Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


17. Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen

***Three years later***

I was in town with my friends. We were on a shopping spree. We had A hundred pound each for the three of us. We were walking around the crouded streets. It was the end of October but it was quite warm and sunny. I notice a mop of scruffy curls out of the crowd. I recognise them from somewhere. But I just couldn't put my finger on it. My friend noticed them to.

"Hey, Tasha?" Lily nudged my arm. "I-is that Harry?"

"Oh my god it is!" Maya shrieked.

I turned and examined his features.

"N-no... Th-that can't be him... I-it's been three years..." I tried to push the past images to the back of my mind, but my eyes didn't agree. They scanned him up and down multiple times. It was him. Harry. He looked up and saw me, gobsmacked staring at him. His eyes widened as He ducked down and ran off into the crowded street.


"Goodevening, today, the famous boyband, One Direction, went missing. According to manegment, they went their seperate ways. No one knows where they went, bu-"

I switched off the news from three years ago when we had that fight and we went our seperate ways.

I was fiddling with the paper airplane pendant Harry gave me. I never once took it off. I dropped it back to its original possision when I picked up the picture of me and Niall from the photo booth. That was our second time hanging out. It at the bowling ally. I smiled at the happy memories flooding my mind. I was broken from my trance as the door bell rang. I went downstairs and opened the door. My eyes widened and my jaw fell agape at the sight. Scruffy, curls on his head. Dull, green eyes. A little bit of stubble to.

"Harry?!" I gasped.

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