Why Are You Not Afraid?

Loki is the God of Mischief and is the Bringer of Ragnarok, everyone fears him, except for one girl, can she bring him out of his dark reverie? Before he starts thinking about ending everything?


9. ...When you annoy a Freak?

As they entered Asgard, hateful looks were cast in their direction, objects were raised, poised to throw at the 'monster' that was Loki, but that was it, no one said a word, no-one threw anything at them, why? Because of Roxi.

She was casting looks, she had a glint in her eyes that yelled "Come near us, You'll pay a price," She was tense, she was ready to fight, kick, scream, swear, punch, claw and bite anyone who dared to attack the both of them, they didn't speak a word as they moved through the city, as they reached the gates, the guards opened them without question, as they walked through the palace, everyone bowed, even all of the nobles, who usually spat on Loki at any given chance, finally as they reached the Throne Room, they glanced at one another, Brown into Green, Protective into Innocent, then they glanced to the guards, who opened the door, without a single word or order.

As they entered the Room, gasps could be heard, ladies fainted and shouts were made, all were silenced by Odin, who banged Gungnir so hard on the floor that it split the marble. "That's enough! Loki! What is the meaning of this? Bringing a mortal to Asgard?" Loki had nothing to say, he thought this wouldn't have happened! He thought that Odin would be on his side! So instead, Roxi was his voice;

"Now listen here Odin! And all you Jerks Of Asgard! YEAH! You heard me! LISTEN UP!

I got no time for Jerks, Jackasses and more specifically, Monsters, but you know what I do have time for? Beating the Holy Mother of God outta 'em! Now Loki here, is my mate. I don't have many, hell I could count them all on one feckin' hand! So I treasure the ones I do have.Here's the thing about my mates though, I protect them, whether they like it, need it, want it or not, I'm their personal bodyguard, I am that person that stands there, looks menacing and tell you to Feck off. That's me. I protect my mates from their demons, their monsters and themselves.

Now, he told me his Tale, I told him my Yarn, the world has dealt us both unfair hands, yet we have made the best of it. But it is people like you that sometimes make us question whether the unfair hand dealt was by Fate or by Others.

Now, Loki here has done nothing towards you, all he has is his magic, and his future title 'The Bringer of Ragnarok' But that was dealt to him by three old ladies who have been sewing a goddamn rug since the beginning of feckin time! He was a baby! What the hell could he have done to you? Yet still, you treat him like that, you still treat him like he was less than the dirt on your shoes, you know what? FECK THE LOT OF YOU! You are nothing to us! In reality you should be bowing down to him so that he doesn't unleash his powers upon you, he should be tearing the universe to shreds just to get even with all the stuff you put him through, but he doesn't. Why? Because he doesn't want to devolve into something terrible, he doesn't want to become the monster you people are forcing him to be! It isn't Loki that's the monster. It's you people!

You've asked us why I'm here, fact is, I'm here to stick up for my friend, since this court is so bribed you won't hear his side, I came here to plead on his behalf, you don't like it? Well than screw you."

At that both of them turned and left the room, heading to Loki's quarters, for that's what happens when you annoy a Freak. You get burned.

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