Little White Lies (One Direction)

I have some friends, Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn. That's right, One Direction. When Tasha discovers Larry Stylinson's real, She creates a Larry website with all the proof but, when she falls inlove with Harry, does she stop all this? Or, does everything fall apart with the knowlage that she's been spying on them.... Find out in Little White Lies.


12. Author's note

Author's Note:

Hey guys! If chapter two, three and four confuse you, they're on the Isle of Wight at school and the boys are in Portsmouth, so basicly she takes the boat to see Harry at the funfair! Then over the weekend they go and stay in London for a bit using their parent's money! But dw if some stuff makes no sense, this is fiction! NOT real! (though I kinda wish it was :/) anyways, bye!xx

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