Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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21. The Plane



The last past few days with Harry has been fun. I have a bit of a tan going on. Movies, rock-climbing, long walks; just getting to know each other. But now time to leaven and face the world for the first time. A few people have followed Harry and I, taken photos but not many. It's going to be crazy. Harry and I have been posting photos of each others left and right. Harry and I have been trending on on Twitter and Facebook the past few days. I haven't been reading what people have been saying about me, but people keep texting me telling me that I'm trending. At first, it was odd, but now its just driving me crazy.

When leaving the island, Jack decided that it would be best if we landed in a public airport, a easy way for people to see us. On top of everything Harry has to do; shows, interviews, photo-shots, ect. Jack says that Harry and I need to be seen together, as must as possible, dinner dates, shopping, I have to go to almost every show. Jack say Harry and I have to act like a lost puppy when it comes to one another. So, all in all, like there is an invisible rope holding us together.

My phone goes off once again, letting out a deep breath, looking I see its yet another text about how Harry and I are trending.

You know you can get a new number, then just give it to the ones you want to have it.” Harry said as we drove towards the airport.

Umm, is that what you did?” I asked, tucking some hair behind my ear.

I had to. My phone would stop going off and people were giving my number out.” He said looking out the window then at me.

I couldn't tell what he was thinking or felt; that kind of bugs me.

Can I get you something?” A young dark skin lady asked dressed in white, with a name tag Whitney.

Turning my head, Harry was asleep on my shoulder. He can sleep when and where every. But I guess with his life you learn to change habits to make your dreams come true.

Can I get two Cokes please?” She nodded her head.

Holding out my phone I take a photo of Harry sleeping on my shoulder, then posted it.

Would you like a cup?” Whitney asked.

No, but thank you.” I said smiling.

A bit later the plane started to land, that caused my heart to race. It pounded in my ears, looking out the window I could tell it was evening. The idea of not knowing what could be waiting, scared me. Stepping off the plane into the airport Harry dropped his arm around me, smiling in his beanie hat.

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