Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


6. Love Comes To Everyone, but Nialler..

*Heidi's P.O.V*
        I woke up to no Harry :(, I was clutching his Jack Wills hoodie. Last night was wonderful, #1 on my favorites list!! I hope that something a little more hot JK!!  I headed to my closet and picked out my DUH shirt, along with some jeans, and slippers.
Its spring break, no school! I can't wait until I graduate from collage! I walked down the hall to the kitchen and taking a muffin from the fridge, and enjoying the chocolate as it melted in my mouth. Knocking interrupted me making love to my muffin. I answered the door revealing the "Gang" plus Perrie and Dani. "Hey, come in." I told them.
"Actually we were wondering if you could come to the park with us?" they asked me.
"Of course!" I replied. We walked down the stairs piling into there black van.  Zayn and Perrie in the front seats following Liam, Dani, Niall and Pizza?? In the second row Me, Harry, and Louis in the back. My phone buzzed with a group text..The whole gang except Perrie and Zayn..

From: Harry <3
So Perrie and Zayn are getting engaged Heidi!

To Group:
REALLY?!?! awwh what are u guise going to do?

From: Louis :P
We are going to sing Marry Me by Train and he will bring out the ring!! I am so happy for them...

To Group:

From: Nialler *Nom Nom*
Just making love to my babe! Her pepperonis just turn me on!

From: Liam 
Niall slow down your going to choke!

To group: 
Haha! XD

From: Dani 
It great having you here with the boys Heidi! I haven't really got to meet you yet.

To Group:
Thank you lots Dani, It would be great if we could take a walk when we get to the park.

From: Dani
Of course! Speaking about park we are here!

        The park wasn't like a playground, it was like a beautiful grassy park with trees and gardens. We all jumped out Niall first to grab his guitar, he sad on the bench playing a tune. Dani and Liam walked off into the distance so did Perrie and Zayn. Me and Harry found a nice place to sit down and relax looking over the garden.  "Harry I am so glad I met you! I just haven't  had a guy like you before, and I love you.." I looked at the ground counting every individual piece like each one was special. He placed his fingers under my chin and kissed me a small kiss that left the sizzle on my lips. I blushed, forgetting to put on the red blush this morning. 
From: Liam
Its go time! 

        "Here come with me." Harry and I walked down the hill to the garden where everyone was gathering. The boys told me to sing with them. Niall played it on guitar while the four of us harmonized the first verse and Zanyn knelt down to Perrie.
"Marry me Today and everyday,
Marry me if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this Cafe,
Say you will,
Say you will?"

"YES!!" Perrie shouted and jumped into Zayns arms kissing him like there was no tomorrow! I wish I could have their love...
'WTF you talking about Heidi, you know in like 2 years you and Harry will get married! I bet you a million bucks!'
'No they wont she is to ugly for a hot guy like him to do that to her!'  My heart sank I just wanted to leave, but I stayed strong! I am strong! Me and Dani united after the congratulations. "So how did you get here?" she asked politely. 
"Oh me and Zayn met in Alaska on his vacation, I hung out with him. We became close friends he is like a brother to me!" I explained to her.
"Great! I am really glad you are here, so now its time to talk about boys...Me and Li are dating, but there is a rumor about your 'Crush'." she raised her perfect golden brown eye brows. "Okay, me and Harry are just-" 
"Madly in love?" She cut me off, we both giggled like school girls. We  continued getting to know each other.

*Louis P.O.V* 
After I saw Zayn happy I had to take a piss. "I will be in the washroom guise." I announced. 
"Okay Louis, the whole world is going to need to know that your pissing."  Zayn sarcastically shouted playfully. Yuck these public bathrooms were disgusting. I washed my hands twice just to make sure they were clean. I nonchalantly walked out of the bathroom when I bumped into something. "Sorry Love." my eyes locked a beautiful, astonishing, gorgeous, girl.
"Its okay." she said. "I'm Eleanor" we shook hands.
"Louis Tomlinson?" she cut me off.
"Yeah.." I replied awkwardly.
"I am a One Direction fan" She said flashing a million dollar smile.
"Oh really? Who's your favorite?" I asked with a devious look on my face.
"" She blushed.
"I knew it, the curls get all the girls!" she giggled.
"Yeah totally." 
"So you live here in London?" 
"Yeah," her pink iPhone rang, the ringtone was one of my solo's."Crap! umm...I have to take this." she turned around talking to a random person, most likely her mum. "Yeah, okay love you bye mum. I have to go, sorry." She told me.
"Its okay. Would you like to meet up later?" I asked her, blushing.
"Yeah here is my number." she typed it in my phone. "Have a nice day Louis!" she shouted.
"You too love!" I replied. Wow she is beautiful!! I walked back to the garden not noticing that I was in the washroom for 40 minutes. "Dose a man really take 4o minutes to take a pee?" Zayn asked me sarcastically.
"No, I had a wonderful lady talk to me!" I replied, Zayn gave me the eyebrow. 

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