Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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27. Weeks With The Truth


It’s been weeks since I’ve been home. Weeks since Harry and I sat on the hill. Only three photos from that day has made its way to the internet. The first one from the hill, the first two that Sammy took, the on of smiles and goofy faces. She has also took one where Harry and I were just smiling at each other; there was also the one of Harry kissing me they are one each others phones and haven’t been shared with the world. Other photos have been taken but none as the kissing or looking one. Most of the time its just smiles or funny faces. The last few weeks have been the same. Traveling, hotels and that’s about it. I only go out if Harry and I go somewhere. Either than that I’m in the room doing my college work or watching T.V.

Most of the time I sleep in the bed and Harry accidentally falls asleep somewhere else. The Harry from the hill, the one who danced with me in my room, seems to be gone unless its just me and him. I’m not sure why? It was late and Harry didn’t come home with the others. I couldn’t help but wonder where he is? Or what he is doing? My phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hi, sweetest.” I was my aunt.

“How are you?”

“I’ve been better.” there was a pause.

I wasn't sure if I should say something or not.

“I wanted to let you know that Billy and I aren’t getting back together.” Air felt tight in my lungs, the room went blurry on me.

“I’m, I…”

“I’ll call you later.” Her voice broke.

“I love you, sweetest.” She hasn’t called me sweetest in years. Before I could say anything there was a click meet with a dead line.

A knocking from the door but I didn’t move. The door opened, not looking I got up.

“I need to go.” I said putting my phone in my pocket I head for the door.

Realizing for the first time I brown hair guy was there, Louis. He was still the only one of the guys who knew the truth. “Are you…” He didn’t finished. He was worried.

This can’t happen. My whole life they’ve been together. They are the dream couple of town. Will Billy still be in my life, or will he no longer want to be my uncle? Louis took my arms pulling me in front of him.

“Harry, where is he?” I wanted him, I didn’t know why. He was there last time I need him and not he’s not.

“Out.” a voice said, Liam.

“Oh...I’ve got to go.” Pulling myself free I walked out, the guys tried to stop me.

As soon as I shut the door I took of almost running. The fresh air hit me. I took off running. Not caring who see me or who writes about it. Running for who knows how long. Air began to sting with each breath. Looking up to see where I’m at a park. My heart sank, there was a hill. I walked up it, plopping down I sat. Taking the air in, my heart thumped hard. My phone rang over and over but I just stared at the park. Numb of all feeling. About an hour later a shape came in view in the park. The closer it came I see the long brown hair belong to Harry. He was a bit tipis but nothing back, he must how had one a drink or maybe two.

“Riley?” He was now in front of me. I forced myself to look at him.

“There… my aunt and uncle… not together... “ I couldn’t form a sentence.

Harry brushed my hair back on each side of my face. He didn’t say anything he just pulled me up and walked me back. We were saying in a room that had rooms with in it. Opening the door the guys started asking question. Harry or I didn’t say anything. He walked us to the room we are staying and shut the door. He laid me down on the bed, covering me, he walked around and laid on top of the blankets. Reaching over he took my hand in his.

Harry watched me as I fell to sleep. Harry woke me up early and took me out to eat. Most of the time I just eat something the hotel is offering or wait until lunch time. I sat.

“I’m not going to make you talk, but if you want to I’m here.” Harry said. And that was the only time to brought up late night. He took my mind off of it.

“So, tonight is the first time you get to see us live.”

“I know, should be good.”


“Will, will be good.” I smiled.

Harry is good at taking my mind off of things when I don’t want to think about them.

“How’s classes?”

“Good, not the ones I was planning on taking first but I like them.”

From that point on we talked about anything and everything other than last night. Once in a while I could feel Harry bump his foot with mine. As the way high schools play under the table.

Sooner then I would have liked it was time for the show. I was dressed and ready to leave. Leaving with Harry and the other guys a few hours before the show. Waiting backstage when the guys got ready. I was in the dressing room. Just sent a tweet about being at the show tonight when Harry called me.

I looked up but then down right away, blush on my face. He was in nothing but his underwear.

“Yeah, Harry?” I asked like I was typing even though my phone was off.

“She’s just the cutest thing.” Said the lady who has getting the guys ready for the show. Harry said her name but I missed it.

“You don’t have to tell me, I already know.” My face went even more red.

Harry walked over, he had tight pants on but not shirt. He lead down and whispered

“And I mean it.” I looked at him, trying to read him. But his eyes told me he meant to. Harry went to go finish getting ready.

“Harry?” I said.

He turned, snapping a photo I smile.

“Saving it for later.” He asked.

“Nope, sharing it to the world. We’re even.” He gave me a look at a step closer.

