Runner Reacher

Nova has been in captivity of her uncle for the past 6 years, but she decides to finally run away. But on her journey she stumbles into more trouble, a boy.


7. 7

Harry's POV:


Me and Nova have been driving for about 3 hours now, and frankly, I dont have the slightest idea where our destination is. Nova is asleep and I can barely keep my eyes open seeing that it's 2 a.m. and I haven't had any caffeine since lunch. I hear a light breath from beside me to find Nova moving around curling her arms into her stomach. She slowly opens her eyes as I pull over to the side of the road.

"Hey Nova, you awake? We need to figure out where to go."

She sits up and throws her hair over her shoulder as slumping into her seat.

"W-what do you mean? You have to go home, I c-c" she's interrupted by a yawn.

"Nova, I'm not leaving you because I know you're not safe." I say quietly.

She straightens her back and opens her eyes wider looking more awake and continues.

"I can take care of myself, thank you though."

"Nova, we are miles away from both our houses, there's no way we are going back."

"Harry I'm not letting you just leave your life behind for a girl you just met. You know nothing about me, I know nothing about you. This isn't right."

"Nova, weather you like it or not I'm going with you. I'm not leaving anything behind, nothing! Now, where are we going, let's figure it out."

I started the engine and drove back onto the road. Nova sighed almost as if to say she has given up. I smile at this.

"London!" She cries throwing her arms up in the air.

"London?" I question. "That actually sounds, well, not bad."

"Woohoo! Lets gooo!"

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