Runner Reacher

Nova has been in captivity of her uncle for the past 6 years, but she decides to finally run away. But on her journey she stumbles into more trouble, a boy.


4. Trying

Nova's POV:


I looked up to see my uncle's face.

"Hello love." He grimaced.

"Hey." I smiled deviously. I then took my hand and punched his jaw, kneed him in the stomach and pushed him to the floor of the car. I don't know what came over me, bravery I would guess, but from the on, I knew I had changed. 

I looked to the front of the van to see a man with dark clothing on who seemed to be quite big. I knew it would be stupid to do anything to hime because he's, well, driving the car. Before I could give another thought I hit the floor with a bang. Two hands were on either side of me and there was a hot breath on my neck.

"You shouldn't of done that." He whispered. But to be honest, at that point I didn't care. I gave up.

"Whatever." I whispered before seeing nothing but a dark oblivion.


Harry's POV:

I ran to my apartment, which was only a block away, hopped into my car and drove off. I followed the path I had seen the van go but seemed to be driving in an endless maze. Finally after about fifteen minutes I see tail lights attached to the dark colored van turn a corner, I followed right behind, yet still keeping distance. The veichle stops in an alley and out pops two men with none other then Nova in their arms. Just as they walked into the building to the left, I got out of my car and followed on their trail. I knew this idea might not be the smartest but my gut told be to keep going.


Nova's POV:

My eyes shot open and I found myself sitting in a chair, no restraints, just myself. The lighting was dim and it took a second to adjust my eyes, but when I did, I wasn't too happy of where I found myself.


(A/N: Gosh, I just can't make a long chapter:( well, I'm sorry! I really hope you're liking it so far. Leave me some comments belowww) 



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