“Harry!” He looked back at the lady who tossed in a shirt. He was ready.

“I’m going to take Riley to her seat.” He took my hand.

Once in the hallway he said, “What did you mean ‘we’re even’?” I blushed.

“You know.” He was quiet for a few second.

“Because I made you blush?” He asked; making me blush more. “Whatever.” I bumped my elbow into his side.

"Or did I mess you up with you were texting with your phone off." He add. Oh he seen that it was off. I just rolled my eyes.

Harry laughed. Giving him a look he stopped but that didn’t keep him from smirking.

The crowd was loud as the guys ran onto the stage. I was off to the side in front. Close so right when the show ends I’ll be able to get to the back with no problems. Part way through the show there was a little break.

“Usually during this little break I would be backstage with the mates. But tonight I have a guest.” Cheers and yells filled the air.

“Now, I know she won’t come on stage, so I’m going to her.” My eyes widen, I forced them not to.

He jumped off the stage a came to me.

“So, she’s right over there.” pointing at me.

I tried to back up put I couldn't. To many people. Music started. It was a new song, ‘Once in a Lifetime’. Singing started then Harry started to sing, holding out his hand for me. I took it. I’m not sure why, this was probably an act they plan to help cover the real fact. He kept looking at me throughout the song as he sage to me and his fans. He never let go of my hand through the whole song.

The song ending, Harry kissed my cheek. Before heading back to the stage. My heart had never bounded harder.

After the show. Jack came up to us.


“Great thinking guys. The fans loved it.” In a low tone. “Wait that wasn’t Jack’s idea…”

“That went great man!” Niall said, patting Harry’s back.

Harry was the one who want, came up with this. I gave him I look.


“Nothing.” I smiled.

He pulled me close dropping his arm around me.

“Lets go we have a plan ride tonight.” I let me head rest on his shoulder as we walk. Most of the time my arm just hangs loss, but for some reason I let it slip around his waist.


There was less than three weeks left than the judge would grant us the divorce. Like switching a like Harry change, he was now distant. Only talking or holding my hand if people who may notice were around. He only sat by me if in public.This was a new side to him I never seen before. It was like this for a week. I miss the Harry from the show, for the hill, from the last past weeks.

The one who was showing me his favorite place from cities around the world. Who would put me to bed when I would happen to fall asleep working on a paper or something. Who would wake me up with coffee or leave me half cookies when he had afternoon interviews. The guy who would take random photos of me just because it bothers me.

Today had been the worst, Harry wouldn't help me carry my bags, or show me where the room was or anything. Louis had to help me with my bags while Zayn got another room key for me. It happened to be one of the time when Harry and I got our own rooms while the guys where down the hall.

“I’ll be back late.” Harry said.

He already put his bag in the room, walking pass of us.

“Harry!” I called. His back was still facing us, me when he raising his hand, singling buy.

“I got this Zayn, you…”

“Got it.” Zayn's deep British voice said.

Heading down the hall. Louis stayed with me until Harry came back, three in the morning and Zayn help open the door for him. We didn't talk we just watched T.V. it was the quietest I ever heard Louis be.

“I got this.” I said to the other two guys.

“Call if you need anything.” Louis said.

“I will, thanks.” I said to both of them.

Harry was sitting on the couch, holding his head.



“Don’t what?”

“Act like you care.”

“But I do.” He let out what I think was to be a fake laugh.

“Harry what’s going on…”

“I said, don’t…” His voice cracked.

“Just talk to me.” nothing “Tell me what you are thinking.”

“What I’m thinking, you really want to know?”

“Yes, I would be asking if….”

“I’m falling in love with you!” He yelled it at me. “Happy?”

“Harry?” I took a step closer.

“Don’t!” I was quite.

“I know you have college and a life you can’t wait to get back to…” it quite again. “But I’m falling in love with you, Riley.” This was a whisper.

His head was back.

“Harry?” He just looked at me with sad eyes. He tried to smile.

“Don’t please, I don’t want to hear it.” He laid down, closing his eyes.

I went to the bed and pulled of one of the many blankets. Dropping it from his feet to his head. I bent down next to him, he was out.

“Harry?” Nothing; I leaned close to him, he was wasted. “I’m falling in love with you too.”

Kissing his head I brush back his hair. I but a wastebasket next to him on the floor better to be safe then sorry. Crawling in bed I fall asleep.

The sound of Harry woke me up. I smiled at him. He didn’t smile back.

“How did I get back?”

“Zayn brought you back.”

“Oh… I don’t remember anything.”

“Nothing?” My heart fell.


Harry was back to his stubborn ways and he don’t even know I know. He got up heading to take a shower. He looked back at me, I tried hard to make sure that I would cry.

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