Barely breathing

What's it like to be depressed?
it's like your drowning while everybody else around you is breathing.
Sapphire is different from the others. It seems like nobody notices she's broken. Nobody seems to care. She's lonely. Until he comes.


3. Only to get worse...or is it

I didn't want to kill myself yet, just do enough to make the pain stop. To feel relief. The next 3 weeks went the same. Tom being a dick to me, girls giving me dirty looks, laughing at me, me being alone 24/7, the amount of cuts on my wrists increasing vastly... I'd almost given up. I woke up, it was friday..I was alone on the bus again as always, looking forward to the weekend. We got to school and I went straight to my first lesson. English where I sit right next to Tom. Welllll how lovely. I sat in my plain, worn out chair where I was greeted with an evil smirk from him. My book was on his table so I reached over to get it, only to my suprise my sleeve went up my arm aswell as my wristbands revealing my fresh scars. It was only for a moment, but still long enough for Tom to spot them. Shit. He looked a bit shocked. Nevertheless he still just left it and got on with his work. *ring ring ring* "bye guys have a good break" chirped miss grazehill. I was getting ready to go to my normal spot, the girls toilets when I tripped over Harry's foot (he's another popular idiot), I hit my face on the floor and my nose started bleeding.."aww shit"I said quietly, then Tom came round the corner.. "what the fuck do you think you're doing Harry?!"He shouted angrily "woah! since when did you start to like her?" The thing is I was asking myself the same thing.. "None of your business! now..if you want to live I suggest you leave her alone!" He then helped me up and walked me to the end of the field.. "Are you ok saph?"he softly said woah. wait did he just call me saph?! "what do you care?"I replied, irritated. "Look I'm sorry for being a dick, I didn't mean to, it's just things are going on at home...I shouldn't of took it out on you" he sighed ugh. He looks so cute when he's like this. I sighed and shook my head. "I really am about I take you out somewhere tomorrow night to make it up to you?.." "Rea- uh I mean yea sure. fine" "Great. I'll text you tonight"he smiled Oh I do love his smile
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