Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


16. Chapter Fithteen

Chapter Fithteen

Harry just stared at me with anger and hate filling his eyes.

"Harry, I swear I didn't!" I put my hands up.

"Well then who did?!" He yelled. Terror filled my entierly.

"I don't know who finished i-"

"So you started it?!" He questioned.

"Yes but it was an over reaction! I was upset because you lied to me! I've always had people lie to me all my life and I never expected you to be one of them!" I cried.

"You're a little bitch." Harry scowled before storming off upstairs.


Harry came down five minutes later with his suitcase. I was in the hall waiting for him, crying.

"W-What are you doing?" I stuttered.

"Going home." Harry mumbled.

"No, please." I plead crying.

"You should've thought before you wrote that website." He replied turning round to me.

"Please... I'm sorry if I say I need you, but I don't care I'm not scared of love. But when I'm not with you I'm weaker," I grabbed his arm gentley. "Is that so wrong? Is it so wrong? That you make me strong." I sang. "I never ment to start a war, just wanted you to let me in. And instead of using force, I guess I should've let you win. I never ment to start a war, just wanted you to let me in. I guess I should've let you win... Don't you ever say I'll just walk away I will always want you." He just stared at me with a blank expression.

"Why did you stop writing it?" Harry mumbled.

"I... Uh.. Be-"

"Why did you stop writing it?!" Harry yelled.

"Because I'm inlove with you!" I cried as loud as I could. "It's because I'm inlove with you." I spoke quietly.

There was silence. The boys were all stood on the stairs staring at us in shock.

"Load of bullshit." Harry stormed past me shaking his head.

"Don't you dare!" I chased him. "Don't you walk out on me.. I'm nothing without you." I cried.

"Tasha, we're done. Larry's out. Our friendship is over... So is One Direction. I hate you." He explained with tears filling his eyes.

He stormed out. Leaving me and the boys speechless.

*** I was crying in the corner of the hallway. Pulling my knees into my chest as I watched each indervidual boy leave the house. Liam was last.

"Liam!" I got his attention. "Please. Don't leave me. I'm nothing without you boys."

He sat next to me.

"Tasha, you've got to forget about us. It's for the best. Don't tell your mum about us when she comes home. Just get on with your life. You'll be fine. I promise." He kissed my forehead, stood up and walked away.

I just cried. Cried for days on end. But Liam's right. I've got to move on. No looking back. But whenever I walked into my living room, I saw the ghosts of us playing on the wii. I walked into my kitchen and saw ghosts of Niall stuffing his face. Every night I cried myself to sleep at the thought that they weren't going to be there to wake me up by jumping on the bed... I really miss them...

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