Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


3. Revealed

*Heidi's P.O.V*
        I slid across the hardwood floor with my stripped ankle socks, to the kitchen. I poured a cup of tea for Harry and some hazelnut coffee for me. "Oh you nutty girl!" he teased. My cheeks fired up (GOD DAMMIT) and I giggled. "So..?" I finally called out after moments of awkwardness.
"Lets play 20 questions!" Harry perkily shot out. 
"Okay...You first my fine fellow." I smirked (yep getting all flirty on you).
"Could  you tell me about your family and childhood?" he asked me. My stomach I really going to tell this stranger my past? what the hell do you think you are going to tell the poor lad?

        "Well...My father had left my family when I was very young, I never liked him anyways cause the way he treated my mom and my brother."
"What did he do?..If you don't want to talk about it, its fine." Harry flashed his green eyes at me and I almost fainted.
"Well.. my father was into drinking, drugs, and sports....he beat my mom everyday after he went out with his buddy's . My mom locked me and my brother in her room everyday. She would work hard nights at the bar leaving me and my brother to make our own meals. My older brother Jake was great at taking care of me I loved him so much, he would make me top roman and soup for dinner every night. After 6 years of this hard struggle my mother finally had enough and kicked him out of the house, the only memories of my younger years was that day...he left with a green bag, no shirt, sandals, and his cap. He walked down the apartment stairs..i never saw him again." I had let out half of my horrible memories. I hadn't noticed the tears coming out of my eyes...shit I am so pathetic. :( Harry walked over to me and gave me a heartwarming hug while I sobbed in his shoulder, I wish I could stay in his arms forever. "Its okay." He explained rubbing my back. I sat back and revealed more. "After a year of my mother being single and struggling to support us she found another man who lived in Seattle, they always Skyped he made her happy! One day he came up to Alaska we all met him. At that time he was slim had a cap and a beard just like my biological dad, but nicer. He brought his firstborn daughter, Mattea, up their and they lived with us. A month had passed we had been sharing a room she tied me to my bed and started ripping my hair out then...she...," I busted into tears, "She raped me!" His mouth opened wide in shock he pulled me into a long lasting hug. "Their, their," he soothed," Was their anything good in your childhood?" he asked. "Well she went to a mental hospital after trying to kill my pregnant mother. Every thing after that went well my mom had two boys 3 years apart named James and Cade." I smiled at the thought of them all grown up now. "Well I am really sorry.." Harry sadly frowned. 
        "Its fine," I giggled, " My turn....What was your family and childhood like?" Harry explained about his sister Gemma and his lovely mother Anne, and his stepfather Des. I smiled at his lovely relationship with his family, I wished that's how my childhood went. :( "I cant wait to meet them!" I cut Harry off. " I cant wait until you meet them either!" I chuckled at his remark. We both learned about each others favorite color, bands, foods, our friends and so on and so fourth. "Who was your first boyfriend?" he asked me.
"Well sorry to say but I haven't had a boyfriend....they all think I am too ugly and fat :I" I told him. 
"Whatt!! Nawh your gorgeous, I don't what those american idiots are like so....." he said flashing an a million dollar smile. The next question he asked me caught me off guard. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" :O I froze in mid thought, did he just ask me that? Oh my god..... "Of course I do." I spit out after complete awkward silence. "Have you ever experienced it?" what the hell did I just ask Harry Styles? I almost fainted at his answer. "Yes...only once sometime around 5 hours ago." he chuckled.
"Oh well ops look at the time Harry its 7:00 I had promised Zayn I would be at your house at 6:30 for dinner :)." I changed the subject completely.

*Harry's P.O.V* 
Shit she must not like me that way :( damn Harry I thought you were doing well. We both quickly threw our cloths on and rushed out of the door. "Dibs on driving!" I quickly said racing for the passengers side, I opened the door to my car and she stepped in. 
"Thanks Harry you didn't really have to do that!" I chuckled at her nervousness. I ran my hands across the wheel thinking about her, day dreaming about my crush :P. I stared into her dazzling hazel eyes. What a beautiful women I have here in my presence! I flashed her a smile and started the car.

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