The New Girl

Haley Love is an ordinary girl. But what will happen when a tragic death changes her life. Will she get a new best friend or a boyfriend.


8. Chapter 8


"My heart says-"

They all looked at me waiting for my answer. Louis looked at me with guilt, trust, and compassion. Niall looked at me with love and something else that I couldn't put my finger on. Liam looked at me with sorrow, passion. Harry looked at me with sadness, in fact he wasn't even looking into my eyes. And Zayn looked at me with pity, sad, sorrow. I didn't want them to worry about me. But I didn't want to hurt any of them.

"What love what does it say?" Asked a very curious Louis.

"It says that-"

"For crying out loud just tell us!!" Harry yelled at me.

"You guys wanna know?"

"YES!!!" They all said in unison.

"MY HEART FUCKING SAYS THAT I BARELY KNOW ANY OF YOU!!!! I CAN'T DATE SOMEONE THAT I BARLEY FUCKING KNOW!!!" Where did I get all this energy and power. A nurse walked in and started to ask questions as to why I was yelling. I told her everything and she totally understood me. They told me I could leave so I did. Liam signed me out and we made our way out of that death trap of a hotel.

Right as we walk out paps start flashing there cameras and asking questions. I was clinging on to Louis arm, I was wearing Harry's beanie with Niall's jacket on and the hood up and Louis's sunglasses on.

"Who is this anonymous girl?"

"Are you and Louis dating?"

"Why were you all in the hospital?"

"Is she pregnant?"

"Who's the father?"






"Are you married to one of them?"

Seriously the paps are crazy.


Finally were home, or Louis's home. I headed straight to the kitchen. Of course Jay was in there. I had nothing against her she was nice its just I wanted time to think alone.

"Hello Niall, how have you been?" Asked a concerned Jay.

"Good for getting out of the hospital."

"Oh I know the paps must of been crazy."

"Yeah they were."

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and looked at it. Text message. Why doesn't anyone call me they always text me.

From- Haley Girl

Where r u?

To-Haley girl



I was so bored everyone was talking and I was just sitting there. Where's Niall? I'll just text him.

To- Nialler

Where r u?

From- Nialler


Of course he was he always is. Right as I walked in the kitchen I saw Jay leave I waved to her and walked in.

"Haley I'm not forcing you to but would you like to go on a umm a ummm wouldyouliketogoonadatewithme?"

Wow that was some fast talking. But a date? I mean I did say I wanted to get to know them better.

"Sure I'd love to." Right as I said that he had the biggest smile on his face. Like when a little kid gets there number 1 present that's what he was like. I got interrupted by him leaning into me.


Ugh I'm bored talking about rainbows, unicorns, and leprechauns. I wonder what Haley's up to she walked into the kitchen a while ago. I decided to go see what she was doing. Right as I walked in there they were about to kiss.

"PLEASE NO PDA IN FRONT OF ME!!!!" I screamed hopping they heard. When I said that they both turned around blushing. Awww they make a cute couple. Wait are they even together. I'll ask her later. Right know I'm gonna finish this conversation no matter how boring it is.

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