Sexy Boys

I always loved him
But he never loved me


2. then

Me and liam fucked all day long!all day hard!

Liam plunged into me, deeper and deeper, I moaned. He was getting so good at giving me pleasure.

He kept plunging into me.

Both naked we fucked on the kitchen table, hard.

"Hey" someone mumbled, oh shit someone's here!oh shit there ruining my sex! I grabbed my clothes, threw them on a and snogged Liam one last time before finding out who was talking.

Mike walked in, Liam's best friend. He was hot! "Your sisters damn hot" Laughed mike,I blushed I knew what I wanted to do to him!

"Mike, no she's my sister" Liam declared!

"She can make up her own mind" protested mike, picking me up and kissing me Softly on the lips,I knew Liam was watching so I didn't kiss him back but god I wanted to!

He picked me up and ran out the house with me in his arms, I loved it!

"Stop mike! Come back" Liam screamed.

Me and mike sat in the car kissing, he pushed his tongue into my mouth, whirling it round sending me into wetness.

"Fuck me, mike" I moaned

"Come on babe" he giggled .

He placed his hand on my vagina, and pushed his two fingers into my vagina, leading me to moan loudly. "Your soaked" he giggled

"Shut up, mike fuck me, hard. Hard. Give it to me" I giggled.

He ripped my shorts of, and I pulled his off, I moved down to his huge dick. I gasped, and started licking the end, he moaned in satisfaction, "stop teasing me" he moaned. I obeyed and placed my mouth around his huge dick and sucked it. He moaned.

He moved his body so his head was in between my legs. He licked my thighs and tickled the top of my vagina, I screamed "baby, hard!" He licked his lips and plunged his tongue into my vagina, whirling it round and round, I arched my back and moaned in pleasure. He was fucking great at the shag, he have a real good fuck, nice and hard! He plunged his huge dick into my vagina and we both moaned in satisfaction. He kept on plunging in and out, faster and faster.

We lay in the car naked, I rolled over and kissed his lips.

"Babe your good" he Whispered

"You too"I whispered back"come on give me more" I giggled.

He rolled on top of me and plunged his dick back into me.

See I love sex, after sex I want more, I can't help it. I like the shag, I like it a lot!

I ran back into the house with fake tears on my face. I knew Liam would fuck me, hard! Real hard! He grabbed me and kissed me passionatly, " that guy is a dick, I'm sorry" he whispered. I felt like saying yes he is a dick with his huge fat dick!

He kissed me, and then slipped his hands into my shorts.

"Let's go upstairs" Liam smiled

We fucked again, for 2 was good a bit dry! But it was good! I was getting tired of his boring fucks but they where nice and hard so I guess I can live with them.

Every day we fucked, and every day I shagged another guy.

His my brother and I fuck him everyday, he might aswell be my boyfriend!

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