Runner Reacher

Nova has been in captivity of her uncle for the past 6 years, but she decides to finally run away. But on her journey she stumbles into more trouble, a boy.


5. My Savior

Nova's POV:

My eyes shot open and I found myself sitting in a chair, no restraints, just myself. The lighting was dim and it took a second to adjust my eyes, but when I did, I wasn't too happy of where I found myself.


Nova's POV:

I was in my 'home' in my 'room' with the door locked, go figure. How did I get here? Ah yes, the uncle stole me off the streets. I went up to the door and started banging on it with clenched fist. I wanted out and I wasn't going to let a door stand in my way. I hit and hit and punched and punched until I looked down at my bleeding knuckles. Still no answer.


Harry's POV:

I found myself in what looked to be a run down house. The two men were seated in almost a lounge smoking and talking about god knows what, all I heard was one of them say, "Lets just leave her to rot.". I cringed with my disgust towards them. There were pounds on the door but neither of the men went to check on her. I had watched them carry Nova up and through that door. Their backs were facing me so I made a run for it, quietly. It looked like the door was locked from the outside but a twist and it was open, no key required. There Nova was sitting in the corner of one of the smallest rooms I've ever seen. I took in a sharp breath of air. Her knuckles were very bloody and her face looked badly bruised.

Why was I doing this? I had just met this girl, not even had a proper conversation, and now was punching strangers and risking my life.


Nova's POV:

I curled up in the corner and started to drift off until I heard the swish of the door opening and looked up to be met by the same green eyes I had seen at the café. He brought his hand up to his lips in a "hush" way. I did what he motioned and kept quiet. He came over to me and offered his hand. I hesitated but took it, he was my only chance right now.

We whooshed down the stares and opened the front door when, footsteps, yep, the sound of four big feet pounding their way towards us. Harry took my hand and pushed me behind him. The uncle chucked.

"And who might this me." He smirked. Harry tensed up and he remained silent but squeezed my hand. I took a deep breath and decided what I was about to do, I was going to be brave again. I stepped in front of Harry.

"To be honest, he is my savior, he is my hero, and you, you are my destroyer, you are my villain. But you know what? You are done being those thing, because now you are my past." My voice shook but my stance was strong. The man who had tortured me for years now looked almost smaller, but soon returned to his natural gigantisism. 

"Ha! You think I'm part of your past?! Well sorry, but I just happen to be your only future." He raised his fist, I tightened my muscles, but all of the sudden he was on the ground with the other man coming at us, soon he was on the ground too. I looked over to Harry who was now holding his fist.

"Let's go!" He shouted grabbing my hand and running with me out the door.




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