Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


8. Perfect Date

*Heidi's P.O.V*

        After about an hour we drove to my house, "7:00 pm." Harry reminded me. I blew him a kiss and he winked. "Stop with the cutie faces you too!" Liam demanded. I walked into my dorm room, it was  3:00 already I had a full 4 hours. I guess I will go to Starbucks and work a shift, even though I have spring break off. Extra money won't hurt. I dug through my unorganized closet for my uniform. Bows make everything look better!

        I started up my silver Jeep driving to the small Starbucks drive-through 2 blocks from campus. "Its your day off love!" Cindy explained to me when I walked in. "I have 2 hours to spare Cindy, its okay!" It was quite busy. My biggest pet peeve working here was when the douche bags winked at us. I am so glad I have found out what a real man is like. "HEIDI!!" Eleanor shouted while walking through the doors. We exchanged hugs. "Hey! Where have you been I haven't seen you all week!!" I nagged on her. 
"Meeting Louis..." She said shyly. My mouth dropped and I squealed, we were in the middle of Starbucks screaming out heads off.
"Shut up you too, and come help me." Cindy demanded playfully. We both told each other about our relationships while blowing through orders. "Your not!" Eleanor said.
"I am leaving in," I checked my watch," two hours...I got to go get ready!" I explained to El. 
"Text me." she told me before running out of the doors.

        I striped down and stepped into the warm shower. I sang me and Harry's song, ahh tonight will be great! I wonder where we are going. What would he be wearing? What if I dress to formal..I don't even know what I'm wearing!! I better get out of the shower quick. I rinsed off, its hard digging through a closet with only a towel on! I found a strapless red dress and some cute black flats, I hate walking in high heels. I put my hair up in a braided bun that matches the outfit. I did my makeup not to much but just right, not forgetting the red blush.
 I heard a soft knock at the door, I checked the clock. Dang someone likes to be right on time! I pulled my black trench coat over my dress buttoning it. I answered the door and my mouth dropped. He was wearing a suit with his hair up, oh my god I melted.

        "You are looking beautiful, as always!" Harry complemented, and my cheeks fired up. He intertwined our fingers and lead me down to his car opening the passengers side. It was real warm inside. He started the car, but put a CD in the stereo. He played the first track, it was of me singing the first time we met. "Harry! You recorded it!!" I asked him with a playful frown. 
"Yes, its a Yes you have one the X Factor Miss. Star!" Harry shouted after it ended. 
"As if!" Then a familair song came on, Our song!
'And being here without you is like waking up too'
'Only half a blue sky,
kinda there but not quite,
I'm walking around with just one shoe, 
I'm half a heart without you! 
I'm half a man at best,
With half an arrow in my chest,
I miss everything we do,
I'm half a heart without you..' we sang.
I loved these moments where it was just us, together, having fun! I have found my young love. Since I was 13 years old at 11:11 I would wish something, I wished to meet my young love until I was 15, then I wished to marry Niall Horan or Harry Styles..I guess my dreams are starting to come true! 
        We arrived at a restaurant, we bother stepped out of the car walking into the red/black building. "Styles." Harry told the older woman around 40, at the front desk. "Right this way." she lead us out the backdoor. Why are we going out the backdoor? She lead us to a beautiful grassy area with a red table and two red chairs. It was so romantic, it had candles and  lanterns on the surrounding trees. "Enjoy." She said handing us the menus and walking off. "Harry, this is so beautiful! I have never had anyone do something like this for me."I explained while sitting down. "I would do anything for the one I love!" he said giving me a dimpled smile. 

*Harry's P.O.V*
        She was so cute. "Who did your hair?" I asked her.
"I  did, my mom owns a beauty salon. I use to do all of the hair and makeup for the lady's that came in. Its nothing, just an extra skill." She explained. "You will like Lou very much then! She is our hair/makeup artist for tours." I told her. 
"You wanna play 20 questions?" She asked me.
"Yeah, you first since I went first last time." 
"What is the worst thing you have done to one of the band members?" I thought that one through.
"The worst thing I have ever done was, smack cam! I smacked Louis on the cheek and it left a mark for 3 days!" We laughed our heads off.
"Your turn!" I decided to take it up a notch.
"What is the worst thing you have done with a guy?" I said raising an eyebrow.
"Kiss him. That person was you." My mouth dropped, impossible!
"Unbelievable!! Your way to hot for a guy to not come to you!" She blushed and revealed her left dimple. I only wish she could be mine forever!
"Sorry to interrupt but what would you like?" The old woman asked me. 
"Pizza, Tea and Root Beer." I told her, Zayn told me she liked root beer lots and that they would always drink it. She walked off without another word. I stood up and grabbed Heidi's hand leading her down a small path, at the end their was a blanket. We layed down and watched the stars. "Heidi? I just want you to know I love you more than every star in the sky!" I whispered into her hair. Her lips connected with mine, it was wonderful something I haven't felt with anyone. Like fireworks exploding in your stomach, sparks in your fingertips, sizzles in your lips. LOVE. 
"Will you be mine?" I asked her. 
"Duh!" she shot out. We kissed again a slow passionate kiss before we headed back to the tables. We ate and talked a lot I found out that she liked the color blue, to be comfortable, not a lot of makeup, hates wearing high heels, loves Starbucks, and that her most ticklish spot was her hips.

        We headed back to the car, I started it and drove back to her dorm room, it was a short drive. Silent, but not akaward. We both were defiantly lost in our thoughts. "Do you mind staying with my tonight Harry?" she asked with puppy dog eyes once we reached the house. I striped into my Jack Wills sweatshirt and some basketball shorts she had in her closet. "Of course love!" I replied. She changed in the bathroom, but just as she came out I was standing at her door with a promise ring:
"I love you Heidi. I will promise to not hurt you and to love you to infinity and beyond!" I said in my buxx lightyear accsent. I grasped her chubby cheeks and the left dimple was revealed. We leaned in for a slow, passionate kiss.


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