I meant to tell you...

So this is about a girl I like. She likes me but I don't know how to tell her that I feel the same way. Enjoy.


1. My first day

It was my first day at this school. I had been homeschooled my whole life and I was excited to see my friend Logan. I walked to my locker and then I saw you. Sarah. Your locker is next to mine and so is that bitch's annelise. Ugh I hate Annelise. She always yells and me and shoves me when I don't even do anything. The only reason I even put up with it is to see you. Your strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes are beautiful. Too bad I don't know how to tell you. But Sarah if you're reading this which obviously your not cause I'm a loser, I like you. And I mean I really like you.

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