Does he love me?

My life was simple and I take choice to change it and when I did I meet member from my favourite band 1D who was Harry Styles and her the new life will start


3. First kiss

Then Harry asked me "Do u want to walk" i nodded and told him to wait cause i want to take off his shirt and put on my clothes when i finished i went down stairs but the boys has arrived but perrie and eleanor were with then harry told me that they are going to stay with us i nodded and asked if i can told 2 of my friends to stay with us tonight he nodded then i took my phone and called Mariam and Norhan they agreed and when they arrived we played and had alot of fun 




Harry's P.O.V 


When we finished we all went to sleep in the morning i woke up early i went down stairs and i was thinking that i am the only one who woke up but i saw Riham sitting on the couch drinking coffe "hey why did you woke up early" i asked she answerd" i dont know maybe cuz it is the first time to me to didnt sleep at home we was speaking with a low voice cause we dont want to woke them up but suddenly we heard a voice at the garden we went to see but we saw that they all haven't sleep from yesterday we looked at them and then we started laughing Then they all went to sleep i took Riham and went to walk 


Riham's P.O.V



When we was walking harry was holding my hand and suddenly we met a girl i dont know her but she was pretty he left my hands and kissed her and asked her if she want to walk with us he left my hands and hold her hands really that broke my heart quickly i execued them to go back cause i am feeling tired he just noddf i returned home but only to take my bag and then i told Mariam and Norhan that i want to leave now they agreed and came with me they drive me home when i went home i started crying and then the bell rang i went to see who is there That was harry he looke at me and asked" why are you crying" i answerd "nothing " he asked if i am crying from this girl cause he let my hand and hold her hands i replied "why i am going to be angry you are not my boyfriend so why do i am going to care " his face went sad and then he said with loud voice "are you asking why do are you going to care maybe cause i love u and u love me and dont lie and say that u dont love me " i looked at him and shout " maybe I love you but you don't love me " then a little tears escape to his eyes then he said " but I love you from the first time I meet u" Then I said angry " really so why do u left my hands to hold her hands " " she is my cousin and I won't love her cause she is like my sister " I looked at his eyes saying " Really you won't love her " he said " yes cause I love you only " Then he kissed me His kiss was amazing but the bell rang That was the same girl that was with Harry and then Harry came quickly and told me that when she knows that I get sad she said that she must go and tell me the truth then I looked at him and said really and kissed him on lips Then we went all to sit and he told the at her name is Ashley and she had a restaurant then she quickly said " u must come today and have a dinner on my restaurant 



Harry's P.O.V 



We just nodded and said " ok it will be nice to have a dinner there" then she excused us to go and then she left

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