Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


20. Chapter Nineteen

*two weeks later*

"Mr. Cowell will see you now." The woman from the desk spoke as she strode out of Simon's office after checking it was okay.

We were in London and were going to get Simon to sort out a meeting with Perrie. We walked into the office to see a black desk with two chairs sitting in front of it. Then, there he was. The man himself, Simon Cowell AKA Uncle Simon.

"Hello, Harry. Haven't seen you In a while. Who's this?" He gestured to me.

"This is my friend, Tasha Habens," Harry replied as we sat in the seats. "We would like to know if we can have a meeting with Perrie Edwards."

"Why exactly?" Simon asked.

"We want her to help us get in contact with Zayn Malik so we can try and get the band back together." I answered.

"Okay, wait in the waiting room and I'll call her." Simon smiled.

We stood up and walked out. When Simon brought us back into the office, he sat us down again.

"Perrie says you can have her number and address and she will try her best to get Zayn to meet up with you guys." Simon explained.

"Oh, thank you so much, Simon!" I let out a puff of air and slouched in my chair again knowing it'll be alright.

***Zayn's POV***

I was in my graffiti room getting my art work collected for tonights art show.

"Hey, Whisper." I smiled as my cat prodded gently across some blank papers. I stroked him and scratched him behind the ear.

"Daddy, Mummy wants you." My nearly three year old son, Joe, toddled into the room.

"Thanks son!" I messed up his dark hair as I walked out of the room. "Whisper, don't mess up my art work!" I went into the living room to find my babe, Perrie, sitting on the couch. "Hey, beautiful, what's up?"

"Simon called." She looked at me. "He said... Harry and his friend Tasha want to get in contact with you."

The names hit me like ice. Harry-my ex band member who walked out on the band. Tasha-the bitch who split up both Larry Stylinson and the band. I had almost completely forgot about my boy band days. Almost. I just sat there staring blankly until Perrie broke my thoughts.

"Honey?" She looked worried. "What are you going to do?"

"I don't want to." I mumbled getting up.

"Oh please, think of how much this would mean! To everyone!... To me." She pouted.

"Fine, I'll meet up with them." I sighed.

Perrie squealed in excitement and hugged me. I love it when I make my girl happy. Cuz when she smiles, I smile, when she's happy, I'm happy.


***Tasha's POV***

Harry and I have heard from Perrie, she said Zayn will meet up with us in Regents Park in London. When we got there, we walked around the gardens.

"Wow. It's amazing, really pretty." I spoke.

"Have you ever been here before?" Harry asked looking down at me.

"No. The only time I've ever been in London is on the Take Me Home Tour of yours! That was just incredible! Best night ever!" I smiled.

Harry grabbed my hand in his and stopped me from walking any further.

"This is where Danielle and Liam had their first kiss right?" Harry turned to face me and took both my hands in his.


"Well, I know we kissed before but it didn't mean anything."

"W-what are you-" I realised what he was saying and shut up.

Harry leaned in. "I'm sorry, I can't hold it any longer." Harry's breath was on my lips. His lips touched mine and he kissed me. I kissed back. The fireworks inside of me were breathtaking. I never knew Harry liked me in this way. Our lips moved perfectly together. We kissed for about seven seconds before we pulled away. "I love you." Harry whispered so only I could hear him.

I looked up at him. I stared into his emerald eyes for seconds before doing the only thing I could. I ran. I ran for so long and I didn't even know where I was going! I kept hearing Harry's voice yelling my name. I took a number of confusing twists and turns before I couldn't see him behind me. I leaned against the bush and cried. I didn't know how I felt about Harry anymore! I think I love him, but I don't love him in the same way he loves me! Oh why must life be so hard?! I was broken from my thoughts.

"Tasha!!" Harry yelled. "Tasha, please just give me a chance!" He grabbed me by the forearms. "Please."

He did his little puppy-eyed face and I couldn't resist. I began to slowly lean in when I heard our names being shouted in a Bradford accent.

"Tasha? Harry?" He asked. He walked towards us and I began to make out who it was. Zayn.

"ZAYN!!!!" Me and Harry ran towards him and gave him a bear hug.

"Haha, okay guys!" We pulled ourselves off of Zayn. "Were you two about to kiss? I thought you were gay, Harry." Zayn asked giving us looks.

"Uuummm... Harry's gone straight..." I mumbled.

"Yeah uh, moving on!" Harry awkwardly said. "So, do you know where the other boys are?"

"Um. Niall was over in Canada staying with Justin and he met a girl named 'Barbara' oh something weird like that." Zayn said. "It was in the 'Closer' magazine."

"WE'VE GOT TO GO TO CANADA?!" Me and Harry yelled in sync. I looked to Harry.

"God, we have gotta stop doing that!" I said to him.

"Well we could get him to come over here! I mean, they probably won't even be together anymore!" Zayn reassured us.

"Okay, Okay. You have Niall or Justin's numbers?" Harry asked.

"Um, No but Niall, Justin and I still all follow each other on Twitter so maybe we could talk on there?" Zayn suggested.

"Okay, mission get One Direction Back Together is a go go."


Ooohhh! So, who ships Tarry??? And will they get One Direction back??? I don't know, you tell me! But, I will be updating more often! I broke my old phone so I couldn't update as much :/ soz hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please vote, comment, etc :) xxx

PS: #StayStrongBeliebers I'm one to :( we just gotta stay strong and hope they let him go. :'(

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