Why Are You Not Afraid?

Loki is the God of Mischief and is the Bringer of Ragnarok, everyone fears him, except for one girl, can she bring him out of his dark reverie? Before he starts thinking about ending everything?


7. In Asgard, where the Monsters lie?

Judging from Loki's surprise, Roxi expected he didn't think that she would be doing this, but, she was, here the Freak from the Deep and the Monster of Yiggdrasil, were hugging each other, a silent, welcome comfort from the harshness that life provided, neither of them expected their tales to gain such empathy from the other, but their tales are one and the same, both of them are hated by society for being different to the norm, but here, in each others embrace they had found happiness.

A few minutes later, though neither of them wanted to, they broke apart. Loki, drew her close, and whispered; "I know you may not want to, but could you come with me? Back to Asgard, please?" Roxi contemplated and instead of answering, said this;

"Would I, a friend to a mistaken beast.

Wander off in times such as these?

When a friend is in need, I take such heed

And kick their monster in the beads.


But you, my friend are in a pickle,

For your monster is something fickle,

But why would I, a friend of thy,

leave thee in Asgard,

where the true monsters lie?"

She took a bow, walked up to Loki and questioned; "What do you think?"

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