Sexy Boys

I always loved him
But he never loved me


1. How I know them

Liam's the best guy ever, his hot, his hilarious and he would be the perfect boyfriend but the thing is his my brother. I saw him bring girl after girl home, I heard the girls pleasing moans. But I knew he didn't love them. I so wanted to be his girl,but the thing is his my brother...

I really love him though

A few months later

I sat down on my bed with Liam next to me, he was as drunk as hell. My bedroom was tiny but Liam didn't mind, he stretched across my bed. We sat talking about life for ages until Liam got up and grabbed another beer, he was so drink! "Come on Liam, stop" I said as he gulped the beer down his throat. "No no, cheeky" he giggled passing me a beer. I gulped it down. He say back on my bed, he kept his eyes still onto me, I wondered what he was thinking. He placed his soft hands on my cheek, and stroked it up and down "your so beautiful" he mumbled.

"Liam, stop being crazy your drunk"I replied

"I'm not babe" he whispered Stroking my lips

"Liam stop being a dick, you know I'm your sister and you don't think I'm beautiful" I declared

"Oh feisty babe, I know your my sister but I want my hot sister to Fuck me" he whispered again licking my cheek slowly

I really wanted to pull him close and lick him down, but I knew he was just drunk.

"Baby, I want you" he Sexly whispered

"No you don't, you can't even say it you have to whisper"I screeched pulling his hands of me

"Okay then babe" he said

"I want to fuck you Lily, so hard that you moan my name"he yelled pulling me close and wrapping his hands around me.

He kissed me softly, I wanted him so bad I couldn't stop, I moved my lips into sync with his and shoved my tongue into his mouth and he did the same, not all slobbery, but gentle. The gentle left and it turned into a passionate kiss,Liam slide his hand up my back until he reached my bra strap he pulled it and then trapped onto my boob, he squeezed it, I moaned in pleasure. He smile through the kiss

"You want this, right!" He whispered

"Yes yes yes" I moaned

He grabbed me and threw me onto the sofa, he started licking my neck, I moaned loudly.

"Say my name baby" Liam screamed

"Say it"he screamed "come on baby"

He tugged at my shorts until they where the whole way down and I was bare apart from my black lacy thong he licked my thighs and pulled the thing down. He placed his hand on my vagina. God stop teasing me! He licked his finger and placed jerk my vagina, moving it in circles I moaned loudly

"Say my name and I'll stop teasing you"he mumbled

Oh, this was so good. I just want him. Wait.. Ew my brother, how did I? I might aswell now, wait no! He wedged a finger deep into my vagina,I screamed loudly arching my back

"Baby give me more" I screamed

Oh Liam is so good

He plunged the finger in and out, I screamed begging for more

Liam give it to me

"Say my name" he screamed plunging two fingers deep into my vagina, I screamed and moaned arching my back and begging for more.

Liam, Liam, Liam I want you, I need you.

He begin plunging his fingers in quicker and quicker, I was screaming with pleasure.

Give me more, I need his hot body.

"Liam, Liam, fuck, liam. I need you, please stop teasing me"I moaned

"Thank you" he smiled

I'm not going to be a virgin anymore, but my brother.

He ripped his boxers away.

I was pretty soaked, he really turned me on.

Liam slipped a condom on as he mumbled "Your so hot!"

I grabbed his body and He plunged into me, I yelled, arching my back. Oh god that was so good, give me more

He plunged into me, making me moan loudly of pleasure.

I moaned so loud.

We reached our unbelievable climax

I was in heaven, it was the best

What am I going to do its my brother???

It was so good!

I fucked Liam every day.

He was so hot I couldn't help it! I was now a sex addict I didn't care who I loved it!

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