Chasing The Stars

Chasing The Stars is about Harry Styles and Heidi Star fall in love and it is a lovely love story that has some spice to it!


4. Dinners Drama?

*Zayn's P.O.V*
 Everyone was making there way to the table..I guess we aren't eating with them!! :/ I heard a hard knock at the door. "Must be the lovebirds." I chuckled at the thought of Harry and Heidi. I walked over to the mahogany double doors and opened them expecting Harry and Heidi holding hands. Harry was no where in sight... "Where is he?" I said alarmed. 
"He told me he would blend in..he is in the bushes.." She said, I let out a humongous sigh. 
"Well I guess we will just have to give you back to your parents sorry Heidi." I winked at her. 
"WHAT!!" Harry screamed in the trees left from us. "I won't let you do that Zayn!!" he obligated. I let the two lovebirds in the house. 
*Heidi's P.O.V*
Me and Harry hung up our outdoor cloths and he smiled at me a dazzling smile! Me and Harry sat across from Louis and his girlfriend Mary...
She wasn't that pretty.. too fake, and I never say that about anyone! That puts her on a low level. "Anyone up for my scrumptious meal?" Louis asked the full house. On the table was ham, tea, mashed potato's, and crumpets. "I don't think anyone will get a piece before I devour it all!" Niall explained. He had a hot quiff, just as I saw on my posters.. and he wore a "Free hugs" T. "And that is exactly why you do not have a girlfriend Niall..." Harry explained I let out a retarded chuckle, Niall fake pouted. I love these boys!!  Louis set out plates for everyone and poured tea in our glasses. Lady's got first dibs on food...I was freaking hungry!! Perri, Mary, Dani, and me dished up."What the fuck Louis, this ham tastes like shit?!?!" Marry let out a gasp and spat out the ham. What did she just say?

*Louis P.O.V* 
I froze my heart sank into my stomach and it ripped to shreds, my girlfriend the one I loved just insulted my cooking..I must have made something bad. "I apologize love, I will make you something special." I tried to cover the tears almost spilling out of my eyes.
"You don't know how to fucking cook Louis Tomlinson.. we never had a relationship I just wanted the fame! I got all the attention and guys I needed. I hated those nasty kisses you gave me on the cheek, I almost threw up when we kissed on the lips you never satisfied me! So FUCK YOU AND ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!" I died tears started uncontrollably spilling out of my eyes, she got up and the next thing that happened threw me off guard! "You know what Mary you can just Shut the fuck up you don't know anything about Louis. You may have walked into his world and gave a few kisses just to get fucking fame. Well let me tell you gold digger you don't mean anything to this world!" Heidi let out her anger on my ex.. WAY TO GO I thought she really knows how to start a cat fight. I don't care about Mary she is just stupid :(. "Well fat ass I am going to walk my gold digging lips out of here have fun while you gorge your fat ass with Louis's horrible cooking!" She shouted I covered my ears so I could hear no more, but then Harry walked in. Oh no. "Bitch, Love comes in all shapes and sizes. I love Heidi so much her curves and all I don't know where you come from, but in my mind she is perfect! I don't think after the press hears about this any guys would be chasing after a hoe like you!" I could just feel the anger in his voice. She ran to the door and I yelled after her "I won't be calling you anymore and if you ask millions of girls in this world they would die to eat my food so, bye MARY!" it felt good to let it out I heard the door slam. Tears spilled out of my eyes, I ran up to my room not even caring about my horrible cooking.

*Heidi's P.O.V*
I can't belive Harry Styles just said that about me I started crying too. Soon enough everyone was tearing up I felt horrible about what happened to Louis. Harry held me in his arms on the couch while all of the guys comforted Louis, I had better get back to my dorm it was 8:00. "Thanks for everything Harry I need to get back to my dorm." I said wiping my eyes.
"Don't you need a ride?" he asked. 
"I will walk." I replied.
"Don't be a pussy! Its just Harry Styles, like come on girlfriend!" Harry said in his girliest voice. I died of laughter knowing that I was probably Harry Styles girl by now!!

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