Why Are You Not Afraid?

Loki is the God of Mischief and is the Bringer of Ragnarok, everyone fears him, except for one girl, can she bring him out of his dark reverie? Before he starts thinking about ending everything?


4. Pigs Fly? Nation-wide Manhunt? Vampires Sparkle!?

It was three weeks to the day that Roxi met Loki on the bridge, the same day she swore she would never end up like that again, on the wrong edge of a bridge thinking thoughts that shouldn't be thunk. But she had yet to keep that promise, so, sitting here, on the wrong edge of a bridge thinking those unthunkable thoughts, she still had yet to notice Loki, who was standing in exactly the same spot as he did last week, so that when Roxi turned around, and she did, she exclaimed a whole host of new profanities which she had learned over the course of those weeks, climbed back over the edge, and took Loki, who was dressed in the clothes which she had bought last week, to a small café near the outskirts of town, it wasn't overly busy, but it wasn't empty, so they found a table in a secluded part of the café, had a waitress take their orders and then talked while their food was getting ready;

"Okay, Loki, what the heck is your deal?" Roxi uttered, there wasn't enough noise for a full blown conversation like this to be covered. "I merely wish to ask for your hand in friendship, fair... Daredevil" Loki answered, "Hand in friendship, What!? Loki, look, no one asks for stuff like that anymore and besides, why do you want me to be your friend? I'm a freak, an outcast, why don't you ask someone like... er... Holly Bloomcoe! Or Cindy Levlet! Why would you pick Outcast Daredevil Roxanna Ravenwood? Why not a Popular Putrid Plastic?" Roxi ended with a sigh. "Because, You and I share a same-ish life! Where I come from, people treat me the same as you! All because of my future Destiny and Title..." Loki trailed off, but Roxi knew what he meant, they may be different, but at least they had something in common. "Well, Loki... I haven't got much to say, but I have this: Outcasts Stick Together. It's my one rule for anything, you find a similarity with someone, then you stick with 'em." Loki was about to add something when their food arrived.

Roxi ordered a variety of cakes, a small glass of chocolate milk and two large bottles of water.

Loki had been much different, instead opting for a cheeseburger and a small coke.

They then ate what they ordered, with Roxi tucking the bottles into her bag. Paid, and left the café.

"Well that was a good eating break, but I must admit, I am quite amazed, don't you have a home to go to? Someone who looks after you? It's quite late." Loki asked, he didn't expect an answer, it was too private a question, so he was surprised when Roxi turned her black and blue haired head and answered " Yeah, course, but I-They don't-can't... *sigh* Yes I have a home, yes I have people who care if I die right now, but they're in Washington. Being Businesspeople and casting out a nation-wide manhunt for my possibly deceased corpse." She finished in a flat no-nonsense tone. "You expect me to believe that?" Loki asked, not that he didn't, but so far she had told him that Pigs fly, Pegasus are real and that Vampires sparkle. So he was a bit hesitant to believe that.

"YES! God! C'mon!" She called as she sprinted to the town limits. With Loki on her Six.

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