Sexy Boys

I always loved him
But he never loved me


3. oh yeah

Well, me and Liam still shag a lot!

But now Liam's in one direction so I see him a lot less so that means I get to bring random guys back to the house and we fuck for like 3 days then I get another guy, I do that until Liam's home. But I'm excited for next week, because it's summer and me and all of one direction are spending the whole summer in Florida together!

A week later

I got on so well with the boys, they where like brothers!

Me and Liam still shagged a lot! He knew my pleasure points so it was so good!

We had our own aero pleases each I decided to go on nialls.

Me and Niall sat and talked, he was so sweet. I though he was so cute and funny!

I got up to go to the loo, but as I was walking the plain turned and I ended up sitting on Nialls lap, I stayed there and he giggled!

"Stay, I like you here" he laughed.

I felt his dick rising, I was Horner so I was going to do anything for sex.

I wriggled off "wait a sec, let me get into a sex suite" I declared!

I came back in naked, Niall smirked, "your so hot"

I wriggled onto his lap, and proceeded and giving him a lap dance.

He giggled the whole way through.

He pulled out his dick and plunged it into me, I screamed, oh god Liam is shit compared to Niall! Niall was so good!

Niall plunged in and out of me harder than ever, I screamed and fell onto the floor where Niall carried on fucking me!

It was such a good shag.

When we where done, we kissed endlessly.

His lips where soft and perfectly wet.

Niall made me so wet, occasionally he would slip his hand into my shorts and plunge his fingers into my vagina.

We got to the air port and I snogged Niall.

We both knew we couldn't tell anyone!

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