The New Girl

Haley Love is an ordinary girl. But what will happen when a tragic death changes her life. Will she get a new best friend or a boyfriend.


7. Chapter 7


Oh my god, she just jumped into the street.

"SOMEONE CALL THE-" I was cut off my Louis.

"Done they should be here any minute." Louis said. A couple minutes later we heard sirens screeching out in the background. They pulled up, took out a gurney and loaded her in. "Sir can we ride with her?" Louis asked obviously more worried than the rest of us.

"Are you family?"

"Yes I'm her- her." Lou looked to us for help.

"I'm here cousin and he's her brother." I said as quickly as I could. The guy looked at us with a suspicious look probably not believing me.

"Okay climb in but only you two." You could literally hear hear Harry in the background run to the car. Me and Lou climbed in.

"So you really like her don't you?" I asked actually wanting someone to answer the question I've been asking myself since I meet her.

"Yeah I do, what about you?" He asked me. Should I act like I never did, make it sound like I used to, or just plain out and say I do? Ugh, why is it so hard to answer a question?

"Yeah I do." Wait did I seriously just say that. What is wrong with me and why do I keep asking myself questions?

"Well then let's see who she chooses." Lou said and with that we arrived at the hospital. The paramedics quickly pulled her out as we followed behind them. They ran through some doors that we obviously couldn't go through. We were all sitting there by now, the boys just got here like 10 minutes ago. I hope she's okay I mean I think I love her.


I felt someone place me on a very uncomfortable bed and with that I felt like I was dreaming. I was sitting in a chair on a cloud.

"Hello Haley." Who was that, who's talking, who else is in here?

"Wh-wh-who are you?"

"I'm Margret your angel. Follow me." With that I saw a woman in a white dress floating away. I followed her to this screen looking thing.

"Am I dead?" I asked I hope I'm not I'm to young to die.

"Well that's up to you. But first lets see how it would be if you died." She pointed to a cloud and there stood Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Sarah sitting in some chairs looking scared. In came a nurse said something and they all broke down crying.

"Let's skip ahead 4 months after your death." It showed Louis sitting in the living room looking at the tv. His mom walked in and talked to him. He answered, "I know I barely knew her but I couldn't get her out of my mind, I might love her." I let that sink in. Then he stood up went upstairs walked into 'our' bedroom and looked at the picture of us and cried.

Then Niall popped up. He was laying in bed crying his eyes out looking at the same picture, that I'm guessing Louis copied. He was in his sweatpants and no shirt. His mom walked in and said, "Niall go take a shower or bath and go socialize."

"I think I loved her." He replied.

Then Sarah came up. She was sitting in a corner crying for about 5 minutes. Then she got up went into the bathroom grabbed a razor and cut herself. As she did that I noticed tons of scars up her arms. I couldn't believe she did that. Her mom walked in and started telling her that she needed to eat go outside and not just sit there, she didn't reply at all. Her mom walked out and she grabbed a knife that was in her drawer looked at it and stabbed herself right in the stomach.

"STOP THAT ENOUGH!!" I screamed at Margret I couldn't watch any more.

"That's what will happen if you die."

"Then I want to live, let me live." I said while I was crying. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Yes Haley anything."

"They both said they loved me which should I choose?" She looked at me with a weird look then replied.

"Whatever your heart says follow it." With that I started to hear beeping and felt a huge pain in my head and leg. I felt someone holding my hand but I couldn't move of open my eyes. I SAID I WANTED TO BE ALIVE, WHAT CAN'T I MOVE?


I felt her hand move, then her eyes slowly opened. "HALEY!!" Everyone screamed. The doctor came in checked her out.

"Haley you broke your leg and have a slight concussion, but by tomorrow you should be able to go home." Said the doctor. He then proceeded to walk out leaving all of us hear to talk.

"Haley what happened?" Asked obviously a concerned Liam, but I wouldn't blame him.

"Well my boyfriend cheated on me so I ran and ended up at Niall's I was about to run again but Lou came out and we talked and I knew he was going to say that I deserved him and I just couldn't take it so I ran. Then I was in like heaven and I saw what it would be like with me dead and I only saw Louis's, Niall's, and Sarah's before I had to stop. Before I left I asked who should I choose because Niall and Louis both said they think they love me and she said to follow my heart." After she finished she took a big breath. She then realized what she said and went wide eyed.

"So love what does your heart say?" Asked Liam who I think to her as always been like a brother.

"My heart says-"

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