Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


1. First Meet

*Harry's P.O.V* 
        I walk through the wooden doors of our house, to see an elegant young lady, with a blond-brown type of hair color, and hazel eyes, greeting me."Hello," she said extending her had for me to shake , "you must be Harry?"
"Yes I am." I replied shakily, while scratching the back of my neck. I shook her hand, it was so soft I nearly melted at the pathetic, Harry your acting like a school boy. My two thoughts seemed to be fighting, so I just ignored it. I quickly texted Zayn on my iPhone.

To: DJ Malik
Hey, Who is this girl in the house? 

Our texts were brief, but understandable.

From: DJ Malik
She is a old friend of mine I met her when I took my vacation to Alaska.

My thumbs spazzed an reply to him before she started walking off.

To: DJ Malik 
She is you think she's single? 

        I sent the message before catching up to her, I stared at her astonishing face. Her hazel eyes caught my gaze. We locked eyes for a minute lost in each others minds. Who is she? Why would she be here... wouldn't she be hanging out with Zayn if she came here. "So Harry, how are you and Taylor?" she asked politely as if knowing I digged that. I was amazed she even knew the slightest bit about me." We had our differences  then she wrote her song about me and we never spoke again," I answered letting out a nervous laugh, "I wouldn't think you knew anything about me." I replied with a grin."Yeah," she replied nervously" I used to be the biggest 1D ever, I had your posters, albums, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers...."I chuckled."I never got to catch your name..?"I shot out after it got a little awkward. 
" I am Heidi, I live in Alaska...I am actually finishing my year of collage here in London for singing....I really hope I get a record deal." she replied. "Will you sing for me?" I asked with puppy dog eyes. She laughed nervously, then my pocket vibrated. I took my iPhone out not even noticing my pink case with the logo "Mr. Flirty pants" she laughed. 

From: DJ Malik
She is single, I knew you would like her.. she is yours Hazz, DON'T MESS THIS UP!!!

        I shifted to her noticing my cover and I blushed. "I would love to sing for you Harry, but your better and you know it." she said. 
I chuckled. "Come with me." I said making the first move, I grabbed her hand and laced our fingers between each others. She blushed, I MADE IT!! I tugged her fragile arm playfully and led her to the studio. She sat on the red velvet stool closest to the microphone and waited for me to put my beats on before she started. An angle's voice came through the headphones signing:

I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me, stop holding your breath
And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy
Well, that's nothing*
Well, that's nothing
 My big mouth dropped to the floor, I took off my beats and we locked eyes...I was speechless outside but fire works were bursting through my soul. She was a beautiful girl in a lonely one to complement her voice, personality, features, curves in all! 

*Heidi's P.O.V* 
        I sat down on the velvet stool being careful not to break anything...knowing how clumsy I was. The boys house was amazing, I was in the recording studio where they had a small mic red walls and a huge soundboard separated by glass. The rest of the house was beautiful, they had dark colored couches, knowing how boys like to rough house. Their kitchen was piled with food the table was fairly long, probably for visiters. Their posters were everywhere, mustaches drawn on them among other things... Their rooms must have been right up the stairs where Niall was. I sung the chorus of The Monster by Rihanna and Eminem, my two favorite singers/rappers.  Harry and his mouth dropped open, his pearly whites were showing! My cheeks burned up, I wish I really didn't do that. I think he liked me, Zayn might have been right about him. He had been speaking this nonsense ever since we met. I had moved from Alaska to New York for a year, did some collage then moved here and now finishing up! I graduated from high school early, I passed every single class I needed plus extras by the time I was a junior! We sat in silence for a minute I stared into his green eyes, I got lost in my thoughts. 'So you met Zayn Malik and now you are standing in One Directions house staring at Harry Styles, he smells like peppermint and Our Moment perfume'.. 'what the heck why would you smell him you freak!' 'Umm...'
"So what did you think? I have been practicing singing since I was two.. they always said I wouldn't make it back in high school. But now I am in front of Harry Styles proving them wrong!" he chuckled, then bit his lip. Trepidation overcame me. 

*Harry's P.O.V*
        "I-I," I stuttered and thought T-T-TODAY JOUNIOR and I spilled "I think your voice is amazing Heidi, your like an angle. You are so beautiful, even though we just met I think you are the most beautiful I have ever seen...your eyes are astonishing, and I love your curves most. It shows that your not afraid to be you, I love girls like that!" I leaned forward and hugged her. "Your perfect Heidi." I whispered in her hair, she smiled revealing a cute dimple only on her left side of her face. I brushed my hand across it and smiled. Ah finally a girl who is not fake, the others just make barbie jealous. 


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