Barely breathing

What's it like to be depressed?
it's like your drowning while everybody else around you is breathing.
Sapphire is different from the others. It seems like nobody notices she's broken. Nobody seems to care. She's lonely. Until he comes.


1. A not so good new start.

Oh god. Today's the day. I had to start my new school. Great. I put on my school uniform and wristbands, brushed my teeth, applied my makeup, left my hair down so it hung over my shoulders. Then ran out of the door to catch the bus to school. As soon as I got on everybody was looking at me with disgust in their eyes. How nice... we arrived at school and I got my map out, then made my way up to the head teacher's office, I finally arrived, standing in front of the plain door where a gold name tag hung with the name Mrs.Rushworth (headteacher) incrested in to it. I knocked quickly and soon after a tall, thin woman came out behind it. "Hello. what can I do for you on this fine day?"she smiled. "Oh hi, I'm the new student, apparently you are supposed to show me around?" "Ah! Sapphire isn't it? Follow me" She guided me through the corridors into a medium sized classroom where there was about 20-30 other pupils, don't ask me why I counted it was a kind of anxiety moment. "Miss Grazehill. Year 10. This is Sapphire Hamesby. She is the new student here and I want you all to welcome her nicely. But first, she needs somebody to show her around. Someone to guide her through this school. Someone to be her friend. Any volunteers?.." I dreaded that question. Nobody put their hand up. I heard some sniggers come from the back of the room but i pretended it didn't bother me although inside it did. "come on. Somebody put their hand up or I shall just pick randomly!" Still no hands. "Right! I'm disappointed in you all! Tom get up here!" Tom. What a typical name. For a typical popular boy. He was pretty attractive though. Long flippy black hair, blue eyes. Wow. "you shall be showing Sapphire around!" Maybe it won't be that bad I thought..until grunted, nodded then sat back down. Friendly much. The head teacher left the room. "So Sapphire if you would like to take a seat at the back next to Tom that'd be wonderful!" cheered Miss Grazehill. I picked up my bag then sat down next to a not very pleased Tom.
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