Runner Reacher

Nova has been in captivity of her uncle for the past 6 years, but she decides to finally run away. But on her journey she stumbles into more trouble, a boy.


1. Runner

Nova's POV:

I looked at the chip crumbs sitting in front of me and looked up to my "uncle". I know I should eat them being that I probably won't get anything else for a while, but it just seems vile.

"WELL COME ON THEN!" He screamed at me slicing my cheek with his hand. I let out a squeek, picked up the crumbs in my hands and swallowed.

I then picked my self up off the ground and ran back to my room, which was nothing more then a little square box with a blanket on the floor and a 2 books beside it. I was mad for books but because of my uncle Robert I was only allowed those two, he burnt the rest. You see my family died when I was 12, I'm 18 now, but I was left under the care of Robert, which wasn't care at all, I'd rather live on the streets but I just can't. I have anxiety, and I'm just too afraid.

But for some reason, some unknown reason, tonight was the night I was going to flee, from the abuse, from the pain, from this. I wrapped my brown hair into a bun, pulled my black hoodie on and slipped on my black sneakers. All I had on under that was a ripped up tshirt but anything would do if it meant getting out. I packed up my things and looked at the wall for the clock. 10:30pm he'd be passed out by now, I unlocked my door with a bobbypin and ran. Ran for my life, ran for my freedome. I put away all of my anxiety of what he would do to me if he found me, and just ran.

A/N: Hey guys! I hope your enjoying so far:) I know this chapter is short but I would love to read some comments<3

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