Does he love me?

My life was simple and I take choice to change it and when I did I meet member from my favourite band 1D who was Harry Styles and her the new life will start


2. The Party

Harry's P.O.V



When I arrived home I was thinking about Riham and how is she beautiful and then I went to sleep. In the morning I wake up and put on my clothes and went to Riham's house I rang the bell and then the door opened and there was anthor girl she wasn't Riham " is that Riham's house" I asked but this girl was only staring at me with an strange face and then she nodded and said " yes it is . Come and take a sit until Riham's come down " I just nodded and go in then this girl went up stairs I was looking around and saying that her house is lovely and my eyes comes down on a picture to a small pretty baby and then I heard a soft voice saying" do you like it " I returned back to see who and was Riham she was very pretty and then I answerd " yes who is this " she said that this picture is her picture when she was 3 years I looked at her at silence but suddenly she broke the silence and asked " but how did you know my home address" I smiled and looked at her bright eyes saying "I followed you yesterday" she started laughing and then the girl that opened the door to me come Then Riham looked at me and said " oh Harry this is my best friend Norhan but I like to called her Nor " I said " Hi Nor " she answerd " hi harry " then she told Riham that she must go cause her mum called her Riham just nodded and said " Ok" .




Riham's P.O.V



When Nor left I told him to go and sit he just nodded and said " Ok " when we set he asked me " but where is your mum and dad " I answerd " they have to travel all the time but I can see them for only 1 week a year He looked at me and said " but of course you are not living alone " I looked at him and said " but what do you mean who will stay with me " he answerd " I mean that you are living with your boyfriend " I smiled and said " but I don't have a boyfriend " he replied that I shouldn't stay alone but I stopped him and said " but Nor come and stat with me sometimes Then his phone rang and thats was Louis 


Harry: hello what's up 

Louis: Hi we are having a party in my house with the boys do you want to come 

Harry : ok but can I get someone with me 

Louis : of course you can get anyone you want 

Harry : ok bye 

And then he ended the call and asked me if I can come with him I just nodded and said " ok but wait a minute until I change my clothes he just nodded and sit 




Harry's P.O.V



When she finished she come down stairs and she was amazing I smiled and looked at her saying " lets go we don't want to be late" she just nodded then we went to the car but we didn't talk all the time until we arrived I went in saying " hi boys this is Riham " she said with a soft voice " hi boys nice to meet you"

They welcomed her and then we all went to sit and then Louis asked " we can all stay her tonight do you all agree " we all agreed and then I said " what about you Riham" she looked at us and said " but I don't know if ...." then I stopped her saying " but that's better than stay alone tonight " she agreed me and then we asked her " what do you want to do now " she said "maybe watching a movie "




Riham's P.O.V



Louis asked me "what kind of movies you want to watch " I answerd " I like romantic movies do you have Romeo + Juliet movie " he replied that he have it then he opened it I was sitting next to Harry while we was watching the movie I rest my head on Harry's shoulder and then I fall asleep he carried me to the room and put me on the bed and then he went down stairs to complete the movie after 3 hours I woke up but I looked at my clothes but I was wearing Harry's t-shirt I went down stairs but the only one that was there was Harry he looked at me and said " oh hi come and take a sit " I nodded and sit then I asked " where is the boys " he said that they went together but he didn't agree because he didn't want to left me alone

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