Does he love me?

My life was simple and I take choice to change it and when I did I meet member from my favourite band 1D who was Harry Styles and her the new life will start


1. Change my simple life.

Riham's P.O.V




I was a simple girl called Riham my life was very simple and I was living alone because my mum and dad have to travel all the time but there was a good thing that I love one direction. One day I was sitting in my room and suddenly there is something come in my head that I should change my life. 



In the next day I went to a night club with my friend Norhan we drink a lot while we was sitting Norhan said " Mum has arrived home now common lets go " I answerd " You can go but I want to stay " she just nodded and left when she left I went to sit and there I saw a handsome boy with brown curly hair and green eyes " hi I am Harry styles " he said I looked at his eyes and said " oh! Hi and I am Riham " he looked at me with surprised face and said " don't you know me " I just looked at him and answered " Sorry but I don't know you " . "I am Harry styles from one direction band " he replied then I looked at his eyes and said " Sorry that I didn't know you from the start because I drink alot " I said he looked at me and said " no need. Do you want to dance? " I just nodded and said " of course yes " we went to dance he was dancing very well while we was dancing he whispered in my ears " you are a good dancer " I answerd " not more than you " when we finished dance it was getting to late I took my bag but when I was leaving Harry asked " how can I see you again " I smiled and said " let us meet again by luck " but Harry doesn't surrender to luck and he followed me to my house. When I arrived home I was thinking about him all the night and suddenly my phone rang and thats was Norhan I answerd " hello " she said " hi, how are you? " I answerd " I am fine but there is something happened to me when you left me " she said " I should know what happened to you " I told her if she can come to stay with me tonight she agreed and ended the call after half an hour from ending the call I heard the bell ranging that was Norhan I welcomed her and said " come and take a sit " she come in and sit and then she said " tell me what happened to you " I told her but she didn't believe me I tried to make her believe me but after 2 hours from trying make her believe me u surrender and then we went to sleep.

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