The New Girl

Haley Love is an ordinary girl. But what will happen when a tragic death changes her life. Will she get a new best friend or a boyfriend.


10. Chapter 10


I woke up to my back hurting. "Ow, why does my back hurt?" I looked down and realized I was on the couch. Oh yea I remember what happened now. I hope she forgives me sometime soon, I can't sleep on the couch for another 2 months but more importantly I need my friend back, even if we're just friends.

"Morning sleepyhead, now tell me why are you on the couch?" I looked up and saw Jenna looking over the couch.

"Me and Hayley got into a fight and she locked me out of the bedroom."

"What was the fight over?"

"Nothing important."

"Tell me."

"Fine, Haley and Niall were going on a date and I didn't want them to so I ruined there date."

"Why didn't you want them to go on a date?"



I woke with no Louis next to me at first I was confused but then I remembered why. I started to walk toward the living room when I heard Louis talking to Jenna. I stopped and listened to what they were saying.

"Why didn't you want the to go on a date?" I think Jenna asked him.

"Be-because I-I...." Why did he have to take so long. "Like..... Haley."

I sunk down against the wall and thought about everything. Now that I think about it he did make it obvious that he liked me. How he talked to me and how he ruined the date and stuff. I stood up and walked outside and got in my car. I didn't know where I was going but I was going.


I stopped the car in front of a bar. I've never drank before, well that's because in the US the drinking age is 21 and here it's 18. I walked into the bar and saw a badass guy staring at me. As I sat down I felt his eyes burning into my soul. I turned around and winked at him. He wasn't that bad looking, he had black hair with a leather jacket on. I ordered a beer.


I don't know how many drinks I've had but right now everything was spinning. I turned around and saw that guy that was staring at me earlier. He walked up to me and sat next to me.

"Hey, my names Josh."

"Heyyyyyy, Josh.."

"What's your name,beautiful?"

"Haley, wanna dance?"



I heard the front door slam so I bolted up and saw Haley driving away. I decided to follow her since she didn't know the city that well.

She stopped at a bar and got out. I sat in the car for a while just to see how long she would be in there. After about 1 hour I decided to go in. I walked in and saw her dancing, if you could eve call it that, with another guy. I sat down and watched them. He whispered something into her ear then walked away, she started to walk over to me. WAIT WHAT, I CAN'T LET HER SEE ME!!!!!!!

"Louis is that you?" Haley slurred right in front of my face. Her breath smells awful.

"Hey Haley what are you doing here?"

"Just hanging out."

"Here lets take you home."


Louis wants me to go home, why? "I don't wanna go, LOUIS LET GO OF ME!!!"

"HEY GET OFF OF HER." I looked over and saw Josh walking towards Louis.

"What are you going to do about it?"

"I'll show you." Right then Josh punched Louis right in the jaw.

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