Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


15. Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

***Ellie's POV***

(Ellie's the school bully)

I was on twitter and was scrolling through some tweets when I saw some that caught my eye.

@OhMyNiamx: Omg is it true that @Harry_Styles is dating a 13yr old?!

@StylesArmy: WTF?! @Tasha_Habens IS 13 AND SHE GETS HARRY?!

@Harry_Styles: Guys, stop hating on @Tasha_Habens ! She's my friend! Nothing's happening!

@Harry_Styles: Going out with @Tasha_Habens tomorrow night! :D




She wasn't lying.. Well, doesn't matter. I gotta get ready for tomorrow! I've got to go to school for catch up. -.- . Hate this.


I was walking through the hall when I noticed Tasha sat on the floor on her phone. She was staring at the screen texting someone. Her bag was a couple of feet away from her. I wonder what's in there? If her laptop's in there, then maybe I can tweet the boys something horrid from her twitter! Yes! I love my mind! I walked past her and took her bag.

"HEY!" She yelled. "GIVE THAT BACK, BITCH!!!"

I ran off ignoring her calls. I sat on the bench and opened it up. I went on the internet and clicked on the search button. I typed 'www.' when I stopped. I looked on the bar that came down and it said '' and clicked on it. Larry's real?!




It wasn't finished. It was last updated on Tuesday... I just thought of the best idea ever! Finish the website, say she wrote it, and then bing bang boom, she's left looking the idiot!


***Tasha's POV***

I got my laptop back. Harry picked me up from school and took me to a fancy restraunt called 'The Orange Mango'. The food was amazing! We were walking up the path to my house.

"I've really enjoyed this evening!" I smiled.

"So have I." He pecked me on the cheek. "Here." He unclipped his paper airplane pendant and put it on me. "An early christmas present." He smiled.

"Harry I." I looked up at him. "I don't know what to say.."

"You have my heart. Our heart. You, me, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam. Keep it safe." He whispered.

I opened the door and found a note on the door step inside the house.

"That's weird. The post has already been." I spoke bending down and picking it up.

"I'll read it. Here." He took the note from me and read it.

"Dear Harry,

You're little friend, Tasha, has been spying on you and Louis. She's made a website all about your relationship with him! I'm just someone who wants to help! The website is called x"

"Tasha.." Harry looked at me as I covered my mouth worried.

I was speachless... Who? What? Before I could say anymore, Harry ran through to the living room and got on the computer. He looked up the website and read all of it. At the bottom.

Written by Tasha Habens

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