Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

I was at the park with my friends. I spotted five boys in the field. They were playing football, three against two.

"C'mon! Lets go play football with those boys over there!" My friend, Lily pleaded.

"As much as I love footie, I-I don't think they're playing it for fun.." I said curiously.

We peered over to them noticing some cameras surrounding them. My friend, Maya, noticed who they were.

"Oh my god.. Oh my gOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!"

"What?! Who i-" Before I could finish, I realized who they were. "Oooh my god... Right, Maya, stay calm.. We have to sta-"

"HOW CAN I STAY CALM IT'S ONE FREAKING DIRECTION!" She shouted running towards them.

"MAYA CALM DOWN!" I shouted, chasing after her.

I ran infront of her, trying to stop her from bombarding on them.

"Just, breathe! Calm down. Lets go and.. Greet them nicely, shall we?" I spoke, trying to calm her down.

"Oh no." I heard Louis mumble in the distance.

Me, Maya and Lily walked over to them. Louis kicked the ball towards the goal. I ran infront of the ball, stopping it with my foot.

"Ugh, what you go do that for?" Louis whined.

"Can we play? It'll make the teams more even having... Eight players! Four on each team." I suggested, raising my eyebrows.

Maya grabbed my wrist, tugging me over to the tree.

"What are you doing?!" She whispered fast. "Yo-We-We're pla-playing f-football wi-with One-Di-rec-tion!"

"I know! Just, come on! Think of them aaasss your best mates instead of celebs!" I calmed her, grabbing her hand in mine.

I took her back over to the pitch. Lily was holding the ball under her right arm.

"C'mon, guys!" She jestered to us to come foward.

"Coming! Coming!" I laughed, taking the ball from under her arm.

I placed the ball on the ground.

"Right. Maya, I know you like Zayn so you can go on Zayn and Niall's team!"

"YAAYYY!" Maya screamed at my instructions. "Thanks Tasha!"

"Lily, I know you like Harry so you can go on Louis and Harry's team! Liam, you can go on Ziall and Maya's team while I go on Larry and Lily's team! Okay?"

A number of "Yep"s and "Okay"s were heard as we started the game.


"And He shoots," Harry stated as he kicked te ball towards the goal. "AND HE SCORES!"

"WOOHOO!" Louis screamed

"Bomba!" Me and Lily shouted. "... We win!"

"Okay. We get it. You win! We lose!" Maya said, a frown eched on her face. "That does not give you the right to quote iCarly though!"

"Fine.." I grinned.

"LAST ONE TO THE END OF THE FIELD IS A ROTTEN CARROT!" Louis shouted running across the field.

We chased after him. I got level with Louis in first place.

"Weeee pickin' up speed!" I said charging towards the mental finish line.

"I'm gonna win!" Louis bosted speeding up.

"Ooh no you're not!" I chased after him.

I beat him! I had won! I stopped, looking down. Little did we know, there was a slope down to the rest of the field about five meters deep.

"Louis!" I shouted turning to see Louis running towards me. "TOMMO STOP!"

Too late. Louis crashed into me, causing us both to tumble down the hill in a bundle. We landed with a thud at the bottom of the slope.


I got up to find I was lying ontop of Louis.

"Ow." He chuckled. "That hurt!"

We laughed as I rolled over to lay next to him. We looked at eachother. Panting.

"I win!" I breathly panted.

We completely forgot about the race. The boys would've come charging down here any second. Almost on queue, a croud of screaming voices, manly male, came landing ontop of us.

"Ooowww!" Louis pained. "Okay! I'm being serious! That rrreeaally hurt!"

Harry had landed ontop of Louis. Maya kinda ended up ontop of Zayn. Niall and Liam landed on me and Lily. We all layed in a bundle at the bottom of the slope. Me and Louis at the bottom, boy did that hurt!

"Right, Niall, get off me."

"Sorry!" Niall climed off me.

"That was fun!" Lily said breaking the awkward silence.


"So, why did you have cameras surrounding you?" I asked.

Our heads all touching as we layed in a circle on the grass.

"We were filming Story Of My Life." Liam explained. "We had stopped to have a break so we started playing football."

"Until you inturupted the game!" Zayn laughed pointing at me.

"It was the only way to get your attention!" I retaliated, hitting him on the forehead.

Zayn rubbed his forehead before speeking again.

"Maya?" He spoke. "Are you jealous of Perrie at all?"

"Yeah. A little." She mumbled. "But y'know what? I don't mind! As long as you're happy, I'm fine with it!"

She gave him a weak smile before looking back up at the sun.

"It's really hot and sunny considering it's the end of October!" Lily comented.

"Well duh, of course it's hot! We've just been in a massive race!" I slapped her arm, playfully. "If you don't like it, blame Louis! He's the one who started the race!" I scruffled his hair.

"Hey!" Louis scruffled my hair back. ".. Hey, who did become the rotten carrot?"

We heard a number of "Maya"s from the boys and Lily.

"She was staring at Zayn!" Niall teased.

Maya began to blush as she covered her cheeks with her long blakc hair.


"Girls, we have to go." Harry spoke.

We were all standing expept for me.

"Do you have to? Today's been great!" I said. "Well I'm not moving!"

Harry offered me a hand. I eventually exepted the kind offer and he helped me up.

"Thanks." I spoke shyly.

"Here." Harry gave me his number. "Call me."

"Thanks, Harry!" I smiled. I looked at all the boys. "We've really enjoyed today! Thanks guys! See you soon!"

Me, Lily and Maya gave them all indevidual hugs before we all joined in a group hug. We waved goodbye as we turned round and walked away. I remembered I had to ask Louis something. I turned to shout to him, but he had gone. So had the others.


Hey guys! I wrote this BEFORE Story Of My Life came out so don't start commenting stuff like 'Why are there cameras outside? This was filmed indoors' or just hate. This is just the opening chapter! Please comment, vote, share etc. :) thank yooouuuu! :) xoxoxoxo

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