Barely breathing

What's it like to be depressed?
it's like your drowning while everybody else around you is breathing.
Sapphire is different from the others. It seems like nobody notices she's broken. Nobody seems to care. She's lonely. Until he comes.


2. The nasty truth.

End of class. Time to see if this Tom guy is what I expect. I walked out of the classroom where he was. "Hi.." Look. Sapphire I really don't want to do this,  so let's this easy for the both of us. If you don't speak to me i'd appreciate it, you're the lonely new girl who nobody really likes already and well...i'm the popular guy.." That felt like I'd just been shot a thousand times. Self-esteem just gone down from 99% to 79%.. "uh..ok.." I replied  in a small voice. We then set off, him taking the lead and me just trailing behind. What did I do to him? Why does everybody hate me?.. The bell went and I followed him to our next lesson,  where another set of students where. Round 2 of this horrifying day. "Hi Sir..i'm the new student..where shall I sit?"I said in a smooth tone "There"he strictly replied. I sat down in my seat next to the window, and shrunk back in my seat. Tom was sat on the middle row at the right hand side, he looked back at me with disgust, I juat sighed and gave him a dirty look back. "SAPPHIRE HAMESBY.!" "yes..sir" "JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE NEW MOST DEFINATELY DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN MISBEHAVE IN MY CLASSROOM! Count that as a formal warning!" I nodded. At that moment I wish I could just disappear. A few laughs were let out. Even the teachers hate me.. *Ring ring ring* "class dismissed" I walked out to where Tom was standing with his hands in his pockets. "It's lunchtime now so I'll just show you the canteen and you can go meet up with your friends or whatever" "ahahahaha are you kidding me?..I've got no friends..everybody hates me remember.." He smirked then started walking. I followed on like usual. "We're here...bye" then he walked off. I had no where to eat or even nobody to eat with so I just went and sat in a toilet cubicle, ate nothing and cried to myself, what a nice first day. The next lessons weren't as bad but still. I walked home by myself at the end of the day. As soon as I got home I fell to the floor and cried my eyes out. I was there for about an hour until my mum came back, I had to clean myself up and go downstairs. "Hello darling, how was your day?" "Eh, it was great thankyou!, how was your day at the new job?" "Brilliant. It was just brilliant" "That's amazing mum!"I hugged her we had always been close ever since dad left 4 years ago when I was 11. She cooked tea while I was sat watching tv in the front room. We ate it at our 2 seater table, then at 8 I went back upstairs, ran myself a bath, got undressed,  hopped in, then grabbed a razor, shaved my legs. And traced it across my thigh, next I dragged it across my wrists,  by now I was seeping with blood, I promised  i'd stop, the last time I did it was 2 years ago, I'd stayed clean for so long until now. I didn't
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