Ballad of Remembering


1. Ballad of Remembering

I saw him cross the meadow

Over to the lake that’s oh so shallow

And he didn’t even mind that billow

Instead he waved to me a ‘hello’


I remember one summer we planted together a willow

And whilst planting, I knocked out his elbow

But he didn’t even glare at me nor exert sorrow

Instead he waved to me a ‘hello’


We’ve practically seen each other grow

And played tag on the field; making the wind blow

One day I played a trick on him which he didn’t even know

Instead he waved to me a ‘hello’


He said to me that to him I glow,

I glow with grace from top to below

And when I asked him what that means, he answered to me ‘no’

Instead he waved to me a ‘hello’


It’s hard seeing him on that canoe

Because being there means he’ll go

And when he said he’ll come back – we didn’t cry though

Instead he waved to me a ‘hello’


The friendship I’m sharing with this man isn’t low

He proved to me whilst we’re eating cooked dough

He even promised he will make me a bough

And he waved to me a ‘hello’


Currently he’s off somewhere else and whilst waiting I’m digging a burrow

So when he comes back we’ll read then bury this ballad together below

And in my dreams, he didn’t respond when I told him he has a halo

But instead he waved to me a ‘hello’

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