and staring her in the face, as she actually looked scared of me. I held her whilst pivoting around the room. I then lowered her against the wall, and pushed her into the wall with a lot of force.

‘Ouch! – Kid… I’ve had enough beatings for one day…’

‘I don’t care! – Nobody brings back bad memories! Nobody!’ I shouted.

‘One day… you’ll see that old women, and the elderly. We can’t fight our own battles, not always…’

‘That one day better come quickly… I’m reporting you to my closest allies…’

Holding my mobile phone to my left ear. I waited for my call to enter. Finally, I had an entrance, a gateway to a friend. I spoke in a deeper voice than usual, and held the old lady against the wall. She tried to bite me on my hand, I threw her with a quick reflex in-between. She landed on the floor, sprained out with her legs curled. She didn’t look too happy. Who cares!

*** Phone Call *** Ally #2 ***

‘Yes? – What is it this time…?’ The voice spoke.

‘I’ve got one… a creature from the darkness!’ I screamed.

‘Darkness, you say? – I don’t know… we haven’t had much luck over here. And they usually hang around on the mountains in the north. I don’t think… I don’t believe you!’

‘No-no-no! Listen to me! I’m telling you the truth…’ I roared.

Finding it difficult to hold the old lady down whilst holding the phone to my ear. I managed to tackle her again to the ground. Her face planted in the carpet, I slammed her face into the pink rug. Her long hair flopped over her face, as she yelled in pain.

‘I’m not one of them! – I’m a human being…’ she cried.

‘Fear? – Why are you lying to me! – I’ve already dealt with one in the past. I’m not letting you take advantage of me too!’

‘No-no! Please stop!’ She screamed.

‘Fine! – If you aren’t one of them… get to the window… get to the window, now!’ I demanded.

‘W-what? – No! Stop being stupid… kid! I’m trying to tell you the truth…’

Dragging her body, (that felt quite dead.) I continued to take my plans further. I held her against the window, trying to open the window for the public to see. She continued wiggling in my arms, and tried to bite again. Her nails dug into my hands, I flinched but refused to let go. As she managed to stomp on my feet, I jumped back, releasing her from my grasp. Before I could re-catch her. She managed to grab a weapon of some sort. A lamp, still connected to the socket.

‘Back off! – I warned you… l-leave me, leave us all alone!’ She swayed the lamp in front of me.

‘A-alright… just calm down!’

‘Never! – You’ll just trying to kill me… why didn’t you do that before, huh?’ She cried.

‘I’m not trying to kill you! I’m trying to weaken you. Make you see a different side to us.’

‘There is no other side, I’m 100% human. I’m all skin and bones, with blood too!’

‘No… you’re just flesh, waiting to unravel into a skeletal creature. My worst nightmare! I’m not letting you trick me too. I demand you get to that window, and you wait for my second ruling…’

‘This is absurd. I’m not listening to a childlike yourself…’ she moaned.

‘You leave me no choice, then…’

I attempted to tackle her, she looked sad. Her face covered in tears, dried tears and wet ones. I smiled with glee, and lunged, aiming for her chest with…

